SargeMaximus: Next Level (Primal Seduction + Executive + Paragon)

Same. The subs like stark i used never got the chance to shine :sob::sob::sob::sob: neither with Am or Emperor(though they are made for solitude but still they have social aspects)

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Just a though: if a woman is not interested in you, she won’t start a conversation/engage with you.
The more vocal she is about your values, about you being an asshole, the more attracted she is. It’s up to you to get her jn your frame.

Think about it: if you see a woman absolutely not attractive for you, would you engage her just to tell her she’s not attractive? The vocal ones are the easiest ones in my experience, you just need to ignore her blabber and focus on fucking her.


I hope PS gets me to that point. As it stands it literally turns me off and I couldn’t fvck her if I tried.

So one thing I don’t like about these subs is that the volumes seem different for each program. I just finished PS and I turned on Executive and couldn’t hear anything. I thought it might be ultrasonic so I removed headphones and turned up volume to see. Well I could hear the trickling water but only after significantly raising the volume. I prefer my tracks to all be the same so I don’t risk turning on the lower volume one at a higher volume. Seems like it would be an easy fix.

Ultimas generally have a masked sound along with an ultrasonic component.

Executive Ultima has a solace version which has the trickling water sounds at a lower volume.

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You might have tried the solace version.That one has a much lower volume.Its still a prototype/experimental mask for testing at the moment.When its complete it will be replacing the current mask and all the programs would have the same solace volume.The normal masked version is pretty much the same volume as the q programs give or take a couple of db

The prototype mask was bundled with a couple of programs for testing purposes including executive.Just need to download the other version

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Yes that much I gathered. Question is: If I increase the volume for Executive so I can hear the trickling water, is it too loud? Or should I keep it at the same volume as I had Primal Seduction?

In other news: I’m tired as fvck! Those subs definitely knocked me the fvck out. Going to the gym soon but there’s no way I can do a proper workout like this. I’ll be going for the principle of doing it alone. I gotta get in the habit.

I’m worried I did have executive too high volume now. That’s what I mean. Subliminals should all be the same volume so it’s easier to calibrate your computer volume.

For me, I do not do full volume with subs. I go with a volume that is low but loud enough to hear the subliminal mask or water trickles.

About the same volume thing, I am not sure.

I sometimes change the volume on my foobar2000 player when transitioning between main titles and Ultima titles.

See that’s so weird. It’s like buying a medium t shirt from a store but one of the mediums is smaller than the other medium. Does no one think that’s weird? Why not standardize it?

The ultimas had to be a bit louder that the majors by design so that can pick up the ultrasonic without having to play it too loud.Its only slightly louder anyway,think about -5db.Solace is the only one with a big difference in volume.I usually just play my ultimas at the same volume as my majors

Haha,normal to be tired with the new tech.Particularly with qv2.Thats why some people are dropping to 2-3 times a week or every other day instead of the 5 days like the old tech.Seems to be enough.Hmm,think you should just download the normal masked version for executive.Solace version is alot further apart in volume.Normal version is same volume as paragon

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Perfect, thank you. Yeah the executive version I have now I had to play at around 20 whereas I was playing PS at 9 in windows media player. Quite the difference.

In other news just got back from the gym. I’ve barely had anything to eat but I’m not even tired the only thing that stopped me was that I failed on a few of my sets. I’m just out of shape but I’m sure that I will get better as time goes on and especially better with timing my food. I didn’t do too many workouts today because I didn’t want to exhaust myself didn’t notice too much attraction from anyone but I was just in and out in like 10 minutes.

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Heading out to do door to door in an hour. I’m already chomping at the bit here but no one is home at this time usually. Gotta work smarter not harder. Speaking of which, my stock portfolio is up 1.28% today, only up 0.58% for the week. I’m still holding long. My port is up 13% for the last 30 days. That’s nearly $1000 of gains in this last 30 days without having to do a thing.

Long term I want to be an investor by trade. It’s the ultimate for me. I enjoy learning about the market and the state of the world and having my finger on that pulse.

I’m not a daytrader, nor do I chase memes. I have a few times like Tsla and Bitcoin and ETH, but I exited all of those with a profit as I perceived the bubbles popping.

I work now only to add to my portfolio. Which reminds me, it’s currently in a TFSA but there is a limit to how much you can have in there before the government starts taxing you on the excess. I plan to visit an accountant soon to see how I can grow my money and continue investing while paying as little tax as legally possible.

Long post incoming. A “shit test” I encountered today which I call “The Nuclear Shit Test” in that it’s a test where the girl acts so repulsive and so shitty, I lose all attraction for her.

So I’m knocking doors. Everything was going great. I was getting leads easily and Executive was clearly helping me in that regard. I felt calm, collected, centered, and on task. Best of all: I was getting leads easily and effortlessly.

Then I come to the literal last house. This hot girl (9/10 body, 7/10 face) comes out. I engage in a different kind of banter. Not as formal, it was effortless and as we talked I could tell she was either drunk or stoned. Maybe both.

Anyhow, she did the whole “do you have a card?” Thing. And by this time I had already decided to move on.

There are a few reasons for this, mostly because she was under some kind of influence, but also because she was acting increasingly rude.

So I tell her “No”

Then she gets agitated/angry “Well that’s shit!” she says.

I immediately say “No worries, take care!” and leave. I just leave because she’s getting more and more volatile and I don’t want to be on the receiving end of whatever crazy and elevated behavior begins to manifest.

As I’m walking away, she calls out after me “Sweetie, I Run a business, ok? And, yeah…” Like she was beginning to lecture me but I just kept walking so she stopped.

Thing is: WHY on earth would anybody WANT to pass this kind of shit test? Like talk about truly SHITTY behavior. And now I’m the beta for walking away? That’s fvcked up.

Anyhow, I hope the hot girls I manifest aren’t all like that.

The good news is: Executive clearly works. I would have stayed out longer but my lazy side won out. Still, not bad for a day where I usually stay home. I’m sure with more diligence I’ll be out there all the time like I should be.

As for PS and the “shit test”, clearly that’s not what I want. I mean yeah she was hot, but after that display there’s no way I’d give her my D.


Manifested a cute 7.5/nearly 8 (if she has big fake tits she’s a solid 8 but it doesn’t look like it in her pics) online. We went straight to sex talk but when I asked for her schedule she stopped responding.

I’ve noticed this before with subs for attraction and sex: it’s like they only go so far then the girl chickens out or goes 180. Hopefully it’s just because I’m new to the subs.

Pics below of the convo and the girl:

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ma man you went ahead about asking the schedule too fast, you don’t just grill the chicken and eat it, you gotta marinate it first :joy:

Bro this is how I always do it. I told you, I tried doing the whole “chit chat/seduction” way and it doesn’t work for me


Well let PS take over slowly, you’ll find out that it will become second nature in no time :wink:

I thought it’s supposed to work with my natural seduction style. It’s not like I haven’t gotten laid doing this. It’s literally the only way I’ve gotten laid. Never once gotten laid trying the “seduction” method.

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well, it won’t really change your style, nothing can without you desiring it, think of it more as a level up.

like for example, what you did was, in a way, a chad move, however, you could have also first asked for a number, or traded pics, which I assume would still fit your “style”, just saying that things can become smoother, with little tweaks.

remember, even apple only implements tiny changes to make their phones better than the previous year, so use that as a metaphor