StarkQ & Khan Stage 4

Has anyone ran this in a custom or just together? Can anyone tell me their experiences with them mixed?


I do remember that @GoldenTiger did it and it was working well for him.

But then he overkilled it by first switching to Stark Terminus, and later by building a Custom with Emperor as the third core.

It was the Wild West of Q Days. :smile:

[Links point to his Journals. Read them. Don’t trust my memory.] :+1:t2:


Yeah, it’s not one custom, it’s actually two. They are cool, you can get the “fame” effect which amplify Khan and it gives a “smartness” side to Khan, but you still get the sexual dominance and don’t give a shit attitude and social… It’s nice!

So you become a hyper social version of Stark.


Sounds like a great college stack


Did it kill your productivity with work and such?

Personally wouldn’t stack these together as they present two conflicting archetypes. I would do Stark OR Khan + modules which fill in perceived shortcomings/desires. E.g. Khan + fame module or Stark + dominance module.



Did you actually stack those two subliminal programs (Stark and Khan) or just listened to them in one custom? Please, kindly answer my question. Thank you. :slight_smile:

It’ khan in one custom and stark in another custom. Those customs were stacked. (@GoldenTiger correct me if I’m off)

He originally had Emperor, Stark, and Khan in one custom and that didn’t work out :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’m thinking about my dominant archetype, my current life situation, goals and the archetypes which need more development and it brings me to think Emperor would be the best sub to run right now. Especially if Khan and Stark don’t get along well. But waiting for @GoldenTiger anyway.


I have them in 2 customs separately with other things. Ran them before also one in custom one separate. As 2 separate major titles also but of course, this way with 2 name-embeds is best IMO (in one single one is okay too). If you add em to two separate ones I suggest Mosaic to make it even better.

It’s great. But make sure you first run Khan st1, 2, and 3 for a month each. Otherwise you may go through really uncomfortable thing or have a crazy sense of “I gotta take action I gotta do this let’s go let’s conquer” but no opinion of what you want to get what you want to conquer. I feel with Khan each stage builds up on previous one extremely well (perhaps with the rest it’s the same, but Khan was my first multistager and I tried skipping stages :P)

Why is it great? Dominance of Khan + genius and magnetism of Stark is really fun I love it, and it goes together better than Khan+Emperor, much better.


khan stage 4 and Stark will work think Smart Hulk


Yep, two custom, like Azriel said, my original was Khan Stark and Emperor but it was too heavy for me. So I jumped on a Stark custom. Recently I jumped on a Khan custom, but I played one of my Stark custom with it. That’s how I got my effect. I also ran a couple of loops of my original custom, but I can’t tell for sure what is doing what because I am mixing so much stuff :wink:


It might be more value and cost effective to buy Khan rather then build a custom around Khan as you get all the stages.

I’ve been running both for a while now. I’m on and off with Stark as I need more dominance and more of the alpha feel from Khan which is more of a priority but it’s going great. I’m still trying to find that perfect way to stack things together.

My reasons for using both have been the same as mentioned by others - Stark is incredible with the creativity and fame etc but I felt a lack of masculine alpha energy for what I’m craving plus I wanted the sexual energy of Khan for sure.

It’s dense for me but results come from the action for sure. When I was taking more action with Stark I’d get great results and same with Khan. Just got to find what works for you.

Might vary for you however.

@Varuna (I know you’re interested in this) @Floridianninja


I have Stark and Khan st4 in a t2 strength custom. I had it stacked in a really dense stack before which I believe caused me to stall and get massive reconciliation. I’m running it again now but I only play it once a week. I’ve been really productive lately. Making steady yet definite progress on a multitude of creative works


Problem is when stacking khan stage 4 with Stark I am getting way to horny !!! the dominance is kicking in but at the expense of wanting to have sex more.

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Does anyone here have a Custom with Stark alongside Alpha modules or Cores?

You must stick with it and clarify for yourself what matters to you and persist until the sub aligns with what You want.

EDIT: Also @DarkAvenger if you havent done ST2 and ST3 do a month of each I suggest
when I didn’t it felt like I was full of energy but confused as what action to take

You seem fine but for me it was the case when I jumped to ST4. not sure if you’ve done the previous stages already but may want to consider that.

I hope you enjoy it very much. it’s worth the investment 100%

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That’s when you are generating sexual energy :wink: Gotta run libertine in those time!