Running EOG ST3 and Emperor a Good Idea?


So I’ve been using AudioShare and gonna stick with EOG ST3 for 60 days. However once I start at EOG ST3 I wanted to also run Emperor if possible. Not as a separate listen, but at the same time because of audioshare. Would that work?


I don’t think that’s a good idea. Running 2 subs simultaneously is like listening to 2 teachers at the same time. You may not be able to grasp everything both are trying to teach you. If you want to try 2 subs, I think it’s best to run them one after the other.


^^^ What he said.


Running two major sub at the same time? Isn’t it obvious that the answer is a resounding no? Focus and channel your energy to the right direction.

Quote directly from one of the greatest mind in history (Mr.Albert Einstein): Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality.

My question to you, to others, and to some whom are still deluded in their own “fantasy”.

Question: Why dissipate your energy? Ever wondered why you aren’t attaining anything at all? Ever pushed yourself deeply into one segment long enough to see the fruition of the result? No. No one does. Not even close to it. Because you AREN’T DISCIPLINED enough.


What about listening to emperor two times a day to not lose progress while mainly listening to eog?


The original poster was talking about literally running the two programs simultaneously. Like literally at the same time. Not playing one for part of the day and then another for part of the day.

Again, just like @d1gz said, listening to two teachers give you instructions at the exact same time would have the result that you’d be unlikely to learn either set of instructions properly.

On the other hand, listening to two teachers in sequence during the same day? That’s basically secondary school or university. Works out pretty well for many people.




Ha, the dreaded face of a new subliminal user.


Ask yourself, which is more important. Prioritize your goal. Once your desire is attained, move alongside to the other priority that matters.


I have no interest in dead threads where the OP has moved on long ago, and worse, the title has no connection with the topic being discussed, but for @Malkuth & @ExploringAstronaut

What do you think STARK is? - A single file with 6 Cores. :thinking:

Most of the large products combine several Cores - Primal Seduction, Khan, Emperor, et al.
Sure, the scripts may be written for better alignment, but there is no one single subject being taught at a time.

This is an old thread. Users have since successfully tested playing multiple files together.
Me and @WhiteTiger have certainly done it, and I suspect @rising and @blackadder may also have; but I’m not going to search & quote.

Variety of Scripts is not the issue with SC products, because they’re designed to be stackable.
It is the SIZE of all scripts combined, and the ABILITY of the user to handle it.

Experientially, for an advanced user, playing 2-3 of the New Dawn / PrimalTech Major Programs simultaneously is similar to playing 1 QuantumTech program.
Huge script = More brainpower consumed = Not for “play-play”, as you say.

The benefit is also the same as QT … 4 loops and you’re actually done for the day. :wink:

This can’t be made an official recommendation because of user ability issues.
@Fire has to walk the fine line of making a product powerful enough for immediate impact, and yet not such that there are too many headache complaints. :astonished:

Personally, I like to work with the white noise, so I won’t do this all the time, for it affects performance. And for the same reason, I don’t use the QT products full time either.

Going forward: Emp 4

I want to make sure I’m understanding ‘simultaneously’ correctly.

You’re saying that people have literally played several tracks at the same time. In other words, for example, one track in iTunes, another in MediaPlayer, and another from RealPlayer. All playing at the same time?

Because that’s what the original post was suggesting.


Yes. You understood correctly. You just can’t believe it yet. :smile:

The impact is also different from “stacking in a playlist”.
For me, they reconcile better.

Quotes from WhiteTiger’s journal:

Then, Emperor v4 (QT) was released…



This is all Experimental.
Subliminal Club and Subliminal Results Community disclaim any liability arising from the use of this information.


EOG: No small change

It’s not that I can’t believe it. It’s that I’ve never heard this before (actually, hadn’t read this topic before). And I just read Saint’s response further up on this same thread. So, I’m learning something.


This just shows the fact that I have no idea how the subliminals are made. The truth is, for all I know, there could be simultaneous voices in all of the subliminals.


Oh, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

Emperor v4’s long 121 pages script cannot possibly be read, one line at a time, in 45 minutes. :hugs:


…a point


Here’s @bujin and @Kotaro_kobayashi - testing multiple instances journal.

Pretty fun thread. Enjoy. :+1:

PS: Interestingly, it was going on when this thread was created. Maybe that’s why @Pwnie21 raised the question. :smile:


All highly experimental, but men, I had ladies hahaha :ok_hand: