Rooted in Life [Dragon Flight/Reborn Chosen: The Way of Nature]

Rooted in Life
The main goal of this stack is to get rid of all the rest of the blockages/limitations that stop me from expressing my beautiful self to the world. I want to get deeply rooted in life as well, live in the moment, and enjoy being alive even more. I’ve never been interested in nature and I don’t know much about it even though I consider my knowledge rather quite broad. Yet I think I may get interested in nature, studying it a bit more thoroughly than I did in primary school. Apart from that, I’ll keep running Dragon Reborn.


Day 1
I listened to my stack one hour ago and I’m experiencing calm bursting in my chest. I felt energies coursing through my heart when listening to the CWoN soundtrack.

I feel the new stack is going to instill in me more of this mindset:


How did you find that striking picture?

Pretty cool.


Thanks :sunglasses:

I typed in “druid” on Google Images and was looking for something related to the main goals for this stack. I want to test it for one cycle and then keep running it or switch to my custom (that is yet to be built) based on CWoN as one of the three cores.


That druid is d(root)ed

(corny jokes make the world go round)


I can definitely say that CWoN makes me more rooted in life (in reality, more grounded and present). People are way more responsive and eager to connect with me. Also, it feels as if the program was getting all my being saturated with its “power” whilst the other ZP I’ve listed to, do it only to some point as if they were limited to the “back of my head”. Maybe it’s not about the technology but the areas CWoN is meant to address. It’s like CWoN is more like ZP Mk.III than any other ZP I’ve used so far.


Day 2

I woke up groggy in the morning and I can feel how much more demanding CWoN than GLM is when it comes to energy consumption.
My senses have got sharper and experiencing life is more “colorful”. My mood is great and I was singing and humming to myself in the morning. My productivity has increased since CWoN contains the scripting addressing self-regulation, therefore, my convalescence (getting healed) is way smoother and I have more energy and focus to carry out my duties.


Day 3
I can sense something going on deep inside my psyche. I feel more… more alive, more congruent, happier, more connected to the universe yet at the same time more detached from what we call “humanity” and even its notion and all the concepts around it seem to be getting dissolved. That detachment is not only intellectual but also emotional or even rooted deeper than that. It feels as if I was becoming… nature itself. A nature that is indifferent to humankind. My feelings are more vivid, colorful, and stronger yet at the same time cooler and shapeless. Not like wind constantly changing its direction anymore but like water overflowing everything it encounters.


Day 4
I had a dream about being violent toward some guy I know last night. I cut him down and kicked him when he was down.

The reconciliation and integration on CWoN seem to be progressing way faster and smoother. I still don’t know whether it’s about the scripting or technology implemented into it. I feel really solid, grounded, and powerful today whilst yesterday I was a bit perturbed. It looks like my self-regulation has improved since I started CWoN and I really like it since the convalescence on DR has made me a bit distracted. Good.


Day 5

I’m experiencing a bit of recon (healing), CWoN is brushing away some negativity which source I do not recognize. I feel really rooted in life, grounded and solid, more connected to my body and subconscious. I noticed that I feel much better outdoors than I feel at home.


Day 6
Thanks to CWoN I’ve gone back to practicing yoga and stopped overeating. My level of self-discipline has improved as well. I’ve started considering food our medicine that we need to dose properly and I’m seriously thinking about changing the quality of food I eat. I’m really glad about those changes since my convalescence on DR made me really neglect that vital area of my life that is health since I stopped exercising and started overeating. Now it’s over. Good.


Day 9
I’ve been experiencing some negativity towards humans perceiving them as corrupted and fucked up beings which reminded me of @bujin’s opinion on humankind. It’s not like I want to avoid them but I can judge people negatively without even feeling it and it’s like excluding them, detaching from them in my mind. I thought I was over our “human” (common) habit of judging people some time ago thanks to running Wanted and DR later on but CWoN has brought it back yet in a totally different form since I’m emotionally detached from the (negative) judgment and it doesn’t hit me at all.

CWoN has occurred to be digging deep inside me bringing up a lot of healing related to my mine life issue that is addressed in this objective:

  • Generate a sense of deep gratitude for simply being able to experience nature and existence. Fall in love with your life and the experience of living.

I started questioning the whole point of living a bit. Nothing too intense it’s just a slightly sad mood putting me into the questioning. It may be something close to “the cry of the soul” that usually indicates a significant shift in my perception and thinking/behavioral patterns. It may be just the fact that I hated myself and my life when I was a kid and CWoN tackling it. I guess it’s a slight recon related to that issue.

Yet, I can tell that this issue is being tackled magnificently:

  • Remove all mental limitations preventing you from expressing your true, natural self to the world.

I feel way more natural and express myself with ease and gladly. It started changing a couple of months ago when on Wanted but now it was taken to a whole new level.


Day 10
I spent the whole day outdoors enjoying the beauty of nature although there was a lot of people around swimming, riding a bike etc. I noticed that the sense of power within me was much much stronger than usually and I attribute it to being in nature. My senses were sharper as well.


Hang in there, mate. You got this. Anything we can do to help?

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

No worries, that’s nothing I couldn’t handle. The sense that there are people striving to better themselves on the forums is really empowering. That’s a really powerful impulse on my journey as well.

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Day 11

I’m experiencing a strange kind of recon since it’s not diminishing my results or making me feel unstable but as if I felt almost physical pain in my psyche as if my psyche was being stabbed with a blade. I experienced something like that around one month ago. The only way to cope with that efficiently is overeating. So I am. :rofl:

I’m not surprised it’s happening since when I read the objectives of CWoN I instantly knew it would be tackling my core issues like love for life and myself and unbridled self-expression.

Again, it’s nothing I couldn’t manage.


Day 12
Recon is hitting me hard although I can control it when it comes to outbursts of anger. It feels as if my psyche was an onion and the recon was peeling off its layers one by one.

Day 13

The cry of the soul has got really intense and I started questioning my relationships and even the way I am. It occurred to me, and I’ve been thinking about that for the last couple of days, that not being selfish may be detrimental not only to ourselves but also to our relationships and the people involved. It looks like living in society requires of us to be selfish since if we’re not our relationships may easily get toxic and abusive. In other words, people (in general) are not worthy of being kind and generous to them and they tend to use those qualities of yours to their own advantage and at the same time, it spoils them in some way since they eagerly follow that route to the detriment of their character (if they have any, meaning a good, social part of it). I’m old but still, I have to go back to that truth yet again.

I feel kinda trapped in my “old self” and as if my subconscious was desperately looking for a way out. I can handle that “pain” and maybe even it’s necessary to make the transgression happen.


Day 14

My senses (sight and smell) have got much sharper thanks to CWoN. Apart from that, there’s a lot of negativity (towards “toxic” people) emerging from my depths that I attribute to CWoN as well since when I was running Dragon Flight along with GLM I didn’t experience that. It’s a part of the healing (=recon) I’m getting on CWoN but at the same time CWoN is making me solid and relaxed.


Day 15
The recon had been kicking the shit out of me and at some point, I was so down like I hadn’t been for years. My stack is hitting me hard and especially CWoN which is addressing my main issues: the sense of isolation, the fear of expressing myself to the world, the lack of hope for a better life and being someone more than I am, being disconnected from my “soul and body”, being a victim that is at fate’s will, hating myself…
The recon is pretty intense yet short-lived. Taking a nap, and going out into the sun helps resolve it pretty fast.