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I suggest we have a talk about anything thread keep in mind we still have to align ourselves with the forum rules.

@DarkPhilosopher can you please endorse this ?. Once we have the stamp of approval this thread will be activated.

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Sorry for being tardy. Messy weekend.

Sure, it’s a good idea. Keep in mind there are some topics that will likely inflame things too much. I will have no choice but to cut those short. So do not consider this a thread to discuss how important Beyond Limitless is, okay?

Other than that, as far as I am concerned, let’s see what happens.


People will read the title and pick from the list of topics which have already gotten a lot of flak. :stuck_out_tongue:


You all heard the ambassador. PLEASE refrain from discussing topics that are already discussed in other threads.

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I think you scared them off. :wink:

Well, we’re waiting.


Am I the only one that can remember very specific instances of past events? I’m talking about things that happen 12 years ago. Like I can remember exactly what I was doing before a major exam. The book I was using to prepare for it.


I lose everything beyond 5 years back, as if my brain is making room for new stuff. The traits and values I got from it are still there, and I get flashes, like still photographs every now and then, but little more. I’m actually quite curious what my youth was like. From all the stories people told me, it was quite the adventure.


Been taking a supplement called Lions Mane it has the weird effect of making me remember stuff from my childhood in vivid detail.


I noticed after taking MCT oil I can process much better and more fatigue…
I also have electrolyte drinks that made a huge difference…
From barely able to handle one loop I did two comfortable yesterday…
Anything else that helps u guys with processing faster? supplements?minerals?


When do you take yiur MCT ? before bed ?


I took yesterday late afternoon…
And today early morning…


Me too, some experiences are clear as day. It’s not just the ones that had a huge impact either. Some of it is the most mundane stuff.


So can you remember all the contents of the book?


What? You don’t remember anything that happened more than 5 years ago? Your childhood? School?


Nope. I just get flashes here and there of significant moments, and those are getting less as well. It gets strange sometimes.

For example, I don’t quite know when and how my time in High School ended. If I try hard, I am aware of being in High School and I am aware of my first job, but not what is in between. I know I played Napoleon during my last year at Elementary School (and what the play was about) but not what I looked like or anything else.

I know the different cities that I am supposed to have lived in, but don’t recall any actual memories. I have a memory of a Hep B scare in a shelter, some flashes of my time living on the streets, but nothing contiguous.

I think I’ve practiced several martial arts. I’ve also had military training. These things are evident not in memories, but in the way I act, high amount of situational awareness, always ready to pounce and quite effective when attacked (having dog tags confirms it). And apparently not scared of firearms at all. I’m like Jason Bourne in more ways than one.

Sometimes discovering myself is fun.

I have many theories of course. I may not remember my past, but I can often remind a person about something they said months ago word for word, a skill usually reserved for women. I also have a very high threshold for subliminals, making them harder to get through, but also making reconciliation nearly non-existent. My mind is always on overdrive, to reach a state of complete calm, it often takes doing three things simultaneously. My memory within the approximately 5 year-span is selectively eidetic. If it is relevant or interesting, I can absorb it like a sponge and recall it easily. If it is not, it takes a long time to memorize.

Even my experiments with psychedelics have proven to be rather odd.

It also explains why I am interested in subliminals. I keep telling Saint what a unique testing-specimen I make and challenge him and Fire to create a sub that truly is able to knock me on my backside.


I don’t remember much either, even 5 years is too long. 2-3 maybe. I mostly live in the future.

Childhood, teenage, early career, all are just a bunch of still images and a few gifs.
Most of my memory is logically put together around few important dates and the most likely chain of events connecting them.

And if I actually start narrating, obvious flaws are bound to show up in that story. :smile:

I don’t have such gaps of complete amnesia. If I spent much time somewhere, I know I did that.
It’s just that I don’t remember any details - only 1 or 2 blurry pictures - that get activated if someone brings up those times.


Certain events from 20 years ago I remember like they happened yesterday.


***** Coming Soon The Jason Bourne Module ****************

DarkPhilosopher sits cross legged on the beach calm and relaxed. His eyes closed humming the sanscript words "Sahasrara” “Sahasrara””.


Saint and Fire watch silently from the cliffs.
Saint “Is he ready”
Fire turns to Saint and gives him a knowing smile.


I was going to make the Jason Bourne joke, but there it was already there lol

Do you have people present currently, from your past who are still around, who can fill in the gaps?


Mr. Adder makes it sound like they’ve been running the super-secret experimental on me without my knowledge. Talk about blind testing. Maybe I should have a talk with 'm.

It was kind of a dark past and most people that could tell me are plain evil and to be avoided at all reasonable costs, or very accomplished liars that prefer making themselves appear innocent over the truth. I have pieced together bits and pieces. Apparently I spent a short time living in Paris. I think that was before The Incident. :wink: