Sleeping hacks and aids

Sleeping hacks or aids
Hi, y’all. In these times when almost everyone has a smartwatch or something to measure everything about your daily and nightly process, I am wondering why no one does not solve sleeping. We stay one third of our day in sleep so it is quite an important time.

So I want to open a discussion about how to improve our sleep and everything about it.
For instance, I am using a sleeping mask to eliminate light. Before sleep, I am taking magnesium or some other supplement but I am still not fully satisfied with my sleeping cycle.

I can give you exact values about REM and DEEP phases but I think this is not necessary at least now.
With subs, my sleep is very volatile, the harder the sub, the worse the sleep due to my time in the DEEP phase.

So any observations, ideas on how to improve sleep will be appreciated.


Deep breathing before sleep is essential

We dont sleep that good because we dont really breathe

Inhale from your nose untill your tummy is full of air breathe from your tummy not your chest,

When youre in bed do this breathing
Make sure youre breathing from your nose when youre asleep “this is very important”

Also practice being present in the moment before going into sleep, that will help a lot

I recommend “the power of now” for that matter very life enlightening

Nutrition is also important

I myself follow a plant based diet and it pretty much helps a lot with sleep quality

If you’re following a regular diet, I recommend eating from organic sources, and organic meats without hormones

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Exercise! Any kind really, but I found swimming to be one of the best when it comes to resting well at night.

Some people prefer not to do it too close to bed time, but I’ve never had a problem with that. Exercise helps me unplug from the stresses of the day and gets me tired enough to go to bed earlier than usual.


Inviting our masters of biohacking.




After switching from ultrasonic when I had approximately 2h of deep sleep, to mask version Emperor Qv2 and Rich Qv2 (not solace). The first day (Wednesday) after listening had deep sleep for 1h 12min. Yesterday was a rest day and this morning had Deep for 1h 6min. So I am quite worried about subs impact on my sleep.

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Small note I am listening through the day, not in my sleep.

And another thing. When I started listening to SC, I only listened to the masked version at that time and I also had a worse deep sleep (it was like Ascension, Primal, overall lighter titles).

After some time I tried ultrasonic and found out that I can handle it better and more, but now I realized that it was due to lesser effectiveness.

Do you think that if I continue further with masked versions, my sleep will become normal?

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Sleep hacking has been a strong personal interest of mine for nearly 20 years. A plethora of supplements allows me to fall asleep rather quickly (5 mins or less from awake to deep sleep, according to my Oura ring) but I usually awaken still feeling quite tired, as I remember multiple dreams and rather than feeling rested, I feel as though I’ve spent hours watching tv.

I keep my room as cool as I can, while considering that my wife prefers a warm room to a cool one, and that we have a baby in the room too. Plus it’s summer here. I’m not able to have the room fully dark, so I have a sleep mask which blocks out all light. I also wear 33 (or 34? I can’t recall) dB earplugs which are allegedly rated for a shooting range… I can still hear most sounds though, my hearing is annoyingly sensitive. (And, as I’ve mentioned before, yes I’m using the earplugs properly. Rolled as tight as they can go, inserted deep into my ears, and gently held in place until they expand.)

I used to use 100% blue blocking red light glasses, but honestly I didn’t find they made much of a difference for me, with either falling asleep or getting a good night’s rest. So, for the sake of convenience I don’t bother with them anymore. My regular glasses have a blue-blocking film on them which blocks about 70% of blue light, according to a blue light transmission test I had done, which used a blue LED and a photocell.

Our house uses a variety of light bulbs, most of them warm-white LED, except for some in the kitchen that are hard-wired in, so we just don’t use those at night. Our living room is lit by the equivalent of 3 25w bulbs in 3 floor lamps around the room, which many people find a bit dim, but we find to be just right. They’re LED bulbs, so the actual power consumption is closer to 9w total, but that’s not the point.
We don’t watch TV after 10pm, though I do use my phone or ipad later than that… They’ve both got the night mode color shifting setting enabled, and I keep my screens very dim anyway. Typically I read before bed rather than using a screen though.

I mostly rely on my sleep supplements to help me fall asleep, though as I’ve mentioned previously I’ve also had some hypnosis conditioning to install a sleep trigger, and most nights this is like flipping a switch. I repeat the trigger 5x,but most nights I can only get to 3… powerful stuff.

I’ve posted my whole sleep supplement stack here before, but a quick search can’t find it… Paging @Meng123 ! :sweat_smile:

Short version is, I take supplements to help me relax and calm my mind, I create the best sleeping environment I can, and I use a hypnosis trigger phrase along with progressive relaxation to prime my body for sleep. I also go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time(s) each day. I also avoid having conversations or situations that might evoke a stress response within a couple of hours of bedtime, as being stressed is a surefire way to keep me awake and restless. I like to spend the hour before bedtime reading, either articles or a book… fiction is preferred over non-fiction, as if I’m reading something non-fic it tends to give me ideas, whereas getting lost in a story is just pure entertainment and relaxation.

Daily meditation definitely helps, but I haven’t arranged my schedule to fit that in ever since my daughter was born… same with exercise. For a long time all the gyms & fitness centers here were closed due to lockdowns, but even now that they’re open again I haven’t gotten back into the habit.

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This one?

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That’s it! For some reason it didn’t show up when I searched for magnesium, melatonin, etc with my forum name… oh well, thank you for finding it! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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For me, listening to more than one sub at a time, overloads me. So I listen to one sub, one loop only.
If I was listening to two subs like you, I would prob. have insomnia for a while…

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So only one loop at one day.


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hey guy, I honestly don’t know. I just know for myself, that if I listen to too much I can’t sleep. you might have to experiment and see.

Yes, it looks like same problem.

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Good luck bro!

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Thanks btw what titles are you listening to and what is your listening pattern?

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Khan stage 1. one loop every 3 days. So far no sleeping problems.

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Bit late to the party, I’ve been under the weather as the saying goes. I don’t think I can do any better than @BLACKICE but the best things in my experience were a comfortably cool environment, 4/8 breathing (somebody once told me we do 3/5 when we sleep) and a clear head. Two more things are to keep a strict schedule of when you go to bed and when you wake up and to keep your bed(-room) dedicated. No TV, no reading, just sex and sleep. Your body remembers what you use the space for, so it will recognize what your intent is. If you’re not having sex, it will assume you’re there to sleep. Never, ever, ever put a TV in your bedroom and lounge in your bed watching. No matter how comfortable your bed is.

The influence of subs is very subjective. Some people can listen day and night and their sleep won’t change at all. Most people have difficulty falling asleep to the very noisy masked sub or the ultrasonic disturbance next to them but Solace works fine. Unfortunately I can’t be of much help there.

Another factor that can affect you is your chronotype. I’m a night owl myself, it’s almost impossible for me to move my schedule early and I’d be yawning all day. Some people refuse to acknowledge that chronotype is a think, but it definitely is.

On the supplement side, I like to balance my spending so I won’t go to the extent ICE goes, but I do have a Magnesium supplement which seems to help (and is easy enough to manufacture that the price is acceptable). But that is mainly because when I started taking it I had a shortage, so I developed insomnia and once I took it I was out like a light.

Nowadays I fall asleep in 15 minutes even without the breathing and simply daydreaming until I drift off, hoping it will influence what I dream about.