Some doubts about subliminals


I came to know about subclub a few days back, I’ve been into subliminals. Most of them are just affirmations.
And it’s my personal belief that affirmations are delusional.
(Telling myself I’m rich when I’m not).
After seeing the well written sales pages and a decent naming of subliminals, I believe that subclub creates their subs differently. So I’m basically asking that affirmations doesn’t work very well for me, will subclub’s sub work well with me?


When I was first learning to drive, my friend who was a bit older than I was gave me a trick to help make it easier. He told me to generally keep my eyes focused on where I wanted the car to go.

Of course, we have many things to pay attention to while driving. The other cars, signs, traffic lights, and so on; but I found it to be a very helpful suggestion nonetheless. It was a course heading. Not my current position, but my current orientation.

This is the same way I would think of a so-called affirmation. It’s an orientation, a course heading. Just as a car’s trajectory is moving through space, your life’s line is moving through time (in conventional terms). In both cases, the directions in which you move are influenced by where and how you direct your attention.

A subliminal is a powerful tool to orient the focus of your mind and its creative power towards particular directions.

Also, if you’ve ever remembered a dream then you’re already aware that dream logic works differently to daily life logic. Similarly, all of the different areas of our minds have their own logics and ways that they work and process most effectively. It makes sense that the creative statement of an affirmation feels odd and illogical to your conscious mind, because it’s meant to work most directly with other parts of the mind. Leave the affirmations to the parts of your mind that they are for and focus your conscious logic on the tasks that are appropriate to it.

Short version: yes it will work.

(annoying and tangential side note: the doubt and antipathy you feel for affirmations is probably itself the result of affirmations that you made when you were working with them. :wink: )


This is the second time I read something is delusional today, well on the forum at least.

I’m not going to judge your question as we’ve been tricked enough times into self destructive patterns and it’s probably not your fault. It’s never to late to advance your human potential. But let me tell you this - the reason you haven’t accomplished in life what you should of accomplished, what you want to accomplish is the reason you ask the question in the first place.

Let me put it simple and straight forward, affirmations and subliminal’s are two of the same things while being distinctively different. Affirmations go through a filter, the filter of your conscious mind. If you don’t belief in the statement made - and this is reflected by the emotion you put behind it, then it simply won’t be effective. Subliminal’s on the other hand bypass the conscious mind, going straight where our programs are, the subconscious mind.

I can’t of explained it any easier then this, but to answer you question, yes subliminal’s will definitely work. Especially the ones created by SubliminalClub, don’t go out there looking for something better because you won’t find anything. The opportunity is yours, change your mind, change your future.

No shit belief is important it is what makes our beliefs and our beliefs make our actions. Wake up. :smile:


Choose a sub. Try it out. If nothing happens within 30 days, ask for a refund.

Tip : try Sex Mastery. It works the fastest.


Our scripts are much more advanced than most of the stuff you find out there. We don’t necessarily have things like “I am now rich.” Instead, our titles are going to challenge your subconscious (and your conscious mind) to discover what’s holding you back from being rich, then urging you to fix that problems / issues. Once you believe you can become rich, you’ll find your external world reorienting around you.


You say it urges you to fix the problems. Do you mean we should be consiously using emotional healing methods and reframing things when the subs bring trauma up from the past? To what extent will the subs do the healing work? any recommended methods of dealing with the trauma when the subs do bring them up to our attention?


@Rhinesuchus I usually write down what gets brought up in my journal (iPhone Notes app right now) and evaluate them. Usually just the act of making those ideas concrete helps. Makes it feel like an “aha” moment for me. From time to time I’ll look over past notes like I’m studying for a test. Meditating also helps a lot. More things and ideas get brought up.

I’m sure others have to their methods and strategies. I’d like to hear some more perspectives as well.


Question 2:
Will the subliminals work if I play them at 4x or 10x speed? I barely stay at my home so that I could listen to the ultrasonic subliminals. And my ears get tired if I keep a headphone or earphone on them all day long.


Oh man tough question. Do you think your brain can process things that fast? I mean is it possible to really understand every word Fran Capo or John Moschitta Jr says when they’re spitting out at 600+ wpm? Some say yes. Some say, they’d need to slow the tape down in order to do so. But then again, subs “talk” to the unconscious mind.
What I can say is experiment. SubClub encourages experimenting. If after a while of running subs at high speeds, you find yourself getting migraines, then maybe it’s time to slow things down.

If you barely stay at home, then where do you sleep? You may try playing subs while you sleep instead of listening during the day.


I’d say NO. You’re better off with 1-2 runs per day of a major program, than a garbled run of anything.

Could you play the Masked files on phone speaker?
Just a low volume white noise running in the background.


I wasn’t aware that I could listen to masked subliminals on my phone. Thanks!
But won’t playing 1-2 rounds a day take longer with a multistage subliminal?
Also tagging @DarkPhilosopher for further enlightenment.


1-2 loops wont do anything. Trust me, did it myself for months with ev4. Looking back, I really can’t wrap my head around why I thought this would be ok to do. It was such a waste. Listening for 4-6 hours a day now and it is a huge difference I can tell you


I’m sure the more loops the better, but I’ve been running emp4 on average two loops a day and it’s done a lot for me. Also running PS but that’s also only two loops usually.


Who dares invoke me?! :wink:

Concerning running them at high speeds, it’s been done. But it’s very much dependent on you, really. The subconscious can process things much faster than the conscious, which is the whole premise behind speedreading (and why speedreading fiction stories is awesome). You can do the same thing with audiobooks or TV/movies, by training your conscious mind to stop trying to process every word and just allowing it to listen, as the meaning will come to you. I started out watching TV at 1.2x and now I’m up to 2.5-3.0x speed. For audiobooks it’s around 2.0x.

But… if I start browsing the Interwebz, or even something as simple as sorting files in a folder or cleaning, I am forced to lower the speed down to around 1.5x-2.0x or more. My subconscious no longer has full focus on one thing, but is now forced to deal with more stuff. Since human beings can not multitask (what we think is multitasking is actually switch-tasking) the processing efficiency of the subconscious goes down.

If you add things like too little sleep to it, or things that worry or trouble you, the subconscious gets even slower. Still faster than your conscious mind, but slow enough that listening AND incorporating hours upon hours of subliminal messages may be too much. At which point it discards the messages. It knows they keep repeating anyway, so it will get to them when it can. And so the subliminals stop working.

SubClub does not know what you have going on in your life. We do not know how well you have trained yourself to process at higher speeds. In this, people are simply too different. And we need to cater to everybody.

So, can it work? Yes. Will it? Not a clue. If you are willing to risk the sub not working or you are one of those rare individuals that notice the effects of subliminals as soon as they happen, you can give it a shot.

I myself may try it on the subs I’ve been running for a long time. First, I’ll likely merge the ultras and masked together so I get both at the same time. No idea if it works, but if well calibrated I think there’s no risk.

Check out this thread, it is a very interesting read:

And update it if you are going to experiment.

I know of a guy who took a bunch of a competitor’s subliminals, overlapped them all and ran them at 120x speed. He noticed the effects within a single day. Other people ended up with a migraine. That competitor uses simple technology though (and cranks out lots and lots of products), if you have excellent hearing, you can hear the messages when you focus. Won’t work with SubClub’s subs.

As for the 1-2 loops, that rarely works. Weapon X modules are designed to be used that way, PCC has had great effects on some people rapidly. But big things like Emperor, I can only recommend the usual 6 hours/8 loops a day.

If you find a decent set of over-ear headphones that don’t put any pressure on the ears, it really helps. I use a first generation HyperX Cloud and can wear it all day long. Amazing headphones and they’re not super expensive. I also have an even less costly Sennheiser HD471 that I take traveling with me. It’s comfortable for hours at a time as well.

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