The Achiever vs The Surrenderer - Jim's Journal

Hey all,

Well, here it is, my first ever custom that is aligned with who I am and my shortcomings. On the 22nd of august I will start my job as a teacher/student coach and this custom will be my engine while working.

My Objectives:

  • Be perfect in front of the class. Being an inspirational, loving and caring teacher that really helps get the best out of his students
  • When I’m working, I want to be in full flow state and focus on the task at hand. Doesn’t matter if it’s administration work or talking with someone. I do not want my mind to drift away
  • Be in love with life and my work, just waking up extremely grateful and happy to go to work (This is my natural self, I love to grind and work with purpose)
  • Be forever proud of who I am and was as a man, be my most authentic and truthful self
  • Change people’s lives for the better and make an impact on this world

My custom:
Stark Core
Chosen Core
Carpe Diem Ascended
Deep sleep
Victory calls
Eye of the Storm
Joie de Vivre
Dragon Tongue
Invincible presents
Khronos key
The Single Point
Inner Voice
Ego Adsum
Organization Perfected
Machine action
Chosen of Venus
Dept of Love

I will make a second custom in the future, but for now it will be stacked it one other main title. First, I will run it just by itself to see how I react to it. Looking forward to all the adventures and new experiences in my life, Let’s get it!


Started listening to this custom yesterday for 5 min. I don’t know what it is with me, but these subs just manifest instantly for me. With this custom, it even went way faster than expected.

  • First, I’m looking for a new home that’s closer to my work. But right now in the Netherlands, the housing market is on its ass. There are way too many people with no houses to put them in, especially in the big city’s. Guess where I’m working? Well the 3 main City’s haha. So I’ve been looking for 2 weeks now and everything is gone so fast. After listening yesterday, I got 2 new appointments to go check out some homes. Especially the second one is really, really nice, and I’m already with the last 5. This is chosen working at its best. Another house owner called me and said, “I’ve had around 25-30 people calling, but I want you to come over, you seem like a solid worker. Do you got time on Monday?” Chosen I love you :joy:
  • I’m using Solace and Pragya because I can’t listen to more than 3 minutes without intense recon. I’ll never make another custom without them, Jesus it sounds so much better than a normal program. Did 5 min of listening and got some recon, but not as close as with the normal programs. It was like my brain was really understanding and appreciating what was going in
  • Good choice to put the love modules in it. I’m getting very intense with this custom, this is my true self, but sometimes it scares people off. My girl was saying the same, but she was really digging it. She is a very feminine woman and when I’m acting like this, she goes right into her core. The modules are also healing a bit, but in a very nice and calm way.

I can’t put into words how driven and focused I am. I just want to work and go make something beautiful, but not in a forceful way. It feels like this is who I am, and it was a part that I lost last year because I became major depressed. After my months of journey with DR, it feels like the road is cleared to really go all the way.

Been doing Kundalini yoga and breathing, and it’s fully awake since a couple of day’s after 1 year, so I think some benefits of this are also from that. The intense part and get the (…) out of my way kind of vibe is definitely from this awakening in myself. Lastly, I just can’t lie? It feels that my throat chakra is finally open, and I feel it with every meditation that I do.


Much success to you Brother


Very nice custom dude, best of luck with it!


Best Wishes with your first custom. Let us know how it works out. Looks good.


@Dragon-Lesson @Uber_Elysium @TheSunlightCaller

Thanks, Lads :blush:

A little bit of a recap from the second day of listening (Last Thursday).

Woke up around 6 am, since I started this custom I can’t sleep in anymore. Maybe it has something to do with Stark but it doesn’t matter. Anyways, went out of bed and took a shower. After that took a bit of caffeïne and started going to the gym like I always do. There I am, riding my bike in the sunshine being high on caffëine, and feeling blissful from this nice summer day after a good night of sleep. This lasted for about 10 minutes before I realized something while being on the bike. I’ve been doing this for years now, taking some caffëine and going to the gym to work out in the morning. I quite caffëine for about 3 months to see what it would do and started again about 1 week ago to see the difference.

Now, this is Machine action, Eye of the Storm, and Victory calls working together nicely and smoothly. I realized what a waste of time this is and that I’m trying to get high like junkies looking for crack, Sorry if I’m exaggerating but I can’t see the difference when it comes to trying to feel high without actual results. When we use caffeïne our adrenals are going up like crazy and we get a boost of all these feeling good chemicals like dopamine. But what am I trying to achieve right now? Going to the gym is easy for me, even a very hard workout. And I know that you don’t have to be 6 times a week in the gym to make great gains, hell it’s even better to train just 3 times with loads of rest in my experience as a personal trainer. But I never saw the trick that my mind played with me until I ran this custom. It’s just looking for a high but then in a “healthy” way while still using drugs (Caffeïne).

I kept riding to the gym tho and I was already halfway and thought “Well this is an interesting point, let’s change it up tomorrow and see how it goes”. Went into the gym and had these weights in my hand. And the weirdest thing happened… I could not move the weight… I knew this was not the right action to take, and I knew it would not serve my purpose to be here for 90 minutes while traveling for about 60 min in total because I live remotely away from the city. Put the weight back and started stretching. What I absolutely HATE, I hate stretching but my body has become so tight that I got a shoulder injury that just doesn’t want to go away.

Since then, every time I go to the gym in the morning the same thing happens. It’s this voice in my head that goes “This is not the right action and you know it, this is your way to feel great without achieving anything, Don’t fool yourself”. and the workout just doesn’t feel good and I need to go home to work.

Now I don’t mean that working out is bad, hell no it’s one of the most important things to do. But I can workout in 30min and get amazing results while doing it at home instead of putting caffeïne in my body, Take my bicycle to the gym for 30min, workout for 90, go back for 30, and then have to shower, eat and do all sorts of things before I finally can start working again. It also intervenes heavily with my fasting routines which makes me cognitive sharp. Right now I’m building a morning routine with a fast 20-30min workout and do 3 full body workouts in the week to keep building muscle and getting stronger. I give myself one weekend day to be a morning workout junky because it’s a good way to reward myself for working hard all week long.

Never expected these kinds of results with my custom, It’s very confronting so far but I like it! All my shortcomings and high-seeking behavior are coming to the surface that I’ve never seen before.


You optimise you life/time.

Perfect valid

I was a couple of times nearly ready to pay for a year membership in the fitness clubs. It costs 1400 dollars here in Switzerland.

In the end I did buy for 90 dollars a yearcard for swimming and for 10 dollars a second hand sling trainer.

The swimming area is 400 meters away from my house and the sling trainer is on my balcony.

Time and money safed



Chosen is the definition of my archetype. It manifested in multiple situations.

A guy I met 3 or 4 times out of work is trying to find a home in Rotterdam because he’s starting his new study there. He’s 20 years old and a good guy from curacao that has had a rough beginning here in the Netherlands because of the cultural difference. We’ve met a couple of times and we get along well and have the same views on different topics. I’ve coached him here and there a bit and took him under my wing when he was working with me at my old job. Now this still doesn’t make sense to me, but I offered him to start living with me in Utrecht. So that he doesn’t have to live in student houses but has his own room and just a quiet space. I’ve already been helping him with meditation, losing fat and starting to get in shape, and guiding him to function well here in the Netherlands because I know how difficult it is to live in another country. That means I have to pay 1000-1100 euros of rent and he only around 500-600. He just can’t really believe it and I told him on the phone that if he wants to live with me it means waking up early, working extremely hard, and truly finding his own potential and making something of himself. and for that, I gladly invest my time, energy, and money into him. It ain’t about me, it’s about making the people around you stronger and I’m in the position to do that. So I gave him an ultimatum and tomorrow we will watch 2 houses and talk about it. He’s still really shooked and doesn’t trust the situation which I can understand.

A girl that I knew for 2 years now is becoming my girlfriend for real. We went on a short holiday last weekend and I don’t know what happened but we fell for each other that weekend. Wanted definitely helped with that and I did not see it coming. The weird part was all the time I was with her I was really dominant but in a good way. She told me “it’s so nice that I don’t have to make decisions and you just lead the way and say what we are going to do”. That Mr nice guy thing just completely disappeared since I listened to Chosen, I don’t know what it is with me and these subs. But give me 3min and 1 time listening and it works instantly.

She also said, “The thing I like the most about you is your ambition to become the best” and this is a part of me that I have suppressed these couple of years because it made me very intense and I started to push people away. Right now I got all my old friends out of my circle and build a new one with people that love that part of me and encourage me to dive deeper into it. Kinda weird he? I was scared to lose people because I had nobody but my old friends, but now life gave me a new family and friends after hitting rock bottom. Seems like that had to happen for some reason.
With this custom, I start to accept again that that’s who I AM. At my core, I’m extremely driven, ambitious, and honest. I will say the truth in your face even if it’s not something you want to hear. I rather have that you don’t like me and you become better, than that you like me and stay the same. This is a HUGE shift in my personality because my core is getting back again. I truly love people and I never put myself above or below because that’s just ego, but if you truly love people you gotta be honest and help them even if they don’t want to hear it.

Btw, I’m so grateful for this girl. She studies at the university to become a teacher. She is extremely smart and witty while being kind and humble. I’ve dated fitness girls before that had amazing bodies and everything, but that always ended badly. This girl just has a normal body (she is starting to fitness and yes I will buy a seductress for her before anyone ask :joy:), but I’m fine with that and still find her attractive and that’s all that matters to me. She makes me very calm and peaceful when I’m around her and she gets me. I think this has to do with the 2 years of friendship before this ever happened and how I have changed these couple of months.

Thank you sub club :wink:


Jezus christ… I know your inflation is insanely high compared to the rest of the world but still :joy: :joy: I remember we had 2 guy’s from Switzerland that came to holland to party and started to hang out while they were here… It was funny to see because 2-3 euros for a beer was like pocket change for them haha. They said the best part about growing up in Switzerland is that you can live like a king on vacation. They had some high-paying goverment jobs tho, but still.

The price is the same as before the inflation.

Thats Switzerland.

Somehow everything is Swiss quality, and Quality has a price


You changes looks fantastic, your custom really nails it

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Couple of things that are standing out

  • Waking up around 5:30/6:00 AM every day. Now this urge is starting to rise in me to stop using elektronics around 8:30 PM and go to bed around 10PM. I did this years ago and had the best sleep ever. It just takes a lot of discipline to cut of my night and just focus on sleep
  • If I take my phone while waking up? Man… Insane heavy Recon. It’s someting that is very difficult for me with this custom. It only feels good when I’m working and taking action
  • Difficulty to handle my energy levels, can’t really figure out a way to let it all out while not overtraining my body. Because when I not move my body, I feel stuck.

Machine Action

Put Machine Rest into your next custom to balance it out

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No I understand what you mean. But I have ADHD and a insane amount of energy. I need to move every day, that’s why I work out so much. The problem is the place I’m living now is way to far from the gym like I explained. So I have to do home workouts and I hate home workouts :joy:

Luckely today or tomorrow Im going to hear about me new place, that one has a 24/7 in the street. So that way I can workout in the morning before work and be fine

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You live in the Netherlands

I am sure there is a specific strain to get ADHS under control

If of course it is a problem for you

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I had similar problems.
If I didn’t workout in the morning, I couldn’t sleep in the evening, to much energy that let’s me partying as soon as it gets dark.

Since I work out in the morning I can go to sleep at 11


Haha noo brother I don’t screw around with that shit. I want to be at my best all the time and smoking weed just takes me out of the vibe of life. It’s very nice to do so, but the next day I feel a little bit off.

The thing that I have with any kind of stimulant, is that you pay for it later. Granted, weed will be definitely the best “drug” you can take after caffëine if you compare it to alcohol and sorts. But still, I don’t want to be dependent on some kind of substance to keep me calm, that’s my responsibility. Another thing I always ask myself "Would I want my future kids to smoke weed or drink alcohol? Hell no, so I should be the prime example to make sure they don’t use it. It just messes with your brain and dopamine receptors way too much. I rather do it with things like training, yoga, and meditation.

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t look down on people who smoke :wink: If it makes you a better person I’m all up for it. But with my addictive tendencies and learning about the brain and its chemistry. I can’t and will not use it anymore.


Interesting you mentioned your kids.

I personally don’t drink alcohol since I am 16. And I would hate to see my children put it into themselves.

I get you.

If this ADHS thing is a problem for you then I would look into : Adaptogens like: Schisandra,Rhodiola, Ginseng, Taiga


Funny I’m using this brain supplement called Mindlabpro that have Rhodiola and Ginseng and it’s working very well! Thanks for the tip

And nice to hear you don’t drink alcohol brother


Deep sleep is working almost perfectly, I’m going to bed around 10 PM and start winding down at 8:30 PM with reading and some meditation. I sleep extremely deep, it feels like waking up from a coma. The only weird thing is, that I keep waking up around 5/5:30 AM, and can’t sleep any further while still feeling tired. Takes a while to be fully awake as well

Another thing is that I’m kind of scared to go live and work in Utrecht. I fell in love with living on the east side of the Netherlands with more nature and just a calmer environment. But I can’t live here and work over there, the traveling time is too much. But every time I’m in the big city, I have this feeling of “Pff man… So many people and noise, I want to go back”.

But I have an obligation to do something with my talents and make the most out of it. So that’s why I’m going that way and facing my fears. But damn… It scares the crap out of me

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Things I’m noticing while on my second day of the washout:

  • I will make a custom in about 2-3 months that will balance out the masculinity in my custom. I feel very powerful and grounded, but I see my ego slipping in from time to time. Seeing myself as better or having thoughts like “Look what I have done in such a minimum time with my life!”. Confidence is great, but arrogance is something I despise in other people, including myself. For now, I will use LBfH to balance out the ego. If anyone has a better suggestion, please put it in the comment section!
  • Getting more things done instead of feeling like getting things done. The last couple of days I had so much drive and motivation, that for some weird reason I was not that productive. Now on my washout, I feel calmer and centered while getting more things done.
  • Sleep schedule is almost perfect in such a short time, really enjoy waking up early and going to bed early. Been experimenting here and there and today I’ll make my morning routine for the next couple of weeks.
  • There is quite some healing going on with the love modules in my custom. Especially in the heart area, where there is some warm feeling and sometimes pain when I do my meditations.

I’m thinking about using the schedule of @Billions to listen to my custom less and let it bloom more. the last couple of days I had intense recon and wanted to sleep all day long. Something I can’t have when I start my new job next week, I have to be well rested and be able to focus. You can find his schedule here:

Also, today or tomorrow I will hear if I get the apartment in the center of Utrecht. If that happens, I manifested an amazing job, an amazing girlfriend, and an amazing apartment in 4-5 weeks:see_no_evil:. If I don’t get it, I will still be immensely grateful for everything that has been given to me these couple of weeks. I know I deserve it after all my hard work, but still thank you guys, and thank’s Universe/God for having my back :innocent: