Superiority Complex and how it affects manifestation

What is a Superiority Complex?

A superiority complex is a behavior that suggests a person believes they’re somehow superior to others.

It is often very easy to identify someone who has a superiority complex because it will leak into everything they do (interactions with others, interests, expressed perspectives, opinions, language, etc).

It is a defense mechanism that develops over time to help a person cope with feelings of inferiority.

Superiority is purely a method of defense.

In order to protect oneself from what makes one feel inferior, the mind overcompensates until it creates a superiority complex.

It’s pretty much a false and inflated shield that covers the true self.

When a castle is under attack, everyone is in fear.
The king of the castle orders his men to build a giant wall around the castle.
That giant wall = superiority complex.

It’s difficult to just let go of it for many individuals because the very fabric of their self esteem and identity rests on it. They have a deep and terrifying fear of letting that belief system go. It would shatter their universe and the foundation of everything they know.

As someone who is obsessed with growth, some part of me often admires these individuals because of the challenge they’ve created for themselves.

How does having a Superiority Complex affect manifestation?

Let me start off by saying, Growth is about Expansion.
It’s about congruently accepting the true nature of your power and limitlessness.
It’s about acknowledging your connection to everything in the universe and letting go of fear.

These are expanded concepts.

This type of expansion of the mind/self/awareness is what allows you to further tap into the true extent of your manifestation abilities.

The subliminal technology can only go so far.

What’s really driving the force and magnificence of your manifestations is You.
Your expandedness is like your battery power level.

The more expanded you are, the more battery power you have and the more crazy your manifestations will be.

Hopefully this is making sense, lol.

My definition of expandedness can also be used interchangeably with mainstream spirituality term “Vibration” for those familiar with it. It’s not just positive emotional states, I’m talking about congruent belief systems related to your infiniteness and limitlessness. Positive emotional states just so happen to naturally express when you perceive through those expanded belief systems.

What is the opposite of expanded?


If you have a contracted and limited perception of yourself and world then you won’t have as much battery power. It’s like a block in your manifesting power and you won’t be able to tap into the full extent of your power.

Something like a superiority complex which is based around false fear, is a limiting and contracted concept.

These ZP subliminals are going to decimate people that have superiority complexes.

A superiority complex is 100% of the time going to be a block to things such as

  • total financial abundance and freedom.
  • absolute romantic and sexual freedom.
  • fulfilling relationships

These things exist on an expanded level.

For example, when it comes to success with women…
The most important thing is your congruent self-worth in relation to women.
You have to congruently be worthy of them. That means accepting yourself, loving yourself etc.

Notice that I bolded the word “congruently”.
I’m talking about the true self, that the superiority complex is protecting.
The self-worth that the superiority complex has, is fake and exaggerated…
It has about as much depth to it as a metal plate, as it has only one purpose which is to protect.
That’s the thing with people who have superiority complexes…
Because their inner self is so closed off and protected…
Others don’t get to see those beautiful parts.
There’s no real deep character or personality, it’s just the same typical superiority stuff again and again lol.

In order for one to become a congruently secure, powerful, badass etc in high status environments…
Any fear-based protective measures that are being clung on to since childhood, will simply be shattered in half along the way.

When people with superiority complexes use subs like Emperor, Khan, Wanted, PSZP, etc.
There will be a high probability of not sticking consistently to the sub, depending on how entrenched they are in their superiority complex.

There will be a high probably of blaming the subliminal technology or pointing out a flaw in the subliminal.

This is because they rather cling on to the fear rather than let go of it and get all the amazing results such as:

  • total financial abundance and freedom
  • absolute romantic and sexual freedom
  • fulfilling relationships
  • limitless intelligence

The fear is so strong, that they convince themselves to get off the sub through various forms of logic.
Anything to get off the path leading to inevitable shatter…

The sad part is if they don’t address their superiority complex, they’re only depriving themselves.
Because they of how they feel inferior inside, they won’t really attract amazing things into their lives because on a subconscious level they believe that they don’t deserve them.

Inferiority is on the same lower levels of self hate, unworthiness, etc.

All of the main Alpha titles here automatically turn you into a highly respectable man with powerful leadership skills (high EQ, high sociability, etc.)

There is no person in the world living the awesome, high status, respected Alpha adventure life full of beautiful women who has a superiority complex.

There will be people with high status who have that, but they won’t truly be Alpha and their reality will reflect a realm of insecurity. They will have a draining effect on others rather than one of elevation. The people around them will be fake and there won’t be any healthy or fulfilling relationships. They’ll live an existence of misery but that’s the choice they make.

It really puts into perspective of how people allow fear to take over their life.

Interesting, lol


I mean it is as you said. It’s merely a facade to hide a scared little boy.

However, those among us that actually have an overwhelming sense of self might also be perceived as having some sort of superiority complex by the uninitiated, or atleast those who are not wise… enough.

For example, if a student asks a master a stupid question, the master may ignore him or even say something like “Silence, boy”, this can be perceived as the utmost arrogance, but in fact, the master is merely protecting his energy. The master knows that he does not owe the boy anything, hence, he must adhere to HIS rules. Which means, if the student demonstrates a level of immaturity, he is liable to chastisement, which will not only be beneficial to the student in the long term, but also enforce the Master’s power and authority, which absolutely must be respected. I’m afraid, this is the true way of this world.

So yeah, onto the point. People that try to front, just wish to portray something that they are not for a myriad of reasons, there’s nothing much you can do about such, better to ignore them, only something harsh can awaken them. Or rather, you should only use harsh means with such people, to wake them up to reality… as that would be most proper.

But don’t forget that vice versa.

Far more important, lol.

I agree with everything you’re saying, but you haven’t gone in depth enough with the nature of the perception. Doing so reveals a key point.

  1. That scenario being perceived as “utmost arrogance” depends on the environment and belief systems of the perceiver.

If the master whipped out a belt and started striking the student, then that would be standard and even honorable behavior in some cultures/time periods not too long ago… In others, it would be perceived as unacceptable.

  1. Probability.

In the first thing I quoted in this post, I believe that you are tremendously underestimating the rarity of the “uninitiated” (belief systems) and overestimating the inaccurate perceiving of superiority complex in general.

I would reckon that the accuracy of perceiving superiority complex in an individual would be very high.
It’s often easily identified because the nature of the superiority complex is toxic and conflicting by nature… that is what fuels the realization. Even people with less than average introspective intelligence seem to have no problem in accurately identifying this.

The vice versa that I posed is more important because it’s more likely - in my opinion.

You are saying, since there are a lot of uninitiated, I should go “easier” on them?
The fact of the matter is, I do. That is, if I do see potential in them, which is basically receptivity to constructive feedback. Otherwise it’s a waste of time. One must have the utmost self respect to refuse catering to imbeciles. Why should you not cater to such people? Because it’s a waste of time, hence, a means of self disrespect.

You mean people’s ability to tell bs apart from the real deal?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure people are innately good at detecting the real deal and what not, but they will pretend something else because of insecurities, limiting beliefs, and what not.

You talk about self respect and in that same breath refer to people with different belief systems as “imbeciles”.

That statement you just made is an incredibly strong indicator of incongruence.

When you have real self respect, you don’t view others in such a judgmental manner.
Your pride, self worth, self love and self-confidence will reflect outwards in light of other people.

This black and white dynamic where you can have those internal fulfillments yet outwardly project the complete opposite is a result of incongruence on a subconscious level.

It’s actually extremely common and I had to learn that myself, lol.

A good example of this would be:

People that preach positivity and enlightenment yet when they encounter people who they perceive as “negative” or not “woke”, they operate from a frame of “ew, get the f*** away from me, I only want positive people around me” not realizing that they are attracting people that are congruently in alignment with them, lol.

This is what shadow work is all about and it’s not easy.

Keep growing buddy… try not to get banned lol.


This makes sense. How do we correct this ?
Running Emperor for example for a long time?

God, Himself, in The Quran, (yes, I am aware, that you may not be a Muslim and thus not believe in the Quran) has referred to certain types of people as “dogs” & “cattle”, due to their blameworthy characteristics. Not just the Quran. Also the bible.

Pretty sure the one who needs to work on their shadow is you, buddy, do you know why? Because you mistake someone else’s “aggression” or “harshness” as some sort of lack within them. Which is mere projection, from your side.

I can assure you, there is no one on this entire forum who has “integrated” their “shadow” more than me, as I am a primary/factor 1 Psychopath.

I don’t need to be passive aggressive to someone, I will spit right on their face, in broad daylight, in front of everyone. And not regret it, because I consciously chose such a course of action. How is this someone that needs to work on their shadow? I openly accept my “dark side” to such a degree, that I proclaim it publicly, like I am right now. In this, we find, that it is indeed you who has “not worked on his shadow”, and are projecting at me because you feel inadequate to me. It is your attempt to gauge the distance between us, to see, if I truly am what I seem to be.

Anyway, someone, who refuses to work on themselves, is indeed an imbecile, as he is wasting his potential. That is a fact. You were birthed into this world, just to be a disgrace to your bloodline? (Not talking about Luther)

Of course, this comes down to different mindsets. My mindset is far stronger, and hence, more aggressive in labeling and categorizing the world, therefore, more results.

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So aggression from alpha titles is accepted and to be harnessed?

When you refer to people who don’t align with your beliefs as “imbeciles”, I don’t see that as “aggression” or “harshness” lol.

I was pointing out how that very expression can’t be created without a certain type of belief system and that belief system would be contradictory to the belief system that you consciously claim to operate with.

It’s not my opinion or projection, it’s literally how belief systems work lol.
What you think is projection, is nothing more than a technical observation.

That’s just from my own experience and I’m so sure of it, that I would bet a trillion dollars that I was correct, lol.

Anyways, there’s no point in continuing the discussion so I’m ending it.

You can disagree with me if you want but if you’re really as into personal development as you say you are, then it’s going to be inevitable. I honestly think it’s going to take you a couple years because of those walls you put up, but who knows. I’m optimistic for you.

Just recently mentioned that I realised the reason for my sub hopping was the pain I was trying to avoid.
I rationalised for myself that I am “trying to find the right sub” when in reality I was avoiding the ZP Core script to an extent which shows me my bs.

Here’s another idea you can potentially tap into:
The spiritual ego.

I see many guys (and I was there myself (maybe still am)) when they discover spirituality (and I don’t mean religion) that they develop this ego because THEY KNOW how reality works. THEY KNOW what to do with life, etc.
This is then when you have people like Hermit that tell you that subs don’t work anyway, you just need to find “your true self.”

Only when you can accept that not everyone is at the same stage in their development, AND that people absolutely HATE when you try to school them, can you let go of the spiritual ego and accept reality for what it is.
You have your beliefs, you help people IF THEY ASK YOU, but other than that, everyone’s on their path.

This FREES a lot of energy, resentment, desire, and low vibe emotions.

You can finally let go, forgive everyone (including your woman and WOMEN at large) and THIS IS the next step when you finally will have huge success with them (and anyone, including things like money).

Letting go means to forgive.
Forgiving means to accepting yourself.
Because the flaws you see in others are but a projection of what you deny about yourself.

Once I accepted where I am, that I don’t know everything, and trying to rule people, was part of me trying to avoid going deeper, that is when I found peace.

As it is said, “Anyone who wants to rule is not fit to rule.”


Actually this is true. I noticed since I dived into self-improvement stuffs, reading and medical school.

I developed one that sense of superiority (I know better than my folks) right now am regretting because it has affected my relationship with men and women. Things like This girl is below my league or not my type, why should I talk to him when he doesn’t know as much as I knew. Things like that.

All this is due this deep insecurities within me that am still withholding. It leads me to start running Regeneration Zp.

Right now I wouldn’t say am healed fully because I still haven’t loosened up in my relationship with people. I still feel some sense of resistance

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This is exactly the way i felt on Emperor!

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I thought about that one but I left it alone because I felt like it won’t be related with as much.
I haven’t seen much of spiritual ego here, but then again I hardly read the forum these days lol

I’d like to see you tap into that one.
A lot of great minds and deep thinkers here lol

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I was going to make a response to your points but then I realized as I was going to finish it that it’s rather counterproductive. You perceive criticism from others as a sign of your inflated self-worth, which would paradoxically make you feel more correct in how you perceive yourself. I would just say that if you have indeed integrated your shadow, that you would not be resistant to the idea of running Dragon Reborn or any healing title for that matter for an extended period of time.

If you are a Muslim, then I am sure this line would be helpful to you.

Quran 31:18 - And turn not your face away from men with pride, nor walk in insolence through the earth. Verily, God likes not each arrogant boaster.


I am running Dragon reborn, actually. And will continue to do so for another month.

Ah no, that would mean that I am deluded, I am no such thing. I perceive the criticism of others as I do because that’s what it indeed is. Flawed. Lacking in broadness. If I started applying the criticisms of others, if it was not helpful for me… wouldn’t you agree that such a thing would be the most foolish of things to do? Yes, right?

Maybe, just maybe Mourn knows who he is, and is indeed open to constructive criticism, if it was actually, indeed, helpful to him.

I’m hardly boasting though. Luther keeps throwing shade at me, so I feel as if I need to strike back. Not out of pride, merely to stand strong. So there’s a difference.

Sounds like a pretty reasonable choice.

Indeed, you may be right! I speak only from my own perception of you, which may be flawed and limited.

I see a contradiction. Does Allah not say:-

7 Quran 25:63 - And the slaves of God are those who walk on the earth in humility and calmness, and when the foolish address them (with bad words) they reply back with mild words of gentleness.

Forgive me for seeing you this way but very few people here would say you act in a way that is humble. Of one who speaks with kind words, who perceive the goodness in others and treats others with kindness.

I mean… I certainly TRY to. For example, @Voytek was considerably rude to me just now, but I gave him a “gentle” and sort of comedic response:

Thank you for your concern, I guess. I’ll continue to try and be as gentle as I can, for the sake of Allah, as my core disposition is one that is of force. And as a consequence for having said core of force, it is inevitable that people may be intimidated by me…

it is my nature…

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What I speak of at it’s core is more of a trait, rather than an action. A trait of not perceiving others to be ‘lower’ than you (“imbeciles”, “disgrace”, etc). I believe it would be hard for anyone to say that your response came from a place of humility, as your response to them has shown undercurrents of superiority. That’s something we all have to work on.

You can be someone who has ‘force’ as their core and I genuinely respect that. I don’t know if what you’re saying is true, if you really are that accomplished but I’ll trust you on that. I believe that if you were to have virtues as a genuine part of your core, you would be remembered in the history books for thousands of years. You would be loved, inspirational and admired for generations. That to me sounds like the ultimate achievement in this life :wink:

I don’t care to be remembered though, such things are useless, in my opinion.

What I do care about, is having the CAPACITY to BE remembered. Having the ability to achieve true glory but not indulging in such… out of “purity”.

Actually, that’s because THEY have a character flaw. It is them that have assumed wrong about ME. I’m just passing a remark, if they want to be assumptious, it isn’t my problem. I think you would find to agree that this is better, to be so carefree, regarding all of the hey say of the people.

I just hit the mark, dude.

I want to help you :heart_eyes: