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My body is ready, my mind is ready, I look forward to EmperorQ v5, the experimental non-name-embedded version.

And will run it by itself, no stacking or mixing subs.

Let’s do this!

[SOLO] Tarmicle's Journey with The Incredible Experimental EmperorQ
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I got a flashback from childhood when I was with the other kids and they had toys I wanted and but couldn’t have…

Oh and I’m eager to read about your experiences!


@ExploringAstronaut, I am pretty sure you will get EmperorQ as well.

I really wished you were with us going through the exciting phase of experimental testing!


Started EmperorQ now. Using the Ultrasonic. It’s more than 1h05min!

My brain is buzzing…


Day 1:

  • EmperorQ “feels” much better than Emperor V4.

  • EmperorQ has a similar push to action that Khan ST3 had, with increased energy, and especially a huge drive towards optimism and hope.

  • Emperor V4 was keeping me at neutral (I am naturally happy but didn’t feel that happy on EV4, just neutral), no matter how much I tried. EV4 = Stoic and serious. EmperorQ = Hopeful and playful and enjoying life and being fun.

  • I like the chi energy moving throughout my body, especially in the crown of my head, on EmperorQ.

  • EmperorQ is not as “weakening” to me as Emperor v4 was. Maybe EmperorQ doesn’t have New Beginnings?

  • More calmness. Reduced stress. EV4 used to create a background level of stress that is not caused by external circumstances.

Either way, it’s just the start. It may get much better, or much worse. I am ready for whichever one comes.

In the beginning, all subs start with the positives, before reconciliation hits.

I only listened to 5 loops today. The energy EmperorQ gave me got me in and out of my home office more than expected.

I plan to listen 2 days ON, 1 day OFF, to EmperorQ.
No listening during bedtime.

  • So far, EmperorQ seems more enjoyable and comfortable to run than Emperor v4.


Super excited to give it a run.

I notice this as well, especially when contrasting days off vs on. It’s like a subtle weight is lifted.


Exactly, felt like the weight of Emperor v4 is lifted on the first day of EmperorQ.

I’ve been running EV4 for 3 months, and the weight never got lighter, even when no reconciliation is happening.

I look forward to more results from EmperorQ!


I believe this to be correct. I cannot confirm this though but it does feel to me that NB has been left out of this one.

Healing is something positive but it does come with constantly facing your past trauma, having those emotions come to the surface and face them with a different mindset so that you can release them.

Emperor v4 New Beginnings was extremely noticeable. I don’t feel it from this new experimental version but that’s just my subjective experience - time will tell. It’s to early to say anything.


It wasn’t left out. We added significant scripting to make the sub easier to run. After 12 hours of running it, however, I’m starting to experience cognitive decline, haha. Writing sentences has become much harder and I’m getting a slight headache. Soooo, even though it may feel lighter, recognize that you’re still getting bombarded with A LOT of information.


Thank you for confirming.

Oh so you’re testing as well? I guess you’re to busy on developing to have a journal on your experience then.

That cognitive decline is really something I noticed whilst combining Emperor v4 & Quantum Limitless Stage 4. It was really taking a toll on me. I’m going to stick with only a few loops a day of Emperor Q, probably with pauzes in between. 3 days on 1 day of as usual.


Yes, which is as it should.

Because if we can get the same results with a better experience, it’s a much more enjoyable ride to success.

Emperor v4 was a really difficult experience emotionally during the 3 months I ran it. But it also helped me build significant discipline and emotional self-control, to act even if inside New Beginnings was kicking me in the guts every day. So it was a positive :slight_smile:

I noticed more of a cognitive decline at the end of the day with Emperor v4, honestly.

But it’s the first day, there is a lot for us to figure out and test!


Emperor v4 has highs and lows, ups and downs. Either you’re feeling on top of the world or you’re just at peace pulling through.

Did you mean the Q version or just the regular v4 one?

Jeppers, let’s do this. Much of luck to you! Hopefully you’ll be getting a more pleasant ride then what emperor v4 has brought you.


Yes. The feeling was so strong and so immediate I was initially doubting it was from EQ. Very different feeling from Ev4.


EmperorQ is a joy to use. Emperor v4 got my brain tired at the end of the day, even if it was one of the early total reconciliation day in December where I had to push hard to do a few tasks. Or even yesterday before switching today to EmperorQ, there was a feeling with Emperor v4 that I cannot be fully focused on the moment because my brain is busy doing something else.

I agree. With EV4 I would take action, but the world felt dark and gloomy, while with EmperorQ, the world feels like a light happy place full of hope.

It’s like Sanguine Turbocharged in EmperorQ!


1 hour and 5 minutes? Mine is only 44minutes 28 second long :open_mouth:


I agree 100%. The last 3 months on Emperor v4 felt like a grind, and with EmperorQ, the joy of “work” is returning, it’s a real relief!

I suspect Subliminal Club sent different versions of EmperorQ to different people, so if someone is untrustworthy and leaks the Q experimental files to competitors or among unsavory groups, they will know who it is :slight_smile:

It’s a good thing, to keep our community tight-knit.


I was just starting to wonder if sanguine is built into this. Joy, joy, and more joy is on my brain when I run EQ


I can only agree. I think Fire had attached some lines of script from Sanguine to the New Beginnings module. Definitively something with Sanguine-like scripting going on here.

I’ve run Sanguine in the past for quiet some days, it’s one of my favorite stacking modules because it keeps you in that high vibratory state of emotions at all cost. Which is really a necessity for manifesting the subliminal scripts. Being in a state of grief, sadness, fear, lack - all being low vibratory emotional states makes you unable to manifest most parts of the subliminal scripts.

This actually is the main reason when reconciliation hits and you’re not feeling so high that you started thinking whether or not the subliminal scripts are doing anything. Even though the day before you we’re on top of the world having an answer for every and each conversation, standing your ground being in the vibe of flow. All that good stuff :smiley:

So yeah… I agree, definitely some Sanguine going on here. That’s actually the first thing I noticed when using EQ. So far I have only run 4 loops of Emperor so let’s see what more I’ll be finding out. I have never used the commander supercharger, but yesterday after looping EQ for 2 times I went out with friends and my energetic aura was outputting the exact description of what is said to be the commander. I don’t think that is coincidence I’m really self aware and this never happened before from Emperor.

Anyway as I said I don’t have admiral and commanders supercharger so there’s really no way to compare. Maybe someone who does have the supercharger will be able to confirm?


Day 2:

  • A bit of insomnia last night, my brain felt like it is processing things. But this happened on Emperor v4 as well.
  • Many dreams, some awareness I was seeing dreams. I don’t remember most of them. One stood out where ugly gnomes were hiding behind every door I opened in a house. They were not threatening, just very ugly.
  • Woke up very hungry, much hungrier than usual. But I felt a drive to make a salad and fresh orange juice. Normally, I’ll feel that preparing meals is a nuisance, but now it felt right, that doing this will give me the clean energy to be even more productive.
    Or maybe, just maybe, the grind feeling that EV4 introduced to everything is replaced with the joy of doing even when it comes to little things.
  • I felt highly energized to do work, while usually on the first few days of a new sub, I get a loss of motivation until I get used to the sub. This may be related to EmperorQ, or it might be because this continues where Emperor v4 left off.
  • On Khan, I was seeing numbers such as 11:11, 22:22, etc every day. On Emperor v4, I didn’t see any. Maybe 2 times during the full 3 months. On EmperorQ, no special numbers showing up around me so far.
  • I’m laughing while doing the dishes, which is usually something I hate. EmperorQ is fun!
  • A sense of focus, and clear vision similar. No brain fog as it used to happen in EV4.
  • EmperorQ is very smooth. Beautifully smooth. Even smoother than Khan ST3 and Primal Seduction Iron Throne. But it’s the second day, I look forward to the future!

=> I used to think Khan and Primal were the two very best subs that SC has created. Now, I believe EmperorQ is the best, with Khan not far behind. And Primal in third place.

You did something wonderful here @SaintSovereign @Fire


I had a discussion with @Hermit about why EV4 seemed much more dense than EmperorQ, while EmperorQ is supposed to be much denser.

My theory is this, and it is confirmed by the subconscious of many members here pushing them to stack multiple subs rather than stick to 1 and run it on a loop:

  • When the subconscious is being exposed to the same thing again and again, it’s being drilled in, and it reaches its threshold of tolerance faster, leading to reconciliation, and to people either wanting to switch subs or adding more to their stack (because of the next very important reason).
  • When the subconscious is exposed to a variety of different scripts, logically, this seems like “more” things to handle, so it should feel denser. However, we know from Hypnosis that fractionation is both a way to keep people’s attention and to let the hypnotic commands work better. My theory is this: When people have a stack of multiple subs, or a sub like EmperorQ with more modules in it, each time there is a change in module, it’s like the person changed channel on TV or switched to a different video on YouTube: It’s new, fresh, exciting. So, they get a new hit of dopamine, which keeps them awake, and it also lets them rest from that previous module, so their energy is recharged when they get exposed to it again.
  • Therefore, if someone had 1 module of 10 minutes they were listening to non-stop all day, it will feel “denser” and the reconciliation will hit faster and sooner than them listening to a stack of 20 modules they looped all day.
  • Then, that 10 minutes of a single module looping will be a lot more painful to run, will lead to immense reconciliation, and it is brute-forcing the subconscious.
  • And running multiple modules would theoretically be less effective since it’s more material for the person to be exposed to to see results.
  • HOWEVER, the reality is this: The SC scripts are not totally separate entities. They are different angles on the same basic things: Sex, Money, Status, Learning. So, those 20 modules, or EmperorQ with its long list of modules is NOT a lot of material to go through, it’s attacking the same basic goals from many different angles. And the variety allows the mind to refresh itself and for fractionation to happen, letting the scripts sink in deeper. Which means better results and less reconciliation.

Does this contradict my complete devotion to 1 sub at a time? Not at all.
I believe that when 1 sub is created, the scripting in it makes sure all modules are interwoven together in the optimal way, all being different brush-strokes of the same 1 masterpiece, working in unison to lead to the goals of the person listening. While different subs in 1 stack, even if they have some scripting to work together, it’s not as optimized as 1 single sub created with all of its modules, no matter how many, to support each other.

This is why EmperorQ, even though it has a larger script than other subs works better and is less overwhelming: It’s like a diamond with many facets, each is a different angle to show the beauty of the same thing. Each extra module in EmperorQ attacks the problem from a different angle and provides a “rest and refreshment” for the subconscious so it’s ready when it returns to a module of it that was run previously. While in Emperor v4, or even ST1 of the multi-stage modules, there are way less modules repeated more times, which leads to an overload of the cognitive capacity of the person without the ability to change channels and be exposed to something new to let it rest and allow for fractionation.

cc @SaintSovereign @Fire + @DarkPhilosopher

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