TheMANQ - Badboi's Journal

I have a new custom coming soon.

This will be my new journal for TheMANQ.

TheMANQ, Modules:

StarkQ Core
Inner Circle Core
R.I.C.H Core
Transcendental Connection
Dragon Tongue
Productivity Unleashed
Godlike Masculinity
Iron Frame
Male Enhancement

Strenght Q.


You got R.I.C.H. into a Q custom???


I will be paying close attention to this journal.

A new contender has appeared. RICH core, that is a bold experiment!

Best of wishes on your journey :+1:


Okay my mind is completely blown, best of luck i will keep a look out on this one

Good luck with this custom.

Thanks, i just got the files now.
This will be fun :slightly_smiling_face:


yea definitely curious how R.I.C.H in a q custom will go

@SaintSovereign any thoughts on this?

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It’ll lose its ability to serve as a booster, but will work great for long term programming. It’ll still work quite well for that use.


I was going to create a custom with Emperor, EOG stage 1, and Emperor: HOM, could I add the R.I.C.H core for this purpose as well or is it to big and better to have 3 cores total even if one is an Ultima Core?
Or are the Ultima cores more the size of modules when considering adding to a Q custom?


Oh nice!!
Does this extend to all the ultima cores?

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Kinda. Some of them aren’t written for long-term programming. R.I.C.H. is written that way. The Executive, for example, isn’t.


What about Paragon and Diamond ultimas?

I’ll be watching this one as well, best of luck with it! I think your cores are all very complimentary.

These can cause long term effects, but are not specifically written to do so.


@Azriel in the end what did you do ? did you add in RICH ?

Now that Saint has mentioned it better off running RICH as a stacker. I personally feel it would be more advantageous as a booster.

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TheMANQ - 3 loops

Tired and brainfog as i am adapting to this new sub, energy is changing as i listen.
The last hour now i notice my body starting producing high vibrating energy… so i felt like go for a workout.

Innercircle must be working, i talked too 3 old friends today at the store, that i havent seen in a long time.

Still very early to tell what change is happening.

Will tell more when i digest the sub more and feel more stable.

The burst in energy is nice. I appreciate that. Get shit done.


it would be, I’ll be testing R.I.C.H as an Ultima the Monday this one.

I was prepped for an EOG stage 1, Emperor, Emperor HOM custom but seeing as R.I.C.H. could
be used in a q custom for long term I figured I’d add it, I intend on running Emperor HOM and EOG stage 4 (when I get there) long term for massive wealth, so though adding R.I.C.H. as well in the custom would be beneficial even if I run it as an Ultima as well.

Have not decided what to do yet, and waiting to see if Saint comments on adding how many Q cores I can have in a custom with an Ultima core as well.

And yet 1 loop effected me for 8 days. Now if you did script it for on going, long-term effects…

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I thought you said not to add ultima cores to a Q custom.

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