Regeneration questions


I feel guilty, but I went back to another healing subliminal from another vendor which was very powerful for me. When I originally ran it, it quickly pointed out how much my life consisted of habitual lies, first to myself, and then to others. It was life altering for me.

I’m home today, have been doing a lot of planning and preparing for using incoming money, but ventured here since…I loved the independence training in Ascension. I put Ascension v.2 back on 20 minutes ago. I am causing myself trouble when I stop and look at it. I like the other vendor’s subs, but a needy and powerless mindset kicks in when on their forum, as it is a well used (but rather uncomfortable) role of making people responsible for my own happiness. In short, that feeling leads to a lot of not liking myself. I know that’s really why I’m here this morning.

So, I have some questions about Regeneration.

  1. Does Regeneration deal with loving and liking oneself?
  2. Does Regeneration promote honesty with oneself?
  3. Does Regeneration still promote independence similar to what is used in Ascension?
  4. Is it safe to Regeneration full-time?

What I’ve seen looking at alpha subliminals before is that old traumas can truly impede progress, and good ones focuses on addressing that stuff first.

I’m wishing to be deeply honest with myself so I can know exactly why I’m feeling what I feel, so I can make changes with a clear focus and reason. I’ve been feeling powerless lately, and staying there pisses me off. From my own history, feeling pissed off at this is good.


Yes to all of these.

Your happiness and power depends completely on you and how you use the tools available to you.

There is a reason not a lot of people have both - because you must grasp at it with your own two hands.


Don’t feel guilty. Use the tool that best helps you.

This is a good sign. Anger is a powerful motivator, hence why “the powers that be” try so hard to anger shame people, or create stupid platitudes about anger that just isn’t true. The fact of the matter is that anger is an evolved trait, and it manifests when your expectations or inner reality doesn’t match with your outer reality. The goal is not to stop being angry, but to channel that energy into a way that aligns your inner and outer worlds. Of course, you don’t want to just fester in your anger – yes, that can be detrimental to your psyche.


I’d not been using Regeneration since I was scared. In my mind I kept finding doubt about it, along with comparisons to other products. I was just scared.

I ran Regen almost all day yesterday, and I played it all night. And I’m still running it. F***! I’m noticing feelings of slight sadness rise, which feel tied to bigger things. For the longest time I’ve both 1. used subliminals to chip away old issues, and 2. avoided being conscious of such raw feelings and memories. This is the absolute truth. It’s been “Yes…NOOO!!..okay…HELL NO!!!” Fear has won repeatedly.

It’s kept me in one place. My biggest pain I carry is abandonment, and strangely enough, when it comes up, I immediately point it to other things, not the root. When it comes up, I quickly associate the fear with me abandoning people, causing pain. Healing involves letting go of old beliefs and old behaviors.

Just saw something. I fear abandoning myself. That was childhood thinking modeled by my alcoholic mom, who was physically there, but gone emotionally. I concluded only bad stuff from that, and I’m still living by those beliefs.

I have been using subs as my main healing tool these last 2 years thinking good shit would replace bad shit eventually. I began crying as I’m writing. Real emotion was not validated growing up, for my mom can barely handle any emotion at all. I’ll admit I am scared, but I am considering the Elixir. I avoided it since it would make feelings and memories conscious (that’s what I’ve imagined). I am just tired of being stuck.

GDammit, that is how I’ve lived. Hiding from emotion, hiding from any reminders, and making denial my survival tool! Dammit!

More tears came. I’ll not intellectualize on them. Posting this now


@Fire, does Regeneration deal with forgiving yourself?

I’m running it all day. Not staying in my shit is why I’m running it.


Yes, but it focuses more on helping you understand the situation and how to deal accordingly in the future – that’s a REAL goal that’ll get you ahead. Sometimes, what we call “forgiveness” is little more than mental masturbation, as no action is being taken. Our approach is not “forgive and forget,” but rather “forgive and adapt.”

Finding my True North

I’m liking this sub the more I use it and learn what it’s made of. I’m feeling more secure this morning knowing it digs deeper into understanding, which is pivotal in making real change. I’ve shared I’ve spent many years in 12 step rooms, and I’ve seen people only change when they truly seek to know why they did what they did, they own their truths, and consciously make more effective choices for themselves. It’s scary leaving one’s old ways, but very fruitful. The inner wars can finally cease.


I am curious how Regeneration contrasts and compares with the new Khan module, Total Breakdown. would Regeneration and TB catalyze each other, or better used separately?


I got the impression that Kahn utilizes the scripting of both Rebirth and Regeneration both, but packages it with both New Dawn and additional technologies. A main reason I picked it up was I thought it’d be smoother and easier to handle, and I was not disappointed. I’ve had no major reconciliation to handle on Total Breakdown. None I could even mention.

I’ve faced the issue of accepting the discomfort with major changes, but it has not hung on me like a lead weight. Kahn has been very smooth so far, and I’ve only had about 2 emotional flashbacks, which were not overwhelming at all. In fact, I was rather perplexed when they came up, for I expected something along the lines of “you’ll remember this, and get DRAGGED back into an old time period mentally”. Nope. I felt some of the old pain, but it didn’t own me. I had control, so I allowed the feelings to stay, knowing I could get out if desired. It was freeing.


Total Breakdown essentially tells your subconscious to re-evaluate everything it ever knew was “right.” It does so in a completely organic way. We aren’t “programming” you to do anything – you simply become aware of harmful societal programming keeping you from achieving your goals. The thing is, it’s HARD to let go of that programming. Your subconscious has relied on it for so long that removing it is like losing a friend.

Regeneration uses a different method. It’s much more gentle with a different focus.


Hey there! Besides considering getting Dreams for both me and the wife, I’ve been looking all through the site. I think Regeneration may be a next logical step to help me stop self-sabotaging for all my goals, etc.

I’ve read subliminalguy’s feedback on this thread. Nothing short of miraculous. Just curious though, as with my gender question on a thread for Dreams…Is Regeneration also gender-neutral so that she and I could both benefit?


Yes. Regeneration is also gender-neutral.


Thanks Simon. I just want to be really careful with this stuff since we’ll both be listening to whatever I get.


I noticed (after all this time) on the sales page for Regeneration that Godlike Masculinity is an included module. Wouldn’t this make it no suitable for females?

Hoping @SaintSovereign or @Fire can weigh on this one. It sounds like something I’d like to get for the wife for sure, but don’t want to turn her into more of an alpha male than I am or anything :slight_smile:

Regeneration for Women?

:joy::joy: you are right @realbillperry.
My girlfriend and I listened to Regeneration together and theres nothing negative to report. Unless you dislike your wife using a strap-on on you :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Just kidding man, shes as feminine as ever.


The implementation of Godlike Masculinity is more akin to bringing out the best qualities in you as a person – that masculine, creative and expansive edge. It won’t have an adverse effect on women.


Posting this here for future readers…


So can anyone speak to using Total Breakdown and Regeneration together in a stack? Do they catalyze each other?


I am wondering the same thing now lol


I since have used Regeneration by itself for three full months. I still have not tried total breakdown.