Scalar wave theta plugin?


Any body tried qummulator usb scalar wave generator?

They have a theta frequency. Basically you plug it in and it emits the frequency you choose through a scalar wave. Very interesting. I’m thinking of getting this to help with subs!

How is Subliminal Club's scripting different

Okay so I just forked out the :moneybag: to try this thing out. I’ve been doing some research on it. So once I try it out I’ll give an update. I’ve actually been reading on how to build a Tesla coil so I can transmit all the different frequencies I like through scalar waves instead of the headphone style entrainment. People claim to have profound results with this.


Just imagine going through all the chakras with this plus the subs! :exploding_head:


Tesla coil? Interesting idea. Don’t put it next to your computer though, it doesn’t have chakras.


I dont really get it. What’s different from regular frequency audios?


Instead of doing brainwave entrainment through binaural beats you are going through the scalar energy field emitted around you. It goes back to Nicolas Tesla’s’ inventions. So in essence you are reaching the same thing just differently. Scalar energy gets stronger over time it’s emitted as well.


Ah you mean its some sort of field around you… Wow, thats the first time I hear about it


Freaking awesome! Glad I got this. Works great.


So this brings faster results from subs? It ain’t cheap though, il stick to regular listening of masked subs before I pay $129 for that …


I have a theory Theta may place our brain in a relaxed, learning state. I discussed that in another thread:

However, I also think it may not be wise to force ourselves into certain brainwaves for longer times, since too much is still too much.

But I do believe lowrider has mentioned in several threads this device is working very well for him.