Relationship Manifestation (Or Improvement) On Heartsong And Why It Causes Recon

Have you ever listened to Heartsong or another title and wondered why it causes such intense Recon?

If is really supposed to improve your relationship with your current partner, then, why does it cause so many fights at times? Sometimes running heartsong can actually feel like it’s making your relationship worse!?

But, as I’m going to explain, fighting while on heartsong is the ULTIMATE sign that Heartsong is WORKING for you.

I’ve thought about it al ot and have come up with a pretty sound explanation.

This’ll apply to Heartsong. It applies to my custom which includes the “Soul Connection” module. It might even apply to anyone that generally speaking is trying to manifest a better relationship and getting “fast results” aka immediate recon.

With subliminals, we can most powerfully change our inner landscape.

So, the first step to manifesting your dream relationship is to START ACTING IN A WAY THAT ONLY THE PERSON OF YOUR DREAMS WOULD RESPOND POSITIVELY TO.

No more walking on egg shells. No more throwing yourself on the sword for your partner.

Pure. Authentic. Expression. Of what you really want, who you really are, and how you genuinely want to interact.

If you’re looking to MANIFEST a relationship, well, this is a simple formula to success.

Step 1: Act in a way that your dream partner will respond positively to. This way of being and acting is in line with your truest self, and it’s the way that if you were able to always act this way in a relationship, you would always be happy.
Step 2: Keep on acting that way until you find someone that responds positively to it.
Step 3: You’ve found your dream partner.

However if you’re looking to IMPROVE an existing relationship… this is good… but things are about to get tricky. Here’s what that looks like.

Step 1: Act in a way that your dream partner will respond positively to. This way of being and acting is in line with your truest self, and it’s the way that if you were able to always act this way in a relationship, you would always be happy.

Step 2: Expect this… Your partner will freak out. You’ve changed. You just did something you’ve never done before, and it WASN’T complimenting them in a unique way, was it… it was challenging them to do more to make YOU happy and do less selfish behavior that makes the relationship easier for themselves instead of you. (Her thoughts: You’re not the same anymore. You used to never say anything when she didn’t do the dishes with you after dinner, but now all of a sudden you’re making it clear that you expect her to equally participate? WHAT THE FUDGE!!!)

Step 3: Your partner will fight with you, essentially punishing you for your new behavior because it challenges the norm and comfort of the relationship. They LIKE the relationship the way it is. They get to be more powerful. They get to be the boss. They get to control you to ensure you don’t challenge them. This is the basis of “walking on eggshells.” It means that if you say something they don’t like, they will react negatively, programming you to NOT act that way next time.

Step 4: You have a choice. You can either keep on acting the way that you’re acting. OR. You can go back to your old ways, stay safe, don’t act in a way that your dream partner would respond positively to, and then hope that by magic the subliminal will make your partner change and all of a sudden start prioritizing you even without you needing to speak up for yourself or ask her to.

Step 5: If you go back to your old ways, you will experience INSANE LEVELS OF RECON. Your brain will desire more than anything else to act in that way that will manifest your dream relationship, but, your conscious mind will block out that possibility, because it doesn’t want to have the uncomfortable conversations.

Step 6: If you DON’T go back to your old ways and you continue to act in a way that you would act is if your partner was your DREAM partner, one of two things will happen. You’ll either BREAK UP… or you’ll GET STRONGER.

Step 7: IF YOU BREAK UP, THIS IS THE BEST THING POSSIBLE, SO LONG AS YOUR PARTNER WAS GENUINELY NOT ALLOWING YOU TO ACT IN THE WAY YOU REALLY WANTED TO ACT. You are paving the way. you’ve just opened up pathways of manifestation by allowing yourself to throw yourself back into an infinite sea of possibilities. Now, right from the get-go, you can introduce yourself in such a way that only your dream partner would positively respond to. She will, from the very first impression, see you for who you truly are.

Note: How can you ever manifest your dream partner if you are in a relationship already, one which is not serving you? Sometimes, manifesting your dream partner means starting out with an act of faith. I genuinely believe that heartsong is much better at helping you find the perfect relationship, rather than helping you improve the existing relationship (if it is not your ideal partner). If the existing relationship is not serving you, Heartsong will guide you to act in your best interests and act as authentic to your experience as humanly possible, causing fights and recon until the relationship either adapts itself and becomes your ideal relationship, or ends. Fearing the fighting is just a way of not growing. Fight, if you must. It’s okay to ask for what you want and believe you deserve it even if you’re not getting it.

Step 8: If you do NOT break up, well… now all of a sudden, you’ve created a new dynamic in your relationship. While it might’ve been hard for your partner at first to start acting more like your dream partner, they’re actually doing it. You guys are working on how to make the relationship even better for each other… challenges and all! Congrats!

So, stick with the fights. They’re not recon. They’re RAPID GROWTH.

The real recon from Heartsong comes from wanting to act in a certain way and then suppressing it.

PS: This is happening to me and my girlfriend in real time. We are fighting, growing, learning from those fights, and being better for it at the end of each day. Our conversations now are conversations about how we can be authentic, set boundaries with each other, support each other, and how we personally want to be supported. It’s hard to tell your partner the way you want them to do more for the relationship. Starting a conversation off with “here’s what I don’t like about our relationship” is a QUICK way to start a fight… no matter HOW gently you put it… but, at the same time, that’s what makes our relationship grow; hearing the feedback and applying it.


Very nice summary. I’m interacting with my exgf again sin e using ascension chamber weeks ago manifested her. But I’m not through healing to pursue anything meaningful but once I run heartsong (maybe add it to Regeneration for 1 cycle?) I’ll definitely see how your summary works out.

Interesting for sure, Thanks for sharing such a thought out theory. Bookmarked :slight_smile: :grinning:

Well said.

I also think if you DONT have the fights and chicken out, the subs will guide you to other subs to strengthen yourself first before you go back into it. At least that’s what it felt like to me (QV2 tho).

Generally, yes. HS has an easier time manifesting a new RS than fixing the existing one. You cannot change people, but you can work with them. What I’ve noticed on HS ZP is that - while the fight will still happen and you talk about things - you will feel much better about yourself afterwards and the other person will then do what you want.
But not like with pressure or force, because they want to make it work.

Maybe it was because I went WITH the fight but that’s my result.

Different types of recon

What people will have to realize is that sex and manifestation subs are generally easier. Why? They fix YOU. It’s an internal process. You might feel triggered, but you can easily shrug it off as the other person being weird.

But if you run something like HS with external results literally changing people’s patterns and YOUR EXPECTATIONS of them, there is a lot of heavy lifting to do with that. This HAS to manifest in fights, or at least debates/talks. Otherwise the other person prolly doesn’t even get what’s wrong.

Same with wealth subs where you at least need pathways and are mostly just inspired to take action. It doesn’t magically appear in your account (although it does when you have the pathways lol) But you need that first.
For your partner to become what you want you need to create the pathways first (talk/fight/debate).


You don’t have to run HeartSong to apply the Steps.
They’ll work regardless of subs.


My gf and I call it a “productive fight” and its whst made her believe in subliminals. Because at first, HS must have done some healing, and it stopped us from fighting. Then once we were healed, every time we listened to it we always fought, but those foughts always led to very deep vulnerable sharing that we were glad happened


So is this a good sub to end a toxic relationship? Or if I make a custom how what modules do you think will help?

To end a toxic relationship?

Breaking up would help.

@Brandon did have an experience where after listening to heartsong, him and his partner broke up, and it was for the best. But it’s made my partner and I stronger, which was for the best.

It will end any relationship that is not right for you and/or getting in the way of your perfect relationship


Trust if it was that easy she would’ve been gone. She’s a stalker.

Thanks for this write up @Billions

I’m going through what you have written, but I seriously don’t see a way my partner can change to give me what I want nor should I expect her to. But being my authentic self caused her to not like it, which further shines light on that my needs are not being met in this relationship. What comes to mind is we are not compatible, as I want X, but she wants Z. I can’t change her and I shouldn’t expect her to change for me. The only thing that makes sense is for me to have a new person that wants X too and she have a new person that wants Z. That way we are both getting what we want and our needs are being fulfilled naturally, through me being my authentic self and have a new person that naturally (because it is just who she is) meets my needs of X.


Can you explain what you mean with the order of these events? If I’m understanding correctly, you’re thinking that Heartsong healed something that stopped you from fighting temporarily, but then subsequently the following loops caused turmoil?

If I’m understanding what you’re saying correctly, then the initial cessation of inner fighting between yourselves would be the initial ZP effect; everything that followed after would be when the real stuff started activating.

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For the inner strength and courage to leave a bad relationship, I would go for an alpha title like Ascension or even Emperor.


Yes. I can explain.

Think about it this way.

At first, we were fighting out of trauma. Heartsong was an instant blessing as it healed some of that trauma. We stopped fighting, as our wounds lessened and healed.

The first round of heartsong was like bandaging an open wound. Soothing. Healing. Comforting.

Months later, we came back to heartsong. And when we listened to heartsong, we started to actually tap into that trauma.

Just like how regeneration can cause recon and emotional voltaility. So can heartsong. Relationships can be experiencing recon too. But recon is often a sign of healing.

Specifically, the fights we had in this second round of listening to heartsong were “productive” and “vulnerable” because they

  • were about fears we’d never shared with each other before
  • were about discussing undiscussed expectations
  • were about what our PERFECT relationship for us would look like… and an honest assessment of where the other fell short in some areas but fit the bill in others.

Those conversations were new for both of us.

These are important to talk about, but damn are they HARD to hear sometimes.

Can you blame us for getting a bit scared that we weren’t good enough? Can you blame me for thinking her feedback and honesty were judgements and criticisms?

But then we kept talking and realized they werent judgements, they were honesty and growth in verbal form.

So we may have fought, but those fights usually ended up with us being more loving to each other than we had been before they started.


This is a beautiful conversation. Glad I bookmarked it :heart_eyes:

I personally think Lovebomb and Heartsong are the hardest titles to run because they address what most people fear, the internal conversation with themselves about “do you love yourself” because if you don’t love yourself…how can you love your partner?

Most relationships exist due to the fact people are afraid of being alone, being by themselves, being “unloved” but the reality is most people are damaged and haven’t put in the work to fix themselves before entering a relationship.


@Billions thanks for the info
i can see much talked about people in a relationship very good perspective, however what about someone not in a relationship, not having a gf can this sub manifest a girlfriend or if looking for a marriage partner provided taking action, what else can this sub do for singles?


This sub can help you find your ideal partner if you’re single but looking.

Any type of partner you’re looking for. Doesn’t have to be standard “monogamous” dynamic. Although that’s what I prefer.

Just saying, the right relationship for YOU

I won’t lie, i hate this round of heartsong. So many fights about what we both want… I’m not faltering. Even though I’m scared, I’m gonna fight till the very end. I’m prepared for any outcome… Either this will be a magnificent relationship or I’m finding someone new.


I won my “war”. My relationship is exactly what I wanted it to be, without saying what I want. As an added bonus…

I ended up with both. This other woman who’s exactly my type and also shares my vision of relationships reached out to me on Facebook, and is forward about wanting me… She asked when will I see her. This wouldn’t have happened if I caved in and changed stacks.

Loving heartsong right now.


Idk if I am reading this right, But are you dating both women now? Nice!

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I’m only dating one. Depending on how I feel like after next week, I might date the other.

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:rofl::rofl: let’s go :muscle::laughing:

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