The Evolution - Wanted Stark Custom

First results are here;) (Might or might not report the other results I get as time goes on):


Experimenting with my new custom, will see how it goes here’s the modules:

Stark Core
Wanted Core
Lifeblood Fable
Technological Prodigy
Productivity Unleashed
Machine: Action
The Streams
Submodel Alpha
Carpe Diem Ascended
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Deep Sleep
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Ethereal Presence
Gorgeous Manifestor
Sexual Manifestation
Financial Success Reality Shifter


Some thing to report from the Stark custom + WANTED before I had them in one custom. They make people come to me like crazy. Like today at the gym people that knew me kept talking with me and wanting to make plans with me to have fun even thought I talked with one of the guys at the gym and he seemed kind of mad when I disagreed with one of his viewpoints (This one thing I noticed I’m much more honest if I’m the right or wrong or if I have a opinion that other people might see as controversial, I stand my ground and don’t change it). Uber drivers was super nice and friendly with me as well. My shoulders blew up (This was one of my goals) and it seems I’ve had some kind of increase in testosterone as well from WANTED. Nothing to report on the seduction side of things but that’s because I haven’t approach or talked to any girls yet except at work.

@enigma12 @Matalexander305 @DarkAvenger @GoldenTiger @bombayduck a little sneak peak for you guys about what’s happening with me;)


I like the idea of just having s stark custom and wanted separate. It gives me nore flexibility. As to when i want to run one or the other.

Nice to hear how you are getting on so far :slight_smile:

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