The Innovative Mastermind - A Journey Through Cutting Edge Technology

Finally after the long use and extensive use of Stark I’ve finally made my custom with it and you might be wondering, what does my custom entail? (Finishing list)

I present to you the custom of becoming the technical genius who has the power and status of world leaders with the technical genius of the most innovative man to ever exist.

The Innovating Mastermind:

Stark Core:

  • Becoming the technical prodigy with the social and charisma of Tony Stark

Khronos Key:

  • Having the ability to slow or speed up time to enjoy life as much as I can.

Submodel Alpha:

  • Suggestion of the local genius @Invictus, the ability to be prepared for any situation that might present itself.

The Lines:

  • Having the power to visualize creative ideas in order to start creating a plan from them.

The Streams:

  • Increasing Thinking power to unimageable ways.

The Overdrive:

  • Having the drive to keep going no matter what failure or challenge I might face on my road towards success.


  • Improving subliminal processing power and other.


  • Amplifying the wealth and status part of Stark.

Technological Prodigy:

  • Having the power to learn and excel in the technologies that I’m going to be learning in my new field.

Virtuoso di Matematica:

  • Numbers and mathematics will be a part of the new field I’m going into so having the ability to excel at it will be helpful.

Invincible Presence:

  • Without internal power, there can’t be external power. With the results of Stark being so amazing, having results internally will help me move forward in conquering more and more power.


  • Coming up with new inventions and new ways to innovate in the world.


  • Being able to get results at a faster pace.

Epigenetics & DNA Modulator:

  • Taking my custom changes to the next level.

I.Q. and Cognitive Booster:

  • Increase I.Q. and cognitive power.


  • Manifesting important information or mentors in order to progress in my goals.

Index Gate:

  • If I do need to code, have the ability to learn any coding language easily and use it to my advantage in my work.

Productivity Unleashed:

  • Become a productivity machine and a next level workaholic.


  • Learn from and modulate the success and knowledge of other people who are in a level of success that I want to be in.

Carpe Diem Ascended:

  • Having the motivation and ambition to conquer my dreams and goals.

And with this beginning come to the start. Let the journey of The Innovative Mastermind begin :wink:


Tagging some honorable mentions that might like the stories that this custom will entail: @RVconsultant @Dragon-Lesson @BLACKICE @GoldenTiger @Ingress @JCast @praisetheurdtree @Ice @Brandon @friday and others that I can’t remember to mention.

Thank you for these people for following my growth and for helping me grown as a person as well. I will be forever thankful for the amazing insights and advice you shared with me in order to help me become the best version of myself :relaxed:


Small update on my first loop of the custom:

  • Productivity has increased considerably I ran the loop like 2 hours again and just check the time and it felt like 5 minutes only has passed.

  • I can notice the creativity and technological modules of my custom more as minutes are passing by. I’m refreshing my mind on some important information security concepts and it seems to be in my memory longer and more clearly and I’m understanding how it can be used in different scenarios.

  • Mood has increase considerably and anxiety is at all new zero (Social and internal feelings of anxiety)

  • Very smooth and no recon so far (This might be because I got the custom in the Solace mask)


Hey @CyberSec, are you running this custom solo, or as part of a stack. Thanks for the tag btw!

Solo for now @praisetheurdtree since it has all the objective I need to accomplish my goals:)

Maybe going to stack some kind of physical shifting sub in the future with it but that’s in months to come and not any time soon.


Nice! I’m excited to see the results. We’re both headed down a similar path!

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That looks like a fantastic custom! I’ve got many of the same modules in my wealth custom, and many more that I have on my list for a 2nd mindset custom.

Excellent choices, and congrats on the awesome results so far!


Damn, great custom! Looking forward to that journey!

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All the best to your Journey

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Can you stack two separate customs at the same time?


Great looking custom. Keep us posted on you success. Cheers.:+1:

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Looking forward to see you shine from this my boy. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey and see constant growth and updates.

Great results already.
Super happy for you my man.

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Technically, yes. But obviously it’s 4 cores, so that makes it tough! Sometimes.


This is a masterful list. I might copy this.

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Thank sir @BLACKICE !

Day 2 (So far this custom is a big success):

  • A massive amount of energy like it’s insane (It reminds me of when I first drinked coffee for the first time in my life but without the jitters)

  • More mental clarity (My brain feels clear kind of like Eddie Mora in the movie limitless it’s interesting)

  • Look leaner and seem to have a deeper voice (This seems to always happen when I run Stark yet I still don’t know if it has physical shifting or not)

  • For the first time in two years, I woke up 2 hours before my alarm and had felt refreshed and energetic (Even though I went back to sleep since that was only 6 hours of sleep and I want to have a minimum of 8)

  • Pretty odd result but I think it’s become of the Informaticon module. In times when there’s a technical piece of information I’m looking for I’m able to find it surprisingly fast and quite easily which surprises even my team members.

Day 3:

  • The custom seems to keep manifesting cyber security jobs for me (Interviews) which is surprising since before it was difficult to get them but now I keep getting opportunities for them

  • Feel pretty focused and clear today, really vivid dreams for some reason.


Too early to compare this to HOM?

Depends on what you want to achieve. I mention my strategy to @Ice about this. Moving forward (Specifically in a IT related field), I will use hom custom + stark custom to get opportunities for higher paying jobs or for promotions and then drop the hom custom and only keep the stark custom in order to excel in the new position. My custom is very intelligence focused so that’s why just keep the stark custom once I get the job would be better but for you @lovage if you we’re to make a custom I would highly recommend going for a stark one and added Sultan to manifest opportunities (I think this is why I’m getting interviews right now).

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