Thank you SC (a testimonial)


I pulled something off this month that I never dreamt possible. I never had a positive mindset about money. I always wondered why and didn’t understand how billionaires became billionaires. I used to think that certain people were just made for being financially independent and abundant in life. And I didn’t believe I was one of those people. After numerous job rejections, I subconsciously started to feel that some people just deserved nicer jobs that made more money than me. I saw their success and saw my inaction and didn’t feel worthy. End of the day, I did not believe in myself or my abilities.

Well, in my new sales job (which I interviewed for and got a few months into my SC journey), in my very first month making commission, I closed multiple deals with had a combined value of over a million dollars. Which I will be getting a portion of. I manifested this job out of the blue. I had no idea what I was getting into. I literally didn’t even know this was gonna be a sales position (position title/desc on job posting was vague).

I cycled through multiple subs. Started my first legit sub ever, Emperor, last Nov and ran that for about two months. Ran Khan along with other programs sprinkled in. In hindsight, I wish I would’ve stayed with just one sub for longer but it is what it is. Cycling was still great cause it helped me develop different areas. Emperor was life changing and helped me manifest this job along with the motivation, drive, fire, and fortitude. Khan helped me develop the sales skills needed for the job.

When I started out, I was so shaky and nervous talking to clients. When I first started training I was no where close to the top performance-wise even if you compared me to just my hire group alone. Saying I wasn’t good would be an understatement (Khan ST1 + shock of lockdown + insecurities related to the job will do that to you). This month I was in the top 15% performance-wise for the entire company… in my first month being able to actually close deals. My co-workers, bosses, superiors have all taken notice. That would be an understatement. I promise you that no one saw this breakthrough of mine coming. I am constantly getting shoutouts with the whole company cc’d, private messages and emails congratulating me and offering help, you name it. Co-workers, even those who have worked longer than I have, are asking me for help. I can already feel the programming from my 1-2 month stint with PCC kicking in lol.

Honestly it feels surreal. I cannot believe I have the potential to make this much money so quickly. Trust me, I never dreamed this possible. My conditioning about money was so toxic growing up and there is still tons of work to do honestly. Don’t get it twisted, since this job is in sales, it is entirely dependant on the work you put in. Thankfully, I can set my own schedule, but I am always working more than 40 hour weeks easily. 10-12 hour days of just laser-focused work are very common. But I love it. It might be the one of the best possible situations for me. I love all my co-workers. Guys and girls who all have similar tastes and interests as me. Even uncommon interests and tastes that mainstream society would label as weird. It’s a great environment.

TL;DR: Listened to SC. Took action. $$$.


Thanks for sharing this! It’s even more impressive that you accomplished this using titles which are not necessarily focused on money in the same way that Mogul or EoG are.

This, my good friend, is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!


Good job @i_am, keep going.

I’m sure many here will appreciate your testimonial here, hopefully it’ll encourage them to proceed there goals in an ambitious way, similar to you.

For those who’re wondering, I believe he is using Khan & Power Can Corrupt, however I am not entirely sure.


Great testimonial, @i_am!

Congratulations and wish you much more of the same!


Awesome stuff! Love
reading these.


way to go, you beast!


Thank you all for the support :grin: :grin: :grin:

I ran Emperor (and a little PS) from the start of my SC journey up until two weeks before my start date. I believe that had a tremendous impact on this whole situation.

I had stopped this stack for a little while. Actually dropped PCC about 2 months ago and Khan about a month ago. Since then I’ve been monkeying around trying to plan my custom and did a washout. Ran a little bit of Stark as well. I am taking a deep hard look of what my actual goals and needs are. I am taking the time to read the sales copy of each program to see if it aligns with me. Some programs, like Stark, which sounded cool did not resonate with me after reading their sales copy. The goals of these subs were not my goals. Will be running standard subs in the meantime until I’m absolutely 110% sure of my custom. I think Emperor, Emperor: HOM, + Survival Instinct would fit my situation very well. Primal Seduction and Alchemist are possible but don’t want to run more than 3 standards at a time.


what would you say you got overall from PCC?
Did you notice any particular value outside of avoiding manipulation/being taken advantage of?

Similar to my current stack as of this week-except Emperor is Terminus, HOM will be in custom with PPC and Minds Eye by next week, and I’ll leave survival instinct solo for now.


I was running 1 loop for 1-2 months. I’d say it was impossible to bullshit me. I just knew everyone’s intentions immediately and saw through the veils. Beyond that, I’m sure it increased social status and value in conjunction with that, but I was running Khan too so it’s hard to exactly pinpoint which program was doing what. (It was also months ago and I didn’t really journal for awhile back then so my memory is a little shoddy). I will note that it did cause me a significant amount of reconciliation while added. Which is fine cause that’s how I know it was doing some work.