Is running multiple instances of the same subliminal a good thing?

Hey guys, this is a question that can sound dumb, but is not. I’m running Emperor + Sanguine, as much as I can (sometimes, 24 hours).

But last night (I work on night shifts), I ran Emperor V3 in three different stances and only saw it when I turned off my pc. Incredibly, I felt much more awakened, with a lot of ideas flowing and I couldn’t stop myself from working. After that, I felt tired. Too tired. Like a marathonist.

Well, that said, since these subliminals are made to get in our subconscious passing through our conscious mind, listening two or more instances of the same subliminal is a good thing? Since, in theory, it’ll deliver more and more to our subconscious? Or it’ll just overchage it?

Can someone help me here? Thank you very much, guys!


Technically, it’ll overload it… but if you want to experiment…


what is draining our energy when we run the subs?
is it the listening of the subliminal? when the mind has to process all the words we hear
or is it the subconscious working to “execute” the script?

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Just for laughs I gave this a shot. I ran 2 instances of Khan ST4 masked with headphones, for about 30 minutes. I set one instance to play from the start and the other from about the 10 minute mark so they were playing different parts of the sub.

It wasn’t fun. I felt a lot of pressure in my forehead and had a slight headache. I also felt nauseous, which came and went in waves. The effects slowly faded after I stopped, although I still feel a bit off.

I don’t know what my unconscious mind thought of it all, but my conscious mind thought it sucked.

But oddly my mood was good.

Although now I’m wondering what would happen if I ran Khan ST4 and Alchemist ST4 concurrently. :thinking:


I only have a similar effect after I run longer sessions of the audio. But my sleep is better so I wake up revigorated.


Well, I didn’t felt “nauseous”, nor get a headache, but surely felt EXTREMELY tired AFTER the subliminals. I runed all of them simultaneous because I’m dumb and opened three instances of the same audio at the same time.

Well, it felt good. Maybe our brains can be trained to use a lot of subliminals at the same time? I’ll experiment that!

About Khan + Alchemy, I believe that isn’t a real problem since they are for different purposes. But I’m sure about something: if I can work in multiple istances of the same one without having bad effects, just wait for me, EoG + Emperor + Sanguine! LOL


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but if all three instances are running the same part of the sub, what’s the difference to just running one instance? The messages are basically synchronized so it’s the same as running a single instance.


My bad, isn’t exactly simultaneously, of course it had some few seconds in diference from each other, like 10 seconds, because I used different audio players for the same audio. I did this because I normally open Beyond Limitless, listen to it two times, and after that I open Emperor + Sanguine in two different players. That time, I opened, after Beyond Limitless, Emperor V3 in three different players and didn’t perceive it because the similarity between the audios.

So, when I said “simultaneously” and “at the same time”, is not in synchronicity, just that at somepoint, I opened 3 instances of the same audio and had it running along.


It makes me very curious. The principle has been used in hypnosis circles by using overlapping tracks to cause the conscious mind to give up and drift off while the subconscious mind is able to sort it out and listen to multiple tracks.

We also know that the subconscious is able to listen to conversations that go on around us, a situational awareness that is trainable.

So how could we measure just how many tracks we can overlap before the subconscious closes the door and refuses to process any of them? If we can find that magical number, we would be able to multiply our exposure. I’m assuming it’s going to be different for everybody, which is why SubClub can’t simply implement such a thing.


Well, all I can say is that when I sleep, I REALLY do it.

Like, I can’t go out the bed unless I truly force myself. If I stay on the bed, I feel like I could sleep for 14-16 hours straight (I’m not joking here).

Last night, I forgot to use the alarm. Then I slept 12 hours straight. I have a lot of sleeping problems, normally I sleep only 4 hours. I only got off the bed when I saw the clock and saw that I was pretty late.

About the differences in my mood, I feel more compelled to take action, but nothing so strong. Like, I feel the difference here, but since is just the beginning, I don’t know how much of a difference it’ll make. Well, I’ll try for a month, 2 instances of the same audio. Let see if I get something.


I believe that this is a “trial and error” situation. I’m not well versed on subliminal as you are, but I’m not feeling this “shut down” from my subconscious mind. On the opposite, I feel myself more active.

Well, if we can discuss about the signals that the subconscious mind sends when getting overcharged, maybe we can find a safe number here from multiple experiments, even an accurate “rest” time. I can keep experimenting, and we can discuss further about it.


The maximum amount would likely be different from person to person. I could probably pull it off, my mind is always on overdrive. But I would also likely need more sleep at that point.

The only way to measure is by trial and error as you state. The challenge is that not everybody gets clear indications. Some get physical symptoms like headaches, others get a clear feeling like a mental warning or complete loss of focus, yet others get absolutely nothing. Most people would rather not run the risk of running all these tests and having the subliminals stop working which takes them weeks to figure out.

Still, you should do what works for you. And if you do find that 3x works, by all means keep doing it.


How do you run audios simultaneously on your pc? Is there a software for that?


I use different software for each subliminal.


Yeah, that could be dangerous. But when you say “stop working”, you mean for a while or forever? This is a huge thing to think.


Just for a little bit, until you cut back. Maybe take a break for a day or so to let your subconscious process everything.

As you say, forever is a big thing. I highly doubt it is actually possible to shut yourself down forever. We are always changing and we are always being influenced.


Yes, this is overload. When it comes to the human body, there’s always a cost for boosting performance. When you exercise, you feel soreness has your muscles heal. Take performance boosting drugs? You’ll experience tolerance. Run a subliminal? You’ll experience reconciliation.

Overload your brain with multiple instances of the same sub? Experience profound tiredness while your subconscious struggles to decipher what’s happening.


Well, I run the subliminals even when I’m sleeping, so I sleep much better and wake up renewed. Maybe there the tolerance is bigger because of the natural process of neural delivering? This is a thing to take note here, very interesting…

Also, I believe that there’s a strong connection with using Beyond Limitless two times when I wake up. Maybe you guys should study it because if there’s a link, Beyond Limitless is almost obligatory to boost the whole thing. Is like steroids on subliminals!

Well, there’s another thing to ask: I’m stacking Sanguine and Emperor, so I don’t feel any overcharging here. There’s any counter indication about stacking EoG with these other subliminals? Because I want to do it pretty soon, since I’m enjoying a lot the effects of these two.


Just to see if it was a one-off, I’ve tried doubling up on Khan ST4 three times now for as long as an hour, and each time I felt nausea and got a headache, but once I stopped and the nausea faded I actually felt pretty good. No tiredness. I’ve also tried running a single instance at x2 speed with similar effects, although not as pronounced.

I’ve only done it with masked/headphones though. I can try it with ultrasonics on the weekend and see if it’s the same.

Honestly it’s not really worth it overall, it really does hit me in the gut, but I’m just a bit curious.


Can you listen to TV or audiobooks (people talking) at 2x speed? It’s a skill you can train, like speed reading. I think it is possible that although the subconscious doesn’t need to slow down like your conscious mind does, there’s still some kind of resistance somewhere if you go too fast or too much.

Considering that some post-processing must have been done on the ultras to make them impossible to decode, I wonder if the possible benefits are more pronounced with masked tracks.

But it is definitely something I would love to explore myself.