Revelation of Gold

Day 1/21 RoM & EoG4

New stack called Revelation of Gold. I am going to run this RoM with EoG4 and TS Podcast custom.

Running this right before sleep.

For some reason since I dived on into spirituality back in high school, I always connected it with wealth and the physical realm. Kind of as above, so below concept. I am excited to see how this combination of titles helps me explore that on a deeper level.


I like this idea but I was thinking of RoM is now too far in the skies again and I should focus more on below. But stacking it seems like a powerful play!


@AlexSQ so funny you say that - I’m feeling EXACTLY the opposite.

It’s been all wealth subs for me. This may be the soul searching + cognitive enhancing title I need!


Maybe we both do best if we find the balance in the middle :wink:

Might be, honestly. Sometimes you need to be have more physical pushes (external/materialistic), other time spiritual, and some other times mind.

I don’t anything about your desires, I am just speaking generally around the idea from my experiences.

Very interesting stack, but i have to ask, what about your vortex of gold custom?

The combination of Ectsasy of Gold and Revelation of Mind is exactly what I was trying to create in that subliminal.

I think that was a good primer to this stack since it was a massive explosion in my head that shook my thoughts and did a nice demolition before a new foundation can be layer.

I think I will be alternating RICH and EoG4 in 2 cycle increments to see if I can get some sort of mixture of building a base with EoG and accelerating results with RICH.

I am staying strong on my podcast custom unless a major program for podcasting/content creator comes out.

Essentially the answer to your question is, I trust Saint and Fire in creating the right combination of modules more than my own combinations for a title. I use a custom if what I am picturing isn’t out on the store yet.


A conteny creator sub would be amazing. For me specifically, Youtube or live streaming on Twitch. Until then we can mix-match subs and customs.

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You can create a narrowed-down custom for this. I did this with the VIBRATING CHIRON here:

Just an idea, of course.
But yes, I’d love a major also.

Throw it in the roadmap!

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Might do (: didn’t know we could do that. I also have an idea or two for a custom. Thanks, I’ll check yours for further inspiration.

Adding it shortly

Content creator subliminal

The entertainer

  • Authentic Charasmatic Presence through voice and video
  • Deliver information in an effective and entertaining way.
  • Your passion just oozes out of you and onto the camera or microphone.
    -Cut out the filler words (um, as, like)
    -Confidence in front of a camera or microphone.
  • Effortlessly Create buy-in from you audience at the very beginning of a session.
  • Engaging voice delivery

Idea Generation Machine

  • Create masterful engaging content.
  • Easily create scripts that execute ideas for content
  • something like storyteller

Master marketer

  • Become a social media mastermind
  • Write effective copy for descriptions of episodes, posts, videos etc
  • Develop online presence


  • Develop ways to automate unpleasant tasks
  • High focus when creating.
  • ROI
  • Find the right tools and right mentors for any task
  • Machine action.


  • Develop unique ways to monetize your creation that cascades into multiple streams of income to be independent of a platform (youtube, Google podcasts, etc).
  • Develop a community of die-hard fans to generate consistent revenue from.

Inner Circle

  • Develop a team around you that makes work a joy and are highly competent individuals.
  • Build a community of shared values.

(I am thinking this is a title like Gaming Mastery, where it has the content creation component Integrated with the Monetization component to build your content into an Empire)

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Day 2/21 rest. Cycle 1 of EoG

No massive effects. I had a bit better decision making. I started meditating again since the copy pretty much said it would be a good idea.

Definitely feel different, like my life is pivoting to a whole new path than the road I was going down. Not that the previous one was bad, but I get the sense the new one will be more efficient.

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Day 3/21 TS Pod for 8:35.

Woke up kind of lethargic, having zero motivation to work in my day job.

Getting kinda frustrated with myself that I am only able to really generate content and can’t seem to find the time to actually grow the podcast.

Hey I have an idea for your podcast to grow. Do an energy pull for it. Imagine a white ball of light in front of your chest. Pull with your whole being. Use your hands to shape this ball. Then pull energy from all of the universe to that ball. Pull for like 15 minutes then send out trickles back out into the universe pinging all the people, money, circumstances, energy and resources for your podcast to grow. You are an energetic psychic being.You can do this. Everything is energy first then physical.


This seems like a spell from the Gallery of Magic. Thank you! I will try it out.

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Day 6/21 rest

Had a family event today. Overall, I had a great time. Once I laid down in my bed, a bunch of recon rushed to the surface. My symptoms are always watery eyes, head feeling weird, and tension in my heart center. Lighter than my previous custom though.

Definently have some deep feelings and changes starting to happen, although I can not articulate what they are.

Day 9/21 RoM & EoG4

Recorded a podcast tonight. I feel kinda bummed because I don’t feel really great about it. Maybe what I think is bad is good to others. I realized I need to change the way I write the scripts to be more like outlines and have less commentary and allow the content to breathe. Had a couple of revelations that are hard to put into words. Not sure what I can do with them yet.

Day 10/21 rest day
While at work, I have been listening to quite a bit of other podcasts, trying to learn off of them as I try to get better at my craft.

I’m a bit disappointed that I’m not generating revenue yet, but I need to be patient. I hope RoM will help guide me towards the next step.

Day 16/21 Rest Day
Had a pretty intense dream where my father was being an unreasonable jackass. This has been a recurring dream. It usually stems from him trying to control me in the dream. In the dream it effects me greatly to the point of tears. When I analyze it, I realize if he were to do these things, it stems from battling his own demons and has nothing to do with me.

My wife is starting to plan on using our current house as a rental before we buy a new house. She is developing a plan and researching high yield savings accounts and investments to execute her vision. My wife has always been a planner, but not so much with money-making ideas. Maybe EoG is starting to rub off on her? She does not listen to subliminals.

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