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The Dragons, Khans, Starks, and WANTED individuals all seem to have a little community, but I don’t seem to see a whole lot of camaraderie of those who are dedicated towards HoM goals.

Hopefully this thread will help us help each other out on goals related to HoM

Looks like HoM is already starting to have results on day 1 for me. I am searching for solid investment books and not anything like the Richest Man in Babylon. Although it is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it to literally everyone. I just don’t need to read anymore parables or fluff pieces about investments.

I am looking for strategies, mindset of successful investors, hedge fund etc

I also am looking for resources of solid investment vehicles that are not crypto, it’s too much prospecting for my taste. Screams .com bubble.


I’d look up Dan Pena’s QLA, Bridger Pennington has this course for Investment Funds and theres liike Dealmaker Society I think

But yeah. The game of raising capital and finding businesses to acquire is a game known by few.

Hopefully that kinda points ya to the right direction.

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Love it. Call me part of the Medici Family

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Been listening to house of medici for TWO listening days, and ai made more money in the last 24 hours than I made for all of november, or all of december.

It’s crazy that in one day, I could make more gross revenue than entire month 60 days ago… and I’ll keep way more of it because our margins have gone way up since then.

Not even gonna post this on the main thread because you simply can’t understand or believe this if you’re not in…

The Family


Codie Sanchez also has great content on business acquisitions, and she’s more palatable to me than Dan Pena.

Check her out!


Haha I love this quote so much. This is the absolute essence of this title.


is it a coincidence for florence too i seen theyre luxury retreat recently … unfourtunatly ive always had a luxurious tastes but wow florence does look like the city was indeed protected well afterall from the medicis linegage. Anyway i dont have a girlfriends so solo travel soon hopefully or maybe subclub will have a party here for a vacation but just look you guys … :grimacing: Florence Rhapsody at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze - YouTube

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Haha oh how I can relate to this one. My wife and I have very high ambitions because of our shared taste in luxury. I usually don’t care about luxury brand things like Gucci, Versace but more about luxurious experiences like living in beautiful Mediterranean style homes with pillars and marble that match some Roman architecture.

At my desktop at work I have changing pictures of yachts, big beautiful homes, luxurious villas, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porche, and Audi cars (I am a huge motor racing fan of all disciplines but really love sportcar racing) and luxurious views.

Throughout the day when I see these pictures I would practice visualizing hanging out with a group of friends and family in these places. I intentionally daydream about these things and work to feel how I would feel in those situations.

Finally whoever I need a boost in motivation or more clarity in my desires, I watch VYBO videos on YouTube. Only a few videos a week otherwise you are wasting time and not taking action, but it helps develop or reset that mindset of success.

EDIT: I loved that video, it is a really cool way to advertise. I noticed with the luxury world (including resorts I have been on) it is all about experiences.


What do you do for work?

i think he said sales calls in another thread he was posting @Seeker

I see. Thank you.

I run an SMMA marketing agency. I take sales calls for it, but its more than that too. Yes, the big lump sum payment came from sales calls. The second way we get paid is every time we book an appointment.

But this big record day was 90% due to sales calls - they’re the thing that makes us the most money.

Hm. Thank you for elaborating.

Crazy dreams.

Me and my most successful client started an empire. Bought a few 100 condos together, etc. Can’t remember what else, but we did more investments n stuff.

But in the dream he was a criminal and I think even a wanted murderer, but simultaneously a super business tycoon, so it was kinda like dealing with the mafia where everything went through me but it was really him.

Thats the most successful I’ve ever been in my dreams. HOM having fast effects on my subconscious.


Hey pyro, don’t mean to discourage you because you can do this, but be careful of books in this space. I don’t want to say there’s some absolutely ridiculous, moronic things being printed…

Stay away from investing gurus. Markets are beatable but a vast majority of people don’t come close, many of this group read the books. If you do what everyone else does you’ll get what everyone else gets.

That said if you’re interest in reducing the noise in the market to get to signal check out Alexander Eder. Also ehlers white papers may act as a funnel to sell swami systems but there’s real value in them. Tellingly they both imply multiple timeframe analysis.


I’m definitely not a fan of Peña. I think he just likes to act tough.

AFAIK, he’s all about Mergers and Acquisitions. A fancy name for acquiring companies and breaking them up to sell. I think I saw a vid of him once talking about using the pension funds to bolster the bottom line.

I don’t see any of what I’ve seen from him as adding any value to the world.

I’d love to be wrong.

Mergers and acquisitions can be very lucrative, despite the fact they lead to uncomfortable changes. It’s a part of business. Business is generally not fair or kind. Sometimes you have to be ruthless. Subclub for example wants to get as much of the market share for subliminals as possible, they make fantastic products, but at the end of the day it’s a business. Their goal is to destroy or weaken competitors. They currently do this through making life changing products.

But I do not like the practice of taking apart companies just to make a profit. Not something I want be a part of. Some people though have made quite


My view is that if they can’t do so without destroying a pension fund that people have paid into in good faith for years, no amount of “benefit” makes it worth it.

The only reason I’d ever want to take a pension fund apart is if I were investing it into a better fund.

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Nah, no real business sets out to destroy or weaken…that isn’t the goal. The goal is the advancement of humankind.

Reminds me of a Shark Tank episode I saw where Kevin o’Leary said some dumb crap about “The purpose of a business is to make money.”

Money and cashflow are an essential part of achieving a business’ goals and visions…but what he said is the same as saying the purpose of the human body is to pump blood.


What makes you think that?