The Wanted Executive - The High Powers Of Attractiveness

First before giving hints of what my next custom is, I have to first explain the past, present and future of the upcoming custom.

The past: I tried to find a really old journal of mine from 2 years ago when I ran Khan ST1 that explains my fears and issues that I’ve faced in passed. Since I can’t find it, I will just explain it here. I wanna first explain in a few words what my passed was all about. Rejection, Loneliness and lack of attractiveness. What do I mean by that

All throughout high school I’ve been living a constant state of pain and if I look at it right now to some this might seem like me being overly sensitive or not a big deal but at that moment of time for me it was. I will start talking from my first year of highschool until the end of it and how those 3 pain points I mentioned in the past have impacted the life I live now. Back in year one of highschool (We have 5 years in total), I used to be short, had acne, fat (Over 40% bodyfat) and had an introverted personality. I remember those days we’re hard but not as bad as year 2 and 3 which I will talk about it soon. Year one wasn’t horrible but wasn’t good it was a mix of trying to understand why people avoided me and why I didn’t have many friends (Back then I was put into a computer program at school for my grades so most of time was spent working on a laptop instead of socializing). Now let’s get into year 2 and 3, those we’re possibly the hardest years of my life. Even though I lost weight and was visibly skinny (At some point I started doing one day fast and implemented IF into my routine), I would get constantly rejected by attractive girls and my social circle was full of “friends” who would constantly start rumors about me and made people hate me which led me to some days to eat in the bathroom because of the fear of getting bullied or cyber bullied which happened often back then. Year 4 and 5 was more the year where I felt lonely internally because I felt different to my class. My class wanted to get into univeristy, be in relationships, do tiktoks and party but that didn’t satisfy me, I wanted more. I knew I could be successful and I knew what I wanted and how to achieve it so starting from year 5 I started coding and working on myself. I got more attractive, I got more status, I got more money and I improved my social skills but this would just come to make me feel even more lonely. You see when you want success so much that your willing to die for it and work non stop to achieve you don’t feel the same with other people who don’t want that type of success so I had to cut out my social circle and change my life once highschool finished that’s exactly what I did. On top of this, I met a girl back then who completely ruined my reputation and ruined my life temporarily until everyone figured out that she was lying when proof about it was show to them. Even thought now those same people who blamed me for the lies she said apologize and wanted to be friends with me again, it was still one of the hardest times of my life which affected me when seeing and talking to girls. But what now?

Present: I have be honest, I got lucky in life. Back when I started my tech career, I said the right things, at the right time and to the right person and even though hard work payed off as well luck was a factor as well. With the start of my tech career at 19, I’m now able to live a pretty good comfortable life without needing to go to university because I don’t need it with my current career (Except for getting my MBA which I will be working towards at 21). At this point of my life, I have somewhat a good status, a good career but something was still missing. I didn’t feel attractive whenever I looked in the mirror even though I knew I had a healthy diet, good amount of muscle on my frame and I wasn’t fat (By now I think I’ve been training for 5 years now). By now my romantic life has started to improved but because of that one girl from the past I wasn’t able to comfortably talk to a girl or have relations with them. I have no issues with talking to girls but I wouldn’t say my social skills are the best with them. My issue stems from the comfortability of the past affecting my present life which I’ve been working non stop to improve and make sure I can become the man, I want to become.

Future: My 4 main goals before ending 2022, become attractive, level up my social skills and make even more money. I don’t want to reveal too much about why those are my goals and they might seem general but as you read the journal you will realize they have a specific purpose and a detail reason why I want to achieve those goals. Without further to do and without getting into too many details, I want to present what my customs entails:

Stark + Wanted

Let the games begin but I have to give a disclaimer before I start this custom. I have be honest, I have no clue how long I will be able to run this custom nor will I know if I will drop it after 1 loop and get a new one since I have a tendency to do that nor do I know if I will update this journal frequently however what I can promise you all and I hope to achieve is to inspire and motivate people to take constant action no matter what sub you listen to. Remember everyone here no matter who they are or how they look has the potential to achieve great success in life and I really mean this for everyone. With a burning desire to achieve success, anyone can make that desire come true.


Stark and WANTED is a very good combo, I will say WANTED did do a lot of internal healing for me as well as giving me realizations about myself and who I am.

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A very inspiring message, bro. Wishing you success, confidence and happiness.

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The Wanted Celebrity
  • Stark Core
  • Wanted Core
  • Omnidimensional
  • Dominion
  • Direct Influencing Aura
  • Ethereal Presence
  • Emperor: Height Inducer
  • Extreme Exercise Motivation
  • Carpe Diem Ascended
  • SPS: Endocrine System
  • Emperor’s Voice
  • Gorgeous Manifestor
  • Sexual Manifestor
  • Long-Range Seduction
  • Seducer’s Gaze
  • Deep Sleep
  • Facial Morphing
  • Serum X
  • Instant Spark

Why I love adding physical shifting modules in my customs is because I always get the fastest results with them and I have the data to prove it. Here’s the results from Serum X and Deep Sleep after one loop of the custom (Keep in mind before I started the custom I had 45% sleep and under 60% recovery because I went to a rave and a club on the weekend):

What I find even funnier is I listened to Mind’s Eye yesterday with my custom and I visualized myself have 100% sleep and 98% recovery and it’s crazy to know that that’s the exact number I got today.


Go get em tiger!

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  • SPS: Fat Burn seems to be kicking in since I’m 0.4lbs less then yesterday (Thought this might be water weight so I won’t come to a conclusion yet for that).

  • Emperor’s Voice seems to be kicking in pretty well as well in that my voice is more dominant, stronger sounder and deeper/raspier (Though this part might be because I went to a rave and shouted my lung out lmao).

  • SPS: Endocrine System, this one is a bit harder to gage if it’s doing anything since the only way to find out would be to do a blood test which I’m thinking of doing however if I had to think about it in a way of how I feel. I feel like I have more energy, more libido, better mood, feel stronger, feel more aggressive with my workouts and overall less appetite and feeling healthier.

  • Carpe Diem Ascended, seems to be give me way more motivation to get stuff done then before not sure why it’s working so well in my custom but yeah pretty happy about it. Also more focus and energy with it.

  • Ethereal Presence, the reason I always add this module in my customs and why I love it so much is because it can be used universally not just for romance. My main purpose for why I use it and how it’s working for me is because it’s synergetic with Stark in that it makes people like me even more and it has the bonus effect of that on girls. Mainly for the social effects is why I always add this module in my customs.


I agree with this and it helps a lot with your self-image as well!

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Thank you @Lion appreciate you as always!

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Will do :sunglasses:

Yes especially internally on how you view yourself too. Plus nice physical shifting subs haha I have been on Emperor Fitness ST4 for about two listening days and the sleep and recovery is insane. I know Serum X is in it lol it has to be

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Need to find myself an aesthetic crew to go to festivals next year @GoldenTiger @Invictus @enigma12 @Ingress @Matalexander305 anyone else;):


I will be in the background selling beer :slight_smile:

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You could be the cameraman :sunglasses:


These pictures are from 3 days apart, I don’t know if it’s just me but in my opinion I definitely look bigger and leaner even though my weight has changed much. Kind makes me look like I took steroids even though I’m natural (Still need to get bigger shoulder tho hehe).

Also it seems that my chest has less fat and seem to be more aesthetically pleasing (I use to have man tits which was unattractive but this issue seems to slowly disappear) - (Ignore my window looking like a whole creamshake and a half it needs to be cleaned I know:)).


Serum X must be one of the most important modules to add in a physical shifting custom. Why you may ask?

Because recovery is the most important part of your physique in order to grow and improve. I can honestly say that with Serum X my results with Wanted, Facial Morphing, SPS: Fat Burn and Emperor: Heigh Inducer have been increase much more then in other customs because these modules are physically taxing which lowers my recovery, add Serum X makes sure that I have optimal recovery even with those modules which increase my results with them.


Count me in :sunglasses:


Come all to my Gym and I will make sure you will all looks like this hehehe #EmperorFitness


Man I’m starting to really love my custom and I hope it’s consistent.

Not only did I get my social skills and my extrovertness back and was able to talk to strangers at the gym which was something that I was shy to do whenever I was running Wanted in the past but my behavior with girls seems to be more coquettish and mysterious and more care free like I dont’ care what happens since I know everyone will happen as I want it to be. Also for work I’m way more productive and get stuff done and more. My memory/intelligence since it be improved (Stark and Mind’s Eye).

A girl invited me to a expensive club on Friday at booth and she’s paying for me, since she’s just a friend it’s going to be interesting to see how it’s going to be at the club for me.

My body is looking better and better and my recovery and sleep has been on point lately. Also I keep hitting PR’s day after day. For example, 65lbs for seated shoulder press for 12 reps and 170lbs for squat for 12 reps. Voice is getting noticeably deeper from what I can notice.


I will think about it;)