Qv2 experiences, comments, insights and questions

Since that’s the newest technology in our community I would like to ask you all to share your experiences and insight into it.

I’ve tested Renaissance Man only and I can say it hit me hard. I’m calibrating it right now but I know already that I cannot bear more than one loop a day due to emotional recon. When I ran in two days ago I felt it’s power expressing myself freely but the next day, 4-5 hours after I did a loop I got slight recon. My recon has the form of being irascible.

That’s all from me for now.

How about you, guys?


I ran it 1 loop per day for a few days. Had to come off of it. It strengthened my feelings of anxiety and heart ache due to a break up which made me less able to function. I attributed it to this from the sales copy: "The Renaissance Man is the ultimate free-thinker, and no emotions can be left unfelt, be they the highest pleasures of love or the lowest pangs of fear. "

So don’t think it was recon… but can’t say for sure.


I will put Emperor Q3 through testing later and document my findings.

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Ran EQv2. 3x loops. Too early for me to tell but so far, it was pretty smooth. No irritation or mental fog, and I also noticed some of my muscles are slightly sore, as if I lifted weights previously.

Social was good, I’m not too distant and I was joking around with those around me.


I ran RM 7 loops yesterday…well,I did feel those negative emotion but I dont think is recon…the sale page said it clearly…no emotion will left unfelt…and I think feeling those emotion is essential for self expression…it is a driving force…just channel it with a creative/artistic outlet…I personally used writing and singing…it seems helping me a lot that way…


The first thing I notice is loudness level, here is my loudness comparison: Ultima v2 > Major v2 > Major v1 (Haven’t used Ultima v1 so cannot compare). I must decrease 4 volume level with Ultima v2 and around 1 or 2 volume level with Major V2 to get my comfortable sound level.

The reconciliation hits very fast with Ultima v2 & Major V2. If I listen 2 loops, I feel tired around 1.5 hour mark. So 1 listening hour for V2 is better for me now.

It’s quite early to notice the results, l’ll need 2 or 3 weeks to have comment on the results.

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Interesting how some members are running lots of loops but not feeling reconciliation. Did they somehow build in a mechanism to prevent reconciliation ?.


After getting my recent custom Ultima, what used to take 4 hours of listening now took 1. So I decided out of curiosity to buy and try Renaissance Man. Originally, I’d been considering including it in my upcoming custom; but when I decided that it did not quite fit, I decided to give it a quick go.

I played one loop on one day, and then one loop on the next day.

I felt no special or obvious reaction, but what I did realize was that I had absolutely no commitment to taking any related action at this time. This is not the time for me to use it. My original intuition was correct.

I think it will be next year. When I work through my current plans. I think that a time will come when I’m ready for external projects: Emperor, Emperor: House of Medici, Renaissance Man, (and possibly, Ultimate Artist). Been thinking I might run them separately and then ultimately create an Inspired Entrepreneur custom that combines them all.

But not yet.

Anyway, I did not feel much of anything.


One thing I must say having reread parts of my original journal tonight is its clear how much ambition and goal setting/planning Emperor got me to do, even toward execution, although it was interrupted by the Forge event in July. Ambition even in the sense of the push towards developing powers. When I went off EQ and onto Stark, a lot of that was more introspective, indirect method routes to a goal and focusing on what made me unique but without the same type of drive Emperor gave.

Running that loop of EQV2 this morning reminded me of the qualities from it I enjoyed during the 3 month run. Its raised a whole bunch of questions for me around how to manage a stack once the other programs get upgraded. I’ll have to rerun a few more loops to compare but much like the initial loops of RM I can tell QV2 when it is absorbed properly hits the bridge between conscious and subconscious quickly and there is a satisfyingly long reverberation period where you notice the effects manifesting in your personality. I can totally see the potential for this assisting manifestation of results in a big way.


Omg this might be what I’ve been feeling too!!

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Would you say there are any other benefits of running emperor qv2 compare to your q version of emperor?

was the ambition/drive part pronounced stronger using v2?

Well I can’t give an objective answer at the moment because I’ve only done the one loop.

The thing I noticed with both RM and Emperor runs is that with QV2 the effects often show up a lot quicker than the Q based subs (like during the loop even). It’s not perfect, doesn’t get noticed all the time, but I feel like I am getting closer to understanding what makes it work and what sort of action needs to be taken to get results. I’m sure I’ll have more solid insights over the next few weeks as the upgrades roll out.


My current strategy is almost exclusively Customs-based. The only upgrade I’m playing right now is Paragon Complete V2.

In 5 weeks, I’ll be ordering a Q V2 custom and re-ordering one of my current customs in Q V2. Other than that, I’m just downloading the upgraded versions of whichever programs I own and enjoying the show.


I just had two loops of RM. One x day.
The first day my mood was down and I had quite negative feeling (around work).
Today I felt good with some spark of new ideas. I don’t know if last night Elixir V2 helped the good feeling though.

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I think it’s because they ran a lot of sub either in terms of (time / titles) and released a lot of negativity, so it’s easier for them now.

We have some more on the new technology in here:

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Yesterday, first use of EmperorQ v2, one loop, and got an all-day-long headache.

Let’s see what I’ll get from now on.


Drink lots of water + electrolytes, and take a good choline source. It helps, trust me! I use phosphatidylcholine, but alphaGPC works great too I’ve heard. Should be commonly available from most supplement shops, health food stores, etc.


Must choline or alpha GPC be taken on off days as well ?

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It’s an essential nutrient, especially for the brain. So, yes. Ideally, you’d have it in your diet from food sources like eggs, peanuts, fish and broccoli/cauliflower.