[SOLO] Tarmicle's Journey with The Incredible Experimental EmperorQ


Can you feel it?

I can feel it.

It is coming.

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All right, fellas, I decided while I wait I might as well use this time as productively as I can. :wink:

Maybe someone saw this thread. Here I explain a little bit about my life and my goals using subliminals.

That being said, I will provide a little bit of background in this journal as well, so you can put some context around what I will be documenting in the following days. A big thanks to @Simon for making me realize the importance of having clear goals and the relationship they have with the effectiveness of subs! :smiley:

I haven’t yet made a journal here. That’s because I started using subs last year, but I had to stop them for a while after a couple of days because I had tinnitus. Now it’s all good (I’ve been running Khan for a month now) and I can enjoy subs with no problems at all. If you’re curious about my story with tinnitus, check this post.

All right, let’s talk about my goals. Hopefully someone will find some similarities with his/her goals; this should help us align our experiences even better. :slight_smile:

I must thank you @AMASH for pointing me to Emperor, who kindly gave me unbelievable useful directions, in regard to my objectives. Love you man! You have an incredible gift! We’re all glad to have you here, in our community. :smiley:

So, I’m gonna use EmperorQ with three main objectives in mind:

  • Career - I recently got a new job as a junior marketing specialist with great freedom and the opportunity to become CMO. The objective is to grow inside the company, moving up the ladder and create a little empire in the company.
  • Social - While making the grind in the company, I intend to overcome my social anxiety, assert myself and gain respect from the CEO and other people in the team.
  • Personal Relationships - Hopefully, Emperor will give me an hand with my relationship with my wife. She is a bliss and truly deserve a MAN at her side. At the same time, however, I’d enjoy having interest from other women as well. I am a married man and my life is with my woman, but I do like to tease and have fun with girls. And if a beautiful woman can shine my day with her feminine energy, well, I can’t do anything but appreciate it with all my heart :slight_smile: Lastly, my goal is to assert myself better with my circle of friends and ditch out a lot of bullshit.

So that’s it!

Can’t wait for my first day :slight_smile:


Congratulations on this new beginning @Tarmicle and thank you for the kind words! :smile:

I know you’ll surpass your expectations, and we’re all here to help.


Send me a PM with your store account email if you haven’t already. I’m looking through the current applications and I don’t see it. Thanks!


Just re-sent you a PM @SaintSovereign :slight_smile:


Day 1
Loops: 6
Versions: Ultrasonic and Masked

Here we go, wrapping up my first day with EmperorQ! :smiley:

Before diving right into it, let me express my gratitude to @SaintSovereign and @Fire for making this beautiful subliminal. You guys literally surpassed yourself with this one!

I mentioned in the first post that I’m going to test EmperorQ in the context of three major area in my life: Career, Social and Personal Relationships.

Today I spent almost all of my time with my family and with people close to me. So the bulk of my testing will fall under the third area of focus and a little bit under Career.

Personal Relationships

  • The first thing I noticed is how smooth EmperorQ is. It is truly a joy to listen to. It’s warm and soothing. Personally, I found it very different from Emperor v.4, which is a little harsh.

  • Even though we’re still talking about Emperor, EmperorQ lacks the hardness of the original. I still perceive a sense of direction, still it’s more gentle, more peaceful. Really interesting. If I had to use a metaphor, Emperor is a viking warrior, while EmperorQ is a japanese samurai. This feeling is very rewarding. Awesome!

  • That confidence! Today me, my wife and my parents-in-law had lunch together. I’ve been always intimidated by my father-in-law. I always had trouble to maintain eye contact with him. Well, not today. I felt completely comfortable with him, like he was an old friend. But not in an aggressive way, in a calm, controlled way.

  • I spoke my mind more often today! Sometimes I felt like my comments where smarter than usual. That’s great, considering that I’m usually the guy with his mouth shut during family reunions!

  • I feel waaaay more relaxed when speaking with others and just by being around people, even relatives that I usually can’t stand.

  • I took a nap this afternoon ad had a weird dream of my boss in which he told me a lot of personal stuff, like his addiction with drinking.

  • Something incredible happened! While I was listening to the masked version I felt a great sensation of warmth. Like an invisible hand was caressing me. I felt very comfortable, like a king relaxing in his huge bath surrounded by beautiful women. Does it make sense? I feel control, but also a great sense of PEACE. Love it!

  • Personally I didn’t felt much euphoria like some users reported. Stillness, confidence and wisdom are more appropriate words to describe my experience with EmperorQ so far.


  • This morning I studied for about an hour for my upcoming exam. The word that best described my thinking today is “resourcefulness”. I noticed I wasn’t anxious as usual while studying. Instead, my way of thinking was oriented on problem solving, trying to extrapolate everything I could from that hour of study, but in a calm and relaxed way. Very interesting.

  • Even though I felt dizzy this morning due of lack of sleep. EmperorQ gave me an unexpected surge of energy. Dizziness went away in the morning but came back in mid-afternoon.

  • EmperorQ gives me the sensation of effortless action taking. I shall take particular notice of this in the following days.

With Khan I felt more up and downs. With EmperorQ everything seems more stable, more deliberate, reliable. No sign of reconciliation whatsoever. I’m loving this!

Either way, it’s just the start, but I’m already seeing some promising stuff.

I plan to listen every day, as much as I can (no less than 5 loops a day), no day off and no listening during bedtime.


Awesome detailed post!

I look forward to your daily posts @Tarmicle :slight_smile:


Thanks @AMASH!

So far EmperorQ feels to me like Khan + Emperor: deliberate, powerful yet relaxed and calm.

How did it feel to you?


You’ve described it very well!

I keep a daily journal here, so make sure to check it out for more details :slight_smile:


Day 2
Loops: 8
Versions: Ultrasonic and Masked

This morning I woke up tired. I felt very sluggish and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I figured: “what a great chance to test the famous drive and energy that made Emperor famous!” :smiley:

Today was a work day, so we’ll examine EmperorQ mostly while taking in consideration my career goals. Let’s get into it.


  • Extreme Productivity! This morning, I was tired. Really tired. And yet, today has been one of the most productive days I had at work. I was feeling my dizziness, yet I kept going. And I kept going.

  • Confidence in my work. I felt great confidence in my efforts at work today. I noticed I spent more time into meaningful work. I also found myself prioritizing tasks better. Interesting.

  • Urge to do stuff. I skipped my coffee break and also started working earlier after my lunch break. I felt that I was wasting my time. That’s interesting. I had this feeling before, but mostly that was because I was supposed to act that way. This time it was a genuine feeling.

  • Internet broke at the office. It was really frustrating. So frustrating that I just used my smartphone connection. I couldn’t stand myself staring at the computer or doing other stuff than working.

  • I mentored a colleague. Now that was interesting. My CEO asked if I could help our sales accountant with some LinkedIn stuff. Now a little premise. I don’t like people that don’t listen and that take other’s help for granted. Our sales accountant is such a person. Normally, I’d just limit myself to give some general advice and get back to my work. This time it was different. I was committed to make it right. So I stayed to her side until she got it right, on my terms. That was refreshing. I’ve never had natural leadership skills, I never had the skills to make people grow except of myself. Maybe this is going to change, and my career will totally benefit from it!

  • I had less sexual desires than when I was on Khan. Still, today I had to literally force myself no to tell a colleague: “What a great ass you have there!” LOL


  • I felt a little bit detached from social interactions in the office today. I was bored by the usual conversations. Interestingly, with Khan I had a strong pull to be more socially involved. With EmperorQ I felt OK with my true self. That is, I don’t have to engage in a conversation if I don’t find it interesting. The beauty of it is that it was OK for me. I don’t need to be liked. For a moment, I didn’t care. And it felt good!

Lastly, just before leaving the office, I felt excitement. The kind of excitement you get when you get that EUREKA! moment, except I didn’t realize anything in particular, at least consciously. I just had the feeling.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


Wow it seems like you are naturally somebody who takes a lot of action. And the results speak for itself, even though it is only the second day.

I am wondering how long and what stages of Khan did you run?


Hi @friday, thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I do believe taking action is important. After all, that’s the very first thing you learn from more experienced members of our community, is it not? :slight_smile: I wouldn’t consider myself someone who takes more action than anyone here in our community. Just somebody who wish to improve, like everyone of us here at SubClub :slight_smile:

I ran Khan for a good month, after a couple of good weeks of ST1, mainly with ST2—this was just before EmperorQ.


Day 3
Loops: 7
Versions: Ultrasonic only

Today has been a more balanced experience. EmperorQ felt different. You guys probably know what I’m talking about. Let’s get into it.


  • Today has been also a productive day. I felt the urge to close all loops. I simply could not let a task to remain open. A little less commitment than yesterday but, still, a great day.

  • Intense strategic thinking. I’m noticing my thoughts are more and more deliberate and strategic. Machiavellian, even. I’m constantly planning and evaluating. That’s something that I used to do before, but now it’s more intense.

  • Remember the colleague I “mentored” yesterday? Today someone made a comment about my role at the company. Surprisingly I didn’t care, I didn’t feel attacked like I generally feel. The comment just brush off of me. I didn’t care. I thought it was just too stupid to care. Most importantly, the colleague in I mentored stood by my side. She answered the comment for myself, defending me. Coincidence?

  • I feel a constant urge to get things done, but I must confess the feeling is way less pronounced than Emperor4. With Emperor4 I was literally trying stuff just to see what happened. Zero fucks given. EmperorQ is way softer, less raw power and more sophisticated, perhaps? I liked the raw power I felt with EmperorQ and I miss it here a little bit. I still feel a little restrain sometimes. We’ll see, we’re just at the beginning.

  • I find myself wanting to help my team members a little more than I use to. I fell that’s my rensponsability.


  • Oddly, I don’t feel constant sexual attraction, at least not as when I was running Khan. I don’t even try with girls because I know I’m going to get them (oh boy, did I just said that? :joy: Well, I’m just being 100% honest). Maybe it’s just because they’re not 8-9 or 10.

  • Sometimes I’m very attracted to a girl, but two minutes later I don’t care that much. It’s like my sexual instincts are coming and going in stretches. Does it make sense?

  • Sometimes I jus want to speak my mind, even if that’s not appropriate. Sometimes I want to share my deepest thoughts. I can’t care less about what others think. This is incredible. I always ALWAYS gave 100 fucks about what others thought of me. Trying to be liked. Now, I don’t care. I seem awkward? I don’t care. I always wanted to be this way. But I must be careful not to take this too far. Interesting.

Personal Relationships

  • I feel more dominant with my wife. This evening she was a little bitchy. Don’t know why. Normally I would let my insecurities kick in and I’d try to cheer her up, trying to be “a good husband”, please her, making everything even worse. Not today. She was being a bitch, I didn’t care. I realized she was just testing me: “Is this guy being shaken by me?”. Not today. Surprisingly, she opened herself after a while and returned to her feminine.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


I do have that very often. I look at their eyes and I just fell in love. 2 minutes later, looking from a wider angle where I see her whole body, I often lose interest.


Day 4
Loops: 7
Versions: Ultrasonic only

Enter, The Commander.


  • Turns out, I’m starting to get itchy about people slacking around and wasting their time. Today I literally told one of my colleague: “Stop shitting around and do it”. With a smile, but I meant it. Well, she did! Can it be better than this?

  • My hunger levels are higher than usual. Interestingly, though, I’ve been more regular with my meals. I don’t like to eat between meals and I’m craving structure and predictability in my eating habits.

  • Today I had what I think it was my first meaningful manifestation! I had a big EUREKA! moment at work. I’ve found a useful framework that will save me a ton of time. It seems EmperorQ is helping me with my creativity and lateral thinking. Is it more heavy on the Limitless side?

  • All of sudden, I want to speak in public. Now that’s a new one! Me? :joy: Soon I’ll have to present our company’s new brand strategy. Normally, I’d just make a document and discuss it with my the team. This time I prepared a freaking speech! With slides and all. I also often imagine myself speaking to a crowd, motivating people.


  • Remember that guy who like to made jokes about everybody (including me)? He stopped doing that with me. I can feel his respect towards me, now. I can feel he understood who’s the alpha. I can’t explain it guys. I just see from his body language he gave up, he stopped trying and acknowledged my dominance. This is incredible! Have you ever felt this way?

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


I am hardly finding time to read all the journals I want as life is pretty busy right now. But I do come back to read yours every day. There are some parallels I see in our journey, where I either think: Oh so true, that is something I noticed too! or which inspire me to push forward in certain areas. Keep going, with those daily updates!


Thank you brother! I appreciated it very much. I also look forward to read your journal every day. :slight_smile:

That’s the same thing I thought about your experience. Especially regarding the differences with Khan, which it seems we both feel more or less in the same way. :slight_smile:


Day 5
Loops: 8
Versions: Ultrasonic only

“Okay, how can we improve this?”


Today, something odd happened at work.

I’m not going to annoy you with details, I’ll just sum up what happened.

Me and my CEO we were working together on a graphic project, which she approved. So, I shared it and made it public. She said “I think we’re good” and I meant just that: we’re good, let’s proceed.

So I did.

Before, I’d probably double check if the project had a green light.

This time I didn’t. I felt that was the most intelligent thing to do and I just went for it.

Turns out, she wanted to think that through a little more.

As a result, I was called in her office and she went on saying that I, well, screwed up.

Do you know what’s the best part?

Normally, I’d freak out. “Oh my god, what I was thinking!” I would feel embarrassed.

Well, not this time.

She went on explaining that we had a communication problem (although she is never available, even after my several requests).

I was completely unaffected.

I said: “Okay, next time it’s better if we understand each other better. Because by your actions I took that as a green light”.

She started giving up excuses, I just felt her embarrassment.

I didn’t budge. I was completely calmed and relaxed.

Not happy, se decided to show the project to the whole team, asking for the opinion of everyone. I am no graphic designer, but I like to make stuff with Illustrator from time to time. So I offered myself to create this project (even though I told her she’d better hire a professional).

The whole team went on and judged the design. Nobody liked it. Every single one went on explaining what was wrong about it.

In another life, I’d freak out. I’d felt hurt, embarrassed, judged. I’d feel so bad that I’d probably been hurt for days and probably build up extreme resentment.

Instead, this time I just said: “Okay, how can we improve this?”

I was detached.

In the end I said: “See, you should have hired a professional. Like I said.”

Guys, this is incredible. You can’t imagine the liberation I’m experiencing. I feel confident, I feel superior. If THAT didn’t affect me, nothing can’t hurt my confidence. Not anymore. I simply don’t give a shit about people’s opinion and all I care is the final result.

@SaintSovereign and @Fire you did something incredible. It’s just a few days and you fixed years of bullshit that I took with me since forever.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


  • As mentioned, I now feel extremely confident and dominant around people. Yet, I’m respectful, I am not arrogant. I used to be, when I felt hurt. Now, I am fearless, relentless, unforgiving but I do I enjoy leading people forward. This is only the beginning with EmperorQ, and also a test, but I know at this very moment EmperoQ is giving me the tools to achieve my goals as a manager and as a leader.

  • I feel like I don’t belong to my team. They’re good people but I can’t help but see them as different. We’re playing totally different games.

Have you guys ever felt that?

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

[STACKED] The King Test EmperorQ

Day 6
Loops: 9-10
Versions: Ultrasonic only

Libido and Revenge.


  • Yesterday I had dinner with my colleagues. I felt relaxed and confident. Overall I enjoyed the night out. At one point however, there’s this wannabe alpha (the funny guy) who starts to mock me as he does with everybody. Normally, I’d just laugh with the jokes and play along. This time I don’t. Every time he makes a joke on me, I mock him back. However, my jokes aren’t that witty and creative. Actually a couple are a little lame. But I always counterattack, now. And yet, I’m holding back. I feel bad about hurting people, because maybe I always been the kid bullies loved to make fun of and I don’t want to do it. I just feel superior to this shit. I don’t feel that need to show how much cool I am. So, I hold back. However, I need to counterattack or people will never know what lines cannot be crossed. Do you guys ever experienced a similar situation?

  • I feel more compassionate towards others. I’m guessing EmperorQ has a module for that. Specifically, I feel in need to help people grow and accomplish stuff.

  • Today at work things changed a bit. Time to revenge! I just came up with a joke that was a little mean for the funny guy. I didn’t want to say that at first (see above). This time however I dropped the bomb. He just repeated what I said and laughed. He just couldn’t answer it. It felt good, then I hated it. Is this how insecure-aggressive people feel every time? In constant need to show off? I can’t stand it. It’s just stupid. Still, we interact in a workplace. I can’t just say “enough of your bullshit”. You’ve got to take it with style. To be 100% honest, I don’t feel I belong with this people. I want more responsibility.

Personal Relationships

  • Surprisingly my libido is low. I feel like I’m not getting the stimuli I’m after. I don’t feel attraction to the majority of women I meet. With Khan, I’d feel sexual attraction even for my female colleagues and my CEO. But now I don’t feel it anymore. Could it be that I’m raising my bar with women? Could it be that EmperorQ is suggesting me that I deserve more?

  • It’s been almost a week since I last masturbate. Normally I’d masturbate at least every 2-3 days. Interesting.


  • Today at work, I set aside my tasks for a couple of hours, instead I carried out a couple of personal projects. At first I thought: “Are you crazy? You want to become a manager; how are you supposed to get a promotion if you do personal stuff at work?” Well the answers is: because my efficiency allows me to do so. I’ve always valued efficiency. But now, with EmperorQ, the way I’m experiencing the manifestations and my own thinking, I start to see inefficiency as something that pulls time and energy away from me. So if my current work is about waiting for feedback or doing trivial, supportive tasks which don’t add to the end result of the project, I’d rather use this time to do stuff meaningful for my life. And if my tasks at work end up to pile up because of this, I’m confident I’ll use my energy and efficiency to compensate for this. I don’t know if that makes even sense, I’m just putting down what I’m experiencing, my thoughts and feelings.

  • Since yesterday I conceded myself a night out, I got home pretty late and I didn’t get much sleep. Surprisingly, this morning I had the same energy as every other day.

  • I just realized I suddenly stopped doing negative self-talk. And I think it’s been a couple of days now. Amazing. Even when I try to do negative self-talk—the kind I always used to do—I think to myself: “thats bullshit”.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


Outstanding report. I can’t say too much, but you’re definitely executing the script as intended.