Star-Q Into the sky - WhiteTiger's feels about StarkQ


Ok so I started StarkQ when it got out…

The first day, I felt a lot of anger… like I was so close to explode at my coworker or my clients. I was feeling tierd of people disrespecting me and shoving me their frame into my face! At the phone, I was more assertive with clients, correcting them every time making sure they were following me.

I was a lot less stressed about what clients were thinking about me. Today was also similar, but lot less anger… I was wayy more calm… and also more cocky/funny with my coworkers.

Last night I had a dream where my appartment bloc would collapse because of a debrit falling from the sky crashing into it… and I was in my bed when that happened… so wierd!

I don’t know yet how I feel, but after two days I can say that I am more talkative with people, might feel some reconciliation. Tonight I feel really tired, usually I play piano, but I just feel like napping on the couch and eating junk food…


Today my father told me we are going to meet someone who is a real estate investor :muscle:

Inner circle working full strength, she’s been doing it for years and is helping people doing it too! Yeah!

Also, since yesterday I have a couple of cute online match I started talking to! Seem we are now speaking with voice messages which is nice!


That happened to me on the first day. Had to let people know it,s not ok to be messed with. I think shark q has a lot of power can currupt in it.


Yeah, there is something in it, and it is strong! :muscle:


how is it going for you now?



I’ve been absent for the past week, was thinking about updating my journal and decided to come today.

I like stark, right now it is continuing the work EmperorQ started, which is accepting more myself and valuing myself for who I am… and what I really like, not other people’s standards!

Sure, with all the confinement measures, I don’t really socialise, but whenever I go to the grocery I talk to people without a care and am much more social that usual, I spread the joy!

My diet is doing great, I’ve been on keto for a couple of weeks, a couple more weeks for my body to be fully functionning on fat before re-introducing carbs! Stopped working out when the confinment started, but I feel like the gyms won’t open for a couple of months so I decided to start doing cardio workout to at least get shredded!

Hell yeah! I am also borrowing 40K to invest on the market and make an easy 5-10K profit! :wink:


A little update since two weeks ago.

I really hope we will be able to go out and socialise soon, I am really starting to miss the human contact with my friends. I am still super social when going shopping grocery.

NOW for the Q subs, I already tried to stack multiple subs at the same time… I tried that for Q. I woke up like one hour later than usual, and waking up was rough. I tried three days in a row and I was more and more tired. I had to stop. Q is no joke and I can feel the effect on my body of how much stronger is it compared to the previous generation of subliminals! Now I am alternating between 1 night on, one night off to really let my brain the time to process all the information.

I also started learning some swing trading strategy, see if I can do something with that to try and grow my net worth even more. I have been spending at least 15 hours watching theories video about technical analysis and systems to have higher profits. I will probably start soon to do some trading sims try out the buy signals and sell signals!

Do well guys, attaining an objective is a marathon, not a sprint. Oh and by the way, I lost 10 lbs with my diet (lost 16-17 lbs when I am carb depleted). This is amazing!


Quick update :

I’ve been reflecting about the listening time and my overall energy levels! it seems that when I forgot to put my subs on, I was waaaay more productive the next day. Which makes me think that maybe I am still listening to too much subliminals, maybe a whole night of Q powered subs are too much for my brain and I have less energy the next day.

So I decided to do just that, listen to a couple of loops a day (3 StarkQ and maybe one KhanQ St1 - for healing).

Right now, I stopped when walking outside to speak to a girl living next door (you know got to be social with the quarantine). I am a lot more social, people have been speaking to me, I don’t even know why and I have been engaging then much more. I’ve spoke to people at the store, I am speaking a lot more with my coworker, on facebook I engage people a lot more!

Also, there has been a job opening to work at the same bank but a different department, which means a 20k increase of salary and more specialization! I applied and already have two people who recommanded me. I really hope I get the interview & the job!

My discipline is really strong, I have been losing weight, I need to eat more crap to make sure I don’t lose too much! I went from 81 Kilo to 74 Kilo, which is like 178 to 163 pounds. After two weeks of break I should maybe lose another 2-3 kilo :slight_smile:

Still learning technical analysis, I still need to be patient with this and start slow to learn everyting. The important thing is discipline!

Thank you everybody, wish you guys the best! :wink:


do share you experience how the sub have helped you with your trading


Haha, I am only trading as simulation rn, I’ve made 30$ on my first day… using a “gap” theory in technical analysis, but I still need testing to see how it goes.

Sure, I am still learning all of this!


I am feeling wierd.

I am experimenting to find the best amount of subliminal exposure… I don’t know what to do, what to say… how to live anymore, I feel strong, but at the same time I don’t know why I feel empty… it’s been two weeks.

I now run 1 loop of Stark, and 1 loop of Khan everyday to get my sales skills and frame control strong. I need Khan’s dominance.

There is a guy, worth a lots of millions (idk, probably more than 50 millions)… he texted me on my cell phone to give me a family album, he thought about me… I feel grateful.

I helped my father setup his new house, moving stuff, planting his tree, I really like spending time with my family. I met a girl, she canceled our date, but we finally went for a small walk for 1 hour, then I decided to go to sleep, she invited me for wine this weekend.

I don’t have any news for the new post I applied to, but I am supposed to have some next week. I know I want financial independance, but I don’t know what to do, I don’t really like my job rn, there is always too much stuff to do and a lot of the stuff I do I don’t really want to. There are some parts of my job I really like and some parts I don’t like.

I feel grateful for what I have and am working toward my objective, but it hit me hard to realise “what is my objective and why do I want it?”…

Is it normal for me to feel that way? Feeling empty, feeling like I want more, but more of what? Maybe I am longing for love, maybe I need a deeper sense for my life? I don’t know where I am and I don’t know where to go…


@WhiteTiger - I have started StarkQ to gain some insight into purpose myself. I wrote down as my goal (Attain career purpose) and my stack manifested to me the following video which you might find useful. I can’t guarantee it but it’s worth the watch:


This is good. You’re starting over. Now you get to make actual decisions in life. Not ones that were influenced by others or born out of insecurities. It’s confusing because all our lives we’re almost told what to do and what will make us happy. Just keep digging, exploring. You’ll get there, this is just a transition period. I’m going through the same thing.


@raphael Love JC! Didn’t watched his content in a whole year! Definitly will give a watch :wink:

Yep, transition period sucks for the mind! it’s hard

By the way! I had a date yesterday night, I’d say a shitty date… but it was really a wierd date…

I am usually the type of guy who attracts confidence from other people, people just open up to me… they trust me. I will always remember when I was at a party and a random guy I met there told me how he got raped two years ago by another guy and how it affected him and how he never spoke about it… his friend (yeah, I started talking to the two of them because the girl was cute) never knew about it, but they knew each other for years!

So anyway, we started the date she was really anxious about her homework so we talked about that… eventually we went DEEP emotionally like… I told her stuff about me… she told me stuff about her… and she also told me that she sometime feel like people are taking advantage of her because she is attracting people opening up to her (a little bit like me). Went meta on using the wording “taking advantage” that could place you in a victim mentality.

Eventually, since we were in the emotionnal and totally transparant, she told me she saw her ex just the night before and she wasn’t over… fine by me, I don’t really know exactly what I want so I don’t really care about those things. And we continued to chat for two hours after that, talking about our experience about life and love. She eventually stopped the date… told me she had to go and see her ex. just like that, date ending. I felt hurt (and I told her haha, we were way too deep talking about our emotions and being honest and all). So then I said goodbye and told her, she told me that I was speaking to her like we were never going to see each other again… sooo guess she is not against seeing me again.

I don’t know what to think about it, what is life trying to tell me… what the fuck! I don’t understand shit! BUT, really interesting conversations, I can see why I’m an ENTP hahaha I LOOOOVE IT!


@WhiteTiger - what is really interesting is that I wasn’t watching Jason for a while too until this video came on. Another weirder common thing between us is that people have told me that it is very easy to talk to me also. And check this out, one guy even told me about being made drunk and raped. He was attracted to me but I told him that am “not that kind of party”.

Am INFJ by the way and an empath. And after a while I realized that my empathy was cockblocking me lol.

So what I do these days is use my empath qualities to be creative but be more alpha when dating. Which means am more aloof until I have sex. After which I have no problems having long chats with them. Else girls will see me as a platonic friend if I talk too much with them before sex especially with regard to sharing feelings.


Shit men, impressive!

Entp I have a similar problem, I love talking and exploring ideas too much!!

I need to be horny, I will focus on getting my horny Ness back to level to have sex haha :wink:


Haha! That’s the spirit!


Sending you a Covid19 long distance elbow-five!


@WhiteTiger - high (elbow) five back!


So much thought,

I am running one loop of Khan St4, one loop of StarkQ, one loop of SM (just in case), and one loop of sanguine to keep positive!

RN I am thinking a lot, how I felt rejected by the girl, and How I have this “need” for feminine validation… I need to feel attractive and hot! I started to feel these problems when starting Khan St4… Khan has a focus on seduction and relationship so these needs to be addressed.

I will say, I could easily imagine myself having a couple of millions of dollars, making a couple of hundread K $ a year. My father is a doctor so I grew up in an environnement where having money was normal… when people told me my current salary was good for a first job, I was like “are you kidding me? Can’t do shit with that salary, I need at LEAST 100K per year.” I guess I might be a little bit delusional, but this also mean that all the money making sub won’t have to work on an early glass ceiling I am setting myself up to! StarkQ is more working on “how I will build my life”!

And of course Khan is working on my relationship with the opposite sex, which has always been hard for me even if I am a good looking guys and naturally charismatic!