Tales from the Subliminal Laboratory

This thread is to discuss SC modules and experiment with how the different modules interact with each other. What cores work best for you and share theories

I invite the intelligent members of the forum to share their insights like @CyberSec @RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher @Malkuth @Lineer2 @lrw @Floridianninja @Invictus @Simon @bombayduck


@Theacrobat i am curious about your physical changes and what modules have you experimented with ?

I may have breakthrough to share with you which could help.

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I am pleased to be invited here. I want to say that without a doubt my favorite modules so far have to go to Physical Shifter - Sexiness and Technological Prodigy. Physical Shifter - Sexiness (Even though it didn’t make me lose weight) changes the structure of my face to be more physically appealing (More hunteresque eyes, more chiseled jawline, better hair even though I got a buzzcut) but one thing I feel like people should definitely do to maximize their results is 1) Conscious Guidance when listening to the sub and 2) Trying to improve the part you want to look more physically attractive while using the module. For example, some thing I’ve done:

  • Wanted a more chiseled jawline so I used something called Chisell (Basically a workout for your jaw) which improve it even more while using the module.

  • Wanted a sexier face so I got a beard trim and redone my diet to maximize brain benefits and possibly to increase testosterone

  • This one is kind of obvious but I wanted a more attractive body (My shoulders and back we’re lacking) so I trained them more which made them grow bigger much faster and much more appealing with the module.

Now let’s talk about Technological Prodigy:

  • Same concept as Physical Shifter - Sexiness, I really wanted to learn and master VM and Cyber Threat Intelligence for my current job so I made a plan on what programs, books and trainings I should do, do them and also understand and be able to use them in the real world and thinking of possibly things to do. For example, stopping a well know Instagram phishing attack that is targeting a lot of people in my province that would get back some people accounts and potentially slown down the rate of attack the attacker is doing (Didn’t go through with it though because I didn’t see any benefit for me with doing so).

One thing to mentioned is I’m still really young turning 20 next week so physical shifter results come really fast for me.

  • Cores that work best for me: Stark and Wanted

  • They server completely different purposes and I use them depending on my goal. Stark turns me into a social magnate with charima and intelligence (Amplified in my custom). I also contribute it to a big part for the reason I got my Cyber Security position even thought being a newbie in the field (Mostly only Cloud, Coding and IT experience).

  • Wanted, now if you know me for sometime in the forum you know I had some challenges with Wanted (Which oddly have been mostly fixed when stacking with custom, I will mention my theory to why after this post). Wanted was the sub for me for Seduction (I’ve tried other seduction subs and nothing compares to it). Not only does it’s physical shifting have a faster and really good effect on me making me sexier by the day but it also makes it much easier to attract and approach girls (Like that time when I made out with 4 girls in Punta Cana after have a dry spell of not even hugging a girl for a year) and no it was my social skills. My social skills in Punta Cana we’re worse then the Dream Kid (Search him up it’s hilarious). It’s the first time in my life in Punta Cana that I approached 8/10 and 9/10 girls in clubs and pool parties and had girls approach me to make out! (This never happened to me in my 19 years of existence aha).


I too would like to know the opinion of @bombayduck, the most intelligent member of our community.


Now on to the WANTED theory and why I dropped it a month ago even though it gave me the best seduction related results. I faced a lot of challenges and here’s just some of them:

  • Being lazy and unproductive even thought I wanted to be productive but couldn’t let myself do it.

  • Being shy or more introverted in times where I should be social and extroverted

  • Feeling dumb when trying to solve a technical issue for a customer even though the answer is simple once I realize what it is.

  • The biggest reason why I dropped it: Guys would constantly shit test me, making me feel like shit, useless and like I’m a waste of breath air. Some even tried to be overly apha in that they kept trying to keep me away from a girl their trying to hook up with who hooked up with me the day before:() Main reason I dropped it is because it was impacting my social interactions in my professional life making it harder to go threw the day (One thing to note I did Wanted once during in interview and I didn’t get an offer but honestly I’m thankful for that happening since I got the Cyber Security job I wanted instead).

Now you might be wondering so why am I experimenting with it now even with these challenges and how did my challenges with it get fixed (This might get changed, keep in mind I just started experimenting with it this week). I wanted to see what would happen if I ran it with my Stark custom, here’s the modules I have in it (I already was getting amazing results with this custom but I want to add some sauce and upgrade my dating life as well):

Stark Core
Physical Shifter - Sexiness
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Technological Prodigy
Productivity Unleashed
Machine: Action
The Streams
Submodel Alpha
Carpe Diem Ascended
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Ethereal Presence
Earthshaker - Sexuality
Sexual Manifestation
Financial Success Reality Shifter

With this custom, weirdly all my challenges have become the opposites. For example:

  • I’m more productive and more energetic even though I slept 6 hours for the past 2 days (I try to sleep for 8 hours at least but I couldn’t these two days).

  • I can weirdly understand and memorize thing even more when adding Wanted and my diet has stayed more healthy then ever.

  • Physical Shifting results are coming even faster, I looked at my face and body today and I was damn impressed with how my face is changing and my body (More chiseled, more magnetic eyes, etc.)

  • Now this the oddest result, people reply to my stories more (6 people compared to maybe 1 that would reply to my stories on Instagram once a month), people compliment and try to please me more and smile a lot more (I mentioned this to some people yesterday when I went to a gym and people we’re overly nice and friendly with me). Only weird issue, is both guys and girls are being more sexual with me, I’m straight so this was like a umm okay moment. Also people want to hang out with me more but I usually just keep a close circle with me and that’s all.

  • My voice got deeper and my words seem to have a bigger impact (More influential and persuasive). I’m not introverted anymore but I’m not overly extroverted (I’m like a social mysterious person if that makes sense, I say things that I want to say and shut up when is needed or when it’s good for me).

Now why and how are those challenges fixed? (Theory):

To be honest, I feel like it’s related to one of the modules I have in my custom just not sure which one (Definitely not Stark because I added Stark when I was running Wanted in Punta Cana and had the same exact challenges) but I feel like it might be because I wasn’t ready for Wanted yet. I had some traumas and goals I had to complete first before I used it which I healed from and did all the goals I needed to complete. Now that I’m running Wanted and my Stark custom in an environment where my social life is leveling up (I’m going out almost every week and doing interesting stuff like a helicopter ride, raves, clubs, gatherings, etc.) and my career is leveling up as well and my fitness is as well. Makes Wanted work at it’s best. Again this is just a theory but I guess we will see as time goes on.


Who’s @bombayduck? :joy:

Had QL st4 and Gaming mastery in a custome

They were the most effective cores/modules for me as it helped me become was faster at learning gaming and playing very well in matches.

Male enhancement worked for me too and it’s even changed my baseline size currently
(so from small > small/med > med size) when first starting now my baseline is (small/med > med> med/slightly large) without running the module.

These are just insights into a few modules I ran and I will update here more later on other modules/main line subs


I have Dragon Tongue and Eagle Eye with my PCC/Ascension for women custom. It’s really great to have all that information about the people I am dealing with, and be able to process it either immediately or within a few seconds and be able to communicate perfectly with them.

I also use Mind’s Eye for 3 minutes a few times a week at the end of my stack. Sometimes I even see images in my mind and all I have to do is describe what I’m seeing to the people I’m talking to.

Now pay me :money_with_wings: :moneybag: :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: I accept Paypal. lol


I haven’t experimented with modules.

I run almost 4 months of Wanted QV2 and i have run Wanted ZP for 2, 1/2 weeks.

It stopped abnormal hairfall.
I’ve maintained my weight despite eating junk and not going to gym.
My eyesight improved a little bit.
Morning wood are more frequent.
My face skin is better.


@CyberSec fantastic insights i have long forgotten the

Physical Shifter - Sexiness

Gonna build a custom and add this in.

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I am currently waiting for my Spartan custom with Physical Shifter - Sexiness. So far I am very pleased with Spartan’s adding muscles.


If you ever feel like you don’t get enough sleep at night due to not having enough time in the day, then use Deep sleep + Khronos Key and thank me later :wink:



@RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher Can I please have my username changed to bombayduck so that I could be included in DarkAvenger’s club? Thanks in advance.


BombayDuck Rises !!!

@RVconsultant please assist.

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Saint and fire should consider a module pack called BombayDuck


@Theacrobat i am flicking through my journal of experiments some interesting observations.

“When running the emperor core with APS head and facial morphism. A stiffness in the jaw was felt hours after listening”


I will be carrying out some more research on customs and dabbling with new modules to see their effects. Watch this space ! :slight_smile:


You are the legendary Bombay Duck :slight_smile:


I can contribute with my experience with the Fusion Optimized module.

This module leads me to change my diet even more. Navigated me to learning material and also for better food choices.
I can not say much about the intaking of energy, because in general, I am very bad at observing things from subs.
I only see changes if they are more blatant.