The Operator: Resiliency, Mental Toughness, Tactics and Fitness


So I have been thinking about a concept for what I would see as a major program based on the characteristics of elite special forces members in groups like the Navy Seals, Spetznatz, UOE, Col Moschin, Sayeret Matkal, GIGN, SAS, etc. Most nations have military units that represent the absolute pinnacle of training and ability.

There is a certain character required to become part of and function within one of these organizations that represents a very high level of physical and mental development of the person involved. I see this as a no nonsense, physically fit, mentally tough, resourceful, practical yet exemplary alpha. ALL GO. NO SHOW!

This may be covered somewhat in Spartan, but I think this concept would be a distinct alpha/mindset/fitness title and I am thinking some qualities that would be highlighted in this conceptual framework would be:

Functional Fitness
Mental Toughness
Commitment to the mission
Strategy and tactics
The ability to make independent decisions
Noticing and using the environment around oneself
Stress Resistance
Self Reliance
Self Discipline
Self assessment and adjustment
Self motivation
Constant Self Improvement
Giving and earning respect
Can receive leadership and can take leadership depending on circumstance
Appropriate ego
Grace under pressure
Ability to be taught and to be trained.
Ability to learn on one’s own effectively.
Practical combat training
Identifying and judiciously pushing beyond previous perceived limits

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Well, in the spirit of naming it after fictional characters, let’s name it “Hunt” after the ultimate operator, Ethan Hunt. This message will self-destruct in…

I was tempted to call it QHunt, but that’s just so wrong…

And he keeps adding things… :slight_smile:


To be honest, I had to look up who Ethan Hunt is. I’ve never seen a Mission: Impossible movie or the TV show from the 60s.

I think movie characters could be inspiring, but my motivation was coming from having read some of Mark Divine’s books and having heard him on several podcasts and also listening to Pavel Tsatsouline talk about the Russian Spetsnaz as well as being a military history buff and being interested in studying elite special forces units.

I am sure there are some great examples from movies, though.

I add as appropriate, but try never to make pointless kitchen sink additions.


it doesn’t seem like a bad idea … ok who am I kidding?: Crazy face: I loved that idea. it would be a great sub, especially for people like me who dream of a military career so much.


I think it is a compelling and useful stance and point of view to see and act from.


Man, you gone to the exactly spot! I really would love to see it, as you told. It´s just perfect.


Special forces people work in small teams and I think only a certain group of military-type people actually have the aptitude for it.They are very much too specialized in their roles.

I think in terms of general military leadership, it takea another set of qualities to be able to rise through the ranks and have 5 stars on your epaulette.


…hmmm…less interest than I expected.


This is a great idea. I had been thinking of stacking Spartan and Limitless if I have to go through another Police Academy, but this looks like it would be perfect on its own.


There’s only interest if @blackadder announces it. :wink:

One of my favorite operators ever: Michael Westen.

The scenes in the episode Friendly Fire where he plays Diablo are unforgettable.

“I’m here for the van.”


I have never seen “Burn Notice”. Looks interesting.

I think for me it has been interesting to think about what qualities an actual special forces operative would possess.


It was like modern-day MacGyver, but with a spy, an ex-Navy Seal and a terrorist as the good guys. It’s still one of my favorite shows, and that character is so well done. Plus, I wish I could pull off a suit and shades like that.

I actually would love to go through special forces training for the challenge. Navy Seals, SERE. SAS. Throw in some Spetsnaz and Israeli training. The person that comes out will defy all societal classifications.

Of course, that may mean they don’t feel at home anywhere anymore either…


Being exceptional often, maybe always, sets you apart from others.


The subliminal could use hints from this book:


I still believe this would make a great major title and Q module.

I see it as an action oriented alpha title.