Talking about Reconciliation


I have a pretty broad definition of reconciliation.

I think of it as all changes and experiences–positive and negative, pleasant and unpleasant–that occur as you’re transitioning to a new way of being.

The word literally means the process of adjusting things so that agreement, or harmony, is re-established.

Agreement with what? With the new condition you are working to attain.

If I lift weights after a long period of inactivity, one change that will happen is that I’ll feel the pain and soreness of ripped and damaged muscle tissue for the next few days. That is reconciliation. Another change that will happen is that my body will grow stronger, denser, and bigger muscle tissue. That is also reconciliation.

Reconciliation is neither bad nor good. It’s change.

If I use crap training methods, then my reconciliation may involve damage. That’s not ‘because of reconciliation’, is because of the training methods I’m using. If I adjust them to be more effective, safer, healthier, etc., my reconciliation process will also be beneficial.

So, I think that rather than worrying about reconciliation itself, it makes sense to identify specific practices or details that might be throwing things off, and then adjust them.

But I might be missing something here or may be wrong about some of it. So, I’m typing it here.

So far, my own reconciliation experiences have felt kind of organic. I don’t mean comfortable. But it tends to be stuff like feeling confused or getting frustrated about a particular situation or question in my life.

I don’t tend to get (or I haven’t noticed) the purely physical reconciliation experiences. It’ll be more like a mood or a state of mind.

Also, the experiences I get are pretty similar to other experiences I’ve had that were not related to subliminal use. So they don’t seem very dramatic, in that sense.

I wonder if this is because I’ve been working on and dealing with crap for so many years.

Anyway, what’s your experience and what do you think :thinking: ?

What about running Regeneration and EmpQ as a stack?

I get 5 kinds of reconciliation

  1. I get reconciliation from not acting in alignment with the subs, this feels like frustration, anger, wanting to switch subs, uncertainty, self doubt, judgement

  2. Healing reconciliation, this feels like old traumas processing, deeply questing myself, sometimes latent anxiety, sadness or upset coming up and being processed-not personal

  3. Friction in my life for the new person I am becoming-being in situations, relationships, or work where who I am is no longer compatible with what I previously created. This reconciliation shows up if I don’t act to remove, deal with, or resolve that discrepancy, and it shows up as self judgement, feeling like a victim, thinking-if only this…then this-but I can’t do anything about it, or feeling like nothing has changed and I’m tricking myself.

  4. Over listening- this is the worst for me-can be anything from tiredness to headaches to feels like my worlds is falling apart, I’m disintegrating, like a bad trip on drugs-or my energy becomes insane and I can’t calm down-

  5. Simply adjusting to my new world views, this is like a small sense of loss for the world I let go of, even though that’s what I want, and a sense of safety in staying as things are, an unwillingness to move forward, this is remedied by consciously letting go, and knowing nothing of real value or that I truly care about will be lost