Regarding Joe Dispenza Meditations

Do anyone have any experience doing Joe Dispenza’s meditations from his book Becoming Supernatural ?

The main question I have is whether these meditations will turn you into someone you don’t want to be. This sounds a bit silly because why would meditations that involve law of attraction turn you into someone else?

But what am noticing about the video testimonials of those whose lives are changed by such meditations is that they have objectives that are, for lack of a better word, feminine in nature.

For example, they look for a soulmate, or talk about love, or being emotional, etc which I can understand but that’s not what am looking for.

I haven’t watched a testimonial where someone is looking to get laid a lot or grow a big schlong (lol) etc

Would love some physical healing from the meditations though but the rest of the benefits seem not suitable for me.

Any opinions on this?


Since @Magneto, @Azriel2.0, @ABC333 have mentioned Joe Dispenza before, will tag you guys here

I have not dived too deeply in the experiential component of Dispenza’s work but I have listened to his theory quite a bit through interviews and talks, as part of a research project I was doing. Here is what I gather in a super simplified nutshell

  1. Our conditioning acts like a program that we live out, many illness/lack of well being can be attributed to the automatic nature of this almost computer like program we are playing out from the past. Aspects of this conditioning literally effect our epigenetics and physiology, and we can be conscious and create something that effects our physiological differently

  2. States of forgiveness, awakening and love and the collective energy of that can be powerful enough to heal things.

Recognizing one’s conditioning and consciously choosing something new, and activating powerful states of love/forgiveness/ awakening, or however you want to put it, are neither entirely feminine IMO.

From a sexual yogic perspective-you could say point 1 is more masculine and point 2 is more feminine
but objectively neither would effect or alter one’s masculinity, goals, or intentions- unless one was making themselves sick from pursuing a goal that was pure conditioning based.

My guess is the testimonials are geared towards marketing rather than a feminization of people who do his work

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Joe Dispenza is too much in his head to be a meditation teacher. From a laymans point of view it is interesting to hear because of his intellectual approach but if you are more experienced with meditaiton then you can notice that this guy is too much identified with his thoughts.

It could very well change you into more passive and sensitive if the techniques don’t balance.(sorry I have not watched the testimonials). But techniques can deffinelty highlight another side of your makeup/personality consittution and enlarge that.

A lot of new age meditation practices end up creating alot of development in the heart and head, but their groundedness is weak, so they appear airy fairy in their demeanour.


Very well explained, @Azriel2.0. Although I do agree that nothing would change your personality (unless it’s way harmful) I do notice a lot of behaviors in the testimonials that are feminine in nature.

I do ask myself whether am projecting how men are supposed to behave based on their tone of voice and goals but so far am not really satisfied with why masculine goals aren’t discussed.

For example, a woman telling her testimonial will go to great detail on their sexual activity with her husband (and her healing of it) but I haven’t heard a man discuss something similar (maybe it is because it is easier to be less stricter with what women say and/or men are automatically self-censoring so as it to not be seen as a pervert or creep).

Maybe goals that are more men-oriented can be achieved but they aren’t discussed. OR it turns you into someone who is “blue pilled” but successful.

Blue-pilled as in having feminine beliefs but it works. Why should that be a problem, I ask myself. I don’t really know. Am I cautious that I will regret such a change is what am wondering.

In a way, subliminals can also be taken to be feminine since it uses the subconcious. Along with action which is masculine, one can achieve one’s goals whether it be having one night stands or getting married. That is a balance of feminine and masculine used to achieve whatever goals we like.

But can the Joe Dispenza meditations be used that way?

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That is interesting, @aaa. He does have meditations that get all your chakras spinning (including the root one) but he takes the energy upward to manifest wealth, health, jobs, love etc but nothing similar to the goal of Primal Seduction for example :smiley:

He does use all parts of the body but the end result is what am talking about.

Am impressed by the physical healings and money manifestations from such meditations though. I just don’t want to end up being someone else

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Why would one put energy in root then take it out and upwards, when you can directly energize any chakra the way you like? Upper centers are more Shen energy and lower more Qi. Qi can be transmuted into shen but would take some additional work to do so.

Spinning chakra’s and/or energizing them is different from developing them. So if you would meditate on the nature of each element you would get a different effect than if you would go to the core and sit with that. Or if you would spend more time in that level of consciousness you would notice more stillness, heaviness, less insecurity because of that heavy earthy feeling…it’s confidence is much like that of a gorilla, similar as with Ascension.

So some folks at the gym who do a lot of squats you can just feel the heaviness(on a conceptual awareness level). If you would expand that then you would work on the outer layers of the root chakra instead of the core. There is so much more to tell …

So I would describe most new age teachers as christmas trees, but then upside down. Because the upper part is developed but the lower part is usually like the top of a christmas tree haha. Most of the time their students become more like them too, spacey, weak, more feminine like(like those tantra guys), they are not connected and dropped into their root and their balls. How can you then use your masculinity/power to move through the world?

As for the healing and money manifestions, no idea, but if you endup doing these meditations make sure to balance your self out. As above so below, right? So do exercises/activities that ground you(garden work, martial arts etc…)

Joe dispenza is not a guy I would put my trust in. I trust my gut and my aura checking ability

Hope this is of help to you.


I was going to do one of joe’s meditations and it was not for me. Just wasn’t expecting that kind of style and didn’t follow through with it.

I don’t do anything consciously with chakras because I don’t know enough about them. I know many things in this world have been inverted so I don’t want to be doing something I’m not sure of especially when it comes to chakra manipulation and things of that nature.

I’m more interested in the Bengston Healing Method. It’s straight forward and simple. The work is just getting yourself to do it and master it. Seems to be a rough road for some reason. That learning curve or something.

From what I gather from Joe’s stuff at least from his interviews and short video clips is to just feel it real. Whatever that thing is that you want feel yourself already having that. Then go live from that place and follow your inspired action.

I think the programming is that we lack things so we come from lack. We think we need that person or thing to be happy. But when you find that you’re your own source of happiness and live from there, that’s when the magic happens.

I think pretty much all of us don’t know our true selves and so we go after what we they tell us will make us happy. So if you’re in touch with your true self you’ll head in that direction rather than somewhere you don’t want to go.


I don’t think that’s possible. Especially because his meditations involve conscious guidance. Same way that these subliminals won’t turn you into someone you don’t want to be. If something goes against who you are at your core, your mind will resist it.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about. If you are looking for physical healing, I think it’s worth a shot. You could even use the meditation to focus on increasing your healing results from your Paragon Ultima. Anything is worth a shot. I hope your eye issues get better. I’ve been thinking about you, I’m glad you’re journaling again here.


@aaa - that’s useful advice regarding doing more earthy/grounding activities like martial arts or gardening to stay “feet firmly on the ground” while joe dispenza’s meditations take my “head into the clouds”. Which is a good thing cause if head is in the clouds and feet are on the ground, you gotta be a giant as long as your whole body is…whole and not in pieces lol

@ABC333 - I do agree with your analysis about joe dispenza’s work. Also, I am curious about the Bengston Healing Method. Could you guide me to an authoritative book regarding this? I did search for it before but wasn’t sure about whether I got the right book or website.

@jayvee - ah yes. @Azriel2.0 did say the same thing and I did want it to be so as in not changing you inherently whether you do any of the thousands of healing modalities. I did have a doubt regarding dispenza’s based on what I observed over a couple of years and that’s why I asked. Here with subclub subs, they do explicitly state that they don’t change us but with dispenza’s there is a chance for change. Using meditation to increase Paragon’s healing results is a good idea and am planning to do just that with my Paragon Custom. And thank you for keeping me in your thoughts, my friend.


you’ll want the audio available on audible. it’s called hands on healing (a training course in the energy cure) by william bengston


I’ll admit I had the same type of hesitation and was even a little put off by how they behaved sometimes in those videos.

Honestly, I kept thinking that he was “playing to his audience” which for the most part is female and so I assumed that the way he behaved was calculated.

But I tried them anyway because I was in a desperate place looking for something to help.

And you know what happened?

I had some deeply emotional releases during some meditations, and some deeply (what seemed like at the time) “useless” meditations, and sometimes his voice really irritated me.

Did I become someone I’m not?

Not even a little. I don’t think it’s possible. If you actually do become “something else”, it’s because you already wanted to try that on for size, right?

I’ve used the BOTEC meditations to good effect and have been looking to get back into it after a few months hiatus actually.

Let us know how it goes for you.


Thanks for the feedback, @summit. That was very useful especially regarding your own concerns with the same issue and the outcome.

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Reviving this topic! I was going to start a topic on this but when searching realized it already existed haha.

I just bought his Generating Abundance meditation and plan to use it soon. I basically have a philosophy of, “Okay, I can’t run a subliminal for wealth in my stack even though I really need it. What’s the next best alternative?” and so I came to the conclusion I needed to use a meditation that’d bring me wealth and abundance instead :grin: .

I actually have his other meditations but never used them. Some of them are:-

  1. Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind
  2. The Pineal Gland
  3. Blessing of the Energy Centers I, II, III
  4. Restorative Sleep
  5. Generating Abundance

How’s the progress with the meditations @Lion ? Hiatus, continued or looked elsewhere?


@Beowulf - this was the perfect time to talk about my journey with Joe Dispenza meditations. Will explain.

I had loads of issues with the JD meditations (as you can see in my first post). Had reservations about it in terms of how it would change me into someone I didn’t want to be.

Over the course of my subliminal journey here though, I slowly but surely changed in a way that helped me view these meditations in a more positive light. It wasn’t exactly a direct change in mindset though but I think the ZP versions of the subliminals helped me accept myself for who I am which in turn made me very comfortable with whatever meditation or healing modality I am coming across including the JD meditations.

Incongruence in ourselves results in discomfort with healing and healing modalities. But congruence and coherence leads to ease and comfort with such meditations.

All the ZP subliminals especially the healing ones like DR helped me grow in this regard. But I still did have off and on phases with doing these meditations.

But things drastically changed after using RoM and RoS. RoM pushed me a bit more into JD. And RoS helped make it so that doing Dispenza meditations was the most natural thing in the world. Am not impatient anymore and can sit for hours doing them.

So now am regularly able to do meditations such as:

  1. Blessing of the Energy Centers (my favorite one and what I do most often)
  2. Tuning in to New Potentials (I love this one too)
  3. You are the Placebo
  4. Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind
  5. Space Time, Time Space
  6. Pineal Gland (I do this very rarely and only when I am really called to do it. For some reason I want to take it slow even though I have always been fascinated with the 3rd eye for many years)

Am also very interested in doing healing meditations for others these days. Especially for members of my family.

Are you feeling something similar when using SC audios?


Ooo, a good question!

In terms of healing, the healing I’ve been going through is more on the emotional side rather than the physical - as that’s where more of my focus has been. I’ll be focusing on that soon, once I have my ‘:ferris_wheel: habit wheels’ set up for my fitness, nutrition and health habits.

I’m with you on thinking of doing healing meditations for others - as I see people around me get sick I feel like I could help them but haven’t developed the ability yet. That has been on my mind for awhile now, probably for a year or so. Besides that, I have been feeling a deeper resolve that what will bring me the most satisfaction in life would be to cause great, positive and long-standing change in people’s lives. I’m also developing my ability to stand in other people’s shoes and doing this repeatedly has built my capability to not be hateful, judgmental and become more forgiving towards others.

This is probably the ZP (v2) scripting, revealing me what will give me the most satisfaction and joy in life. A lot of it is likely the specific subs I chose (:snowboarder: Daredevil, :speaking_head: True Sell) but feeling more in-tune with myself and what comes most naturally seems to be something that has been developing within me since running ZP. I sometimes say to myself, “I feel happy where I am right now” often these days. There are going to be bad days and days where I am anxious but those have been steadily going down.

Not sure if I answered the question but that’s what I have to say lol :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . I will be updating later on my journal for the Generating Abundance meditation and any other practices I’ll do to physically heal myself.


Hey good to see somebody who has the same thought as I do lol
I think subliminal and manifestation are actually the same thing, but with different approach.
I was wondering if it’s okay to use manifestation, self-hypnosis things together with subliminal (maybe not at the same time, but separately?). I wouldn’t say the name but I’ve read this from some famous another subliminal forum, and it is not recommended to use any types of mind-programming(like self-hypnosis, writing on notes types manifestation) with subs, but visualization is okay to use with.

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I wouldn’t, and not because I don’t want people to try other things. We recommend other modalities all the time. Spoken affirmations to get a quick boost might be okay, but self-hypnosis + subliminals aren’t the greatest idea. Visualization isn’t really an issue – in fact, visualizing the goals of the subliminal would most definitely boost results. Journaling, especially free writing, is a form of active meditation that is incredible for boosting results. Also, walking meditations (one of the things I like to do), in which I go for a walk in nature and focus on my breathing and being in the moment should also be okay. Seems to help offset recon and give a boost to results.


Can you elaborate on why you think this?

It doesn’t feel immediately intuitive for me as to why these two would not mix well

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The Masterclass has detailed info on this. I recommend waiting for it to understand this concept.