The AlchemLIST (List of books and sources)


Okay since the announcement of The Alchemist subliminal; I figured I could make a list of things to be used along with it.

Believe me when I say this I have spent a lot of time searching through and for good books. So I’ve found the gold and posting it here

*Note I own all of these I suggest and have worked through them.

Easy As Hell Magick

Archangels of Magick

Magickal Protection

Greater Words of Magick

Wealth Magick

Mystical Words of Power

Angels of Alchemy

Magickal Riches

Magickal Servitors

Magickal Cashbook

Lucifer Hidden Demons

By the way besides the aformentioned books above; I highly recommend Kindle Unlimited because they have a huge occult selection and heres some I recommend above others.

Kindle Unlimited

Training Systems

Secrets of Magick Revealed

Digger's Khan Journal

Im going through everything I know and can think of so Im cleaning it up and adding more. Also if yall got any recommendations or requests add them here as well.


Youtube Channels

Law of Attraction

Divine Imagination by Joseph Alai

Mark Haughton


More Books

The 72 Sigils of Power

The Master Works of Chaos Magick

Sigils of Power and Transformation

The Magickal Job Seeker

7 Occult Money Rituals

The Forty Servants

High Magick

Angelic Protection Magick


The Magick of Angels and Demons

Demons of Magick

Angel Sigils, Keys and Calls

Angels of Wrath

Practical Jinn Magick

Goetia Pathworking

Goetic Words of Power

Become The Maelstrom

The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals

The Miracle of New Avatar Power


Kindle Unlimited Books

Works of Darkness

Kingdoms of Flame

Raziels Path of Power

Also if yall got any questions or anything about these just post on here or shoot me a message.


Great list,

I have never looked into magick. Any of these a good introduction?

Also, is magick like next level law of attraction??


All of those are are nothing but practical and introductions in a sense. I can’t honestly say, but I’ll add more Law of Attraction stuff.


I really appreciate it …man…you have been great help…thanks a lot…


Fantastic list my guy. This makes me excited for all the possibilities of Alchemist. Thanks for compiling some ways for us to take massive action to support the subs.



The List is Legit.
Number 04 on the List is what led me to Subliminal Club.

While working with that book, specifically for that purpose, i was intuitively guided to Subliminal Club.
I had a hunch to Google Subliminals, and down the list appeard "SubliminalClub and “the Competitor”.

I went for the Competitor, but still, My Intuition (For that specific purpose) kept on saying No… No…
Then out of Anger i chose Subliminal Club and it was around the time that Emperor was being Launched.

I delayed My purchase as i wanted to see what it was that My Intuition wanted…, then on one specific day, someone told me that “things will never change as long as we remain the same, fears will always pop up, shit will always happen”.

Then i decided to buy Emperor and give it a shot.

Within 30 days i did notice significant changes, specifically at work. (I have been running My Department since My 2nd Month with this Subliminal, but its a shit load of work, and i want Wealth without Strain).
But still, i was skeptical and wanted more proof.
I Meditated, and within a week, i found a Video on YouTube about Ascended Mogul, and My Faith in Subliminal Club products has remained consistent if not improved.

A few months later, Subliminal Club announced a few products that will be in future production, and instantly My Intuition said “Yes to the Alchemist”…
“It literally told me to wait for the Alchemist then we will move on…”

For now i would say, how about we keep this Forum on the downlow until A Private Forum has been created for such discussions.
We need to bare in mind that this is still a TABOO for most individuals and we need to respect that.

Thats My thinking… What do you think?


Goetic Words of Power looks kind of sketchy :thinking:.
Since Damon Brand released his book about his words of power magickal system, many other authors tried to surf on that vague to make some quick bucks.
I bought that book and to my surprise

  1. the author mentions Damon Brand and his magickal system in high esteem
  2. he actually explains how he came up with the words and cited all his sources.

However some things put me off.

  1. Some of his sources are found on internet, on some specific website. What tell me that these are legit? Internet, especially forums or blogs are the worst place to find legit data.
  2. the cost of this book. 1.99$. Uh, really ? That seemed like a lot of work to come up with this system and he only charges that much? That makes me think he maybe just want some quick bucks from curious people like me.
  3. there are a LOT of spelling errors in that book. Really a lot.
    What makes me think that the words and magickal names are wrote properly then?

However, in spite of my suspicions, I am going to give it a go. I will see…


Okay. I don’t understand anything here. Do the Kindle unlimited books of this topic dedicate pages to introducing this topic?
All this is VERY fascanating but I don’t really know where to start :confused:


The kindle unlimited books I put down are introductions and easy to use variations of this topic.


I know the guy who wrote it and believe me he did it because he’s kind. Even in the group I’m in with him he gives away a lot of knowledge out of the goodness of his heart. Hell I’m surprised he isn’t charging more.


I am also fascinated by this subject which I have never really looked into until now. So thank you for the list, I ordered a few of the books that interested me.

One question, does this stuff work synergistically, or at least NOT in opposition to the subs from here?


I don’t see why it would work against the subs.



I’ve been spending basically every waking free hour looking into this stuff.


I own half the books mentioned and absolutely none of them have worked for me.
Maybe there’s a glitch in my system, but hope it works out for everyone else


Well that’s a bummer to hear, considering I just spent $45 on some of the titles.