PS ZP, Love Bomb, Mind's Eye Journal of Change

I originally decided to run just PS ZP and ME. But after some introspection(?), I have decided to add Love Bomb because I need an attitude adjustment it seems. I need to appreciate instead of condemn and frustrate.

This journal will help me keep track of progress, pitfalls, mindsets and anything else along the journey. Maybe a few ladies will be in the mix as well :smile:

When I first began PS qv2, I had immediate reactions from the ladies. It seems like more ladies actually intentionally made eye contact with me rather than looking at anything else besides me, like usual.

I didn’t make any moves, because I was just as in shock as they were it seems haha. And no women made any moves other than the eye contact.

BUT, I also had a fair amount of resistance from my gut feeling after running PS qv2, which tells me that things are in motion.

Since running my first loop of PS ZP, the gut feeling has not been kicking back at me as much, if at all.

Now that it’s on, I will be tracking my responses to these “invitations” from the ladies, and maybe even report some unbelievable true stories along the way…


Rest day.

Ok well shit is already happening. This is gonna be interesting.

In my weekly yoga class a girl that I haven’t seen in like 6 months (let’s call her Cleopatra) was there and she was excited to see me. She no shit just appeared from nowhere.

Our interaction was very flirty (she even called me “bad news” to her friend (!), I know she feels like she was in the presence of a man, not a pvssy. I even told her to leave me alone so I can stretch haha. And as fast as she appeared, she disappeared. She was no where to be found after class. It’s like she knew if she stuck around, she was going to make a bad decision haha. Not gonna lie, I thought about her for about 5 seconds like 4-5 days ago.
I’m chalking Cleopatra up as manifestation #1

There was also another girl there who I talked to like 2 months ago and haven’t seen her since (let’s call her Ginger). She gave me a big smile when she saw me and I found out her hometown in our brief 5 second interaction.(Turns out we are from the same state in US). After class, she saw me, smiled and went into the wash room, I took my time but didn’t wait for her to come out with her freshly cleaned “aura” ready to make a bad decision haha. I saw her come out of the wash room from the peripheral of my eye, but I ignored her and went on. Not gonna lie, she may have crossed my mind a few days ago.
Ginger for manifestaion #2



Ran 2nd loop of PS ZP this morning.

Never felt really alert or awake today, kinda sluggish. My gut feeling has calmed down to almost no reverb at all. Head doesn’t feel as “full” today.

There was a girl at work that I have only seen once before and never talked to. She was hovering, and kept asking me questions (not personal questions) but they were questions that she already knew the answers to haha and it seems like she couldn’t take her eyes off of me. I didn’t manifest her from my mind, but she counts as a positive experience anyway.


Do you think that EM manifested the women interaction and then PS made them attracted to you?

Or any other combination of variables?

In the case of the first 2 girls, I would certainly say that ME brought them back into my world after such a lengthy absence. I do recall briefly thinking about them both at separate times, thinking it would be nice to see them in class sometime. I didn’t spend any time trying or thinking about manifesting them though.

I will say, that I believe they were both already somewhat attracted before I even ran PS, especially Cleopatra. But, I do believe that PS brought out their femininity, as a result of my masculine grounding and outcome independence because you should have seen those smiles and heard those giggles, even when I cut the conversations short in a cocky way.

The 3rd girl, was all PS. She was wet.


Great results!

You seem to be an easy-gainer

I’m hoping so!

I will say that I am maintaining an optimistic attitude and trying to stay out of my own way. Which can be hard sometimes haha


Rest day.

Not sluggish today, but kind of lost for words it seems and not real eager to talk to anyone.

I can feel myself using my peripheral vision a little more. Like, rather than turning my eyes or head towards someone attractive, I make my judgement without directly looking at them.

As far as the ladies are concerned, there was a little action today. Went to the gym and low and behold there was this beauty that I haven’t seen in a couple of months (let’s call her Shiela). We have had conversations in the past, but she likes to do everything in her power to not make eye contact with me, although she knows I’m around. I have caught her eyes in the past but she won’t hold the eye contact for some reason. Whatever. I walked by her and she was standing there messing with her phone, so I poked her phone screen a couple of times and it surprised her haha when she shockingly looked up our eyes met and we shared a playful smile and I just kept walking. She got wet, I can tell. I’m not gonna lie, I may have thought about her for a second not long ago, thinking it would be nice to see her at the gym because she always wears the sexiest color coordinated outfits when working out, yum. No effort trying to manifest her, but I think I will see what I can do about that haha
Shiela for manifestation #3

Also, there was another girl there that I have talked to a few times recently but haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks (let’s call her Dallas). We were working out near each other and when were both in between sets I just walked over and told her she was a stud for doing deadlifts and she blushed and got wet. She was only doing like 60 lbs haha, but it was sexy. We chatted for a bit, nothing sexual, just shit about her. I’m not gonna lie, I thought about her a few days ago because she always looks so cute with a little bit of a camel toe and I always like to see that. She is moving away this summer for a new job, so I think I might try to see what the ol’ subs can do for a little hanky-panky with her before she goes.
Dallas for manifestation #4


Ran 2 loops of ZP this morning, about an hour apart from each other. I still have only ran 1 loop of ME so far. I don’t wanna share my listening schedule with PS haha

Felt fine, no real noticeable feelings came up, but I will say it felt really “smooth” to run. I did get tired about 5 hours later and slept for 3 hours. I never do that.

As far as the females are concerned, there wasn’t much action because I wasn’t really around any. The ONE girl I saw, the girl from work (let’s call her Shorty) appeared out of nowhere calling me the “tall man” because she didn’t know my name. We exchanged names and she got wet. She isn’t really my type, but she is kinda sexy in her own way. I am thinking she will be a willing participant in a little hanky-panky in the future.


I have been feeling a little more agitated more than usual. This is not a new feeling to me, but it just seems like it is seeping through at a higher rate. I need to change this.

I have decided to add Love Bomb. Not necessarily for the love of the ladies, but for the love of myself and life in general. I hope this will help me change into an appreciative man, instead of a “everything is pissing me off” man.

Maybe this is an effect of PS, but if it makes me pissed off at little things and the whole world then I can do without that. I’ll just have to see what happens…


Ran 1 loop of Love Bomb. It melted me into a warm gooey ball of relaxation and even-ness(?). I think this is what the Dr. ordered.

I can’t wait to work more with LB.

I am hoping LB sticks around for a while b/c according to the ZP listening instructions, I will only be listening to it every 4 days. But, I feel like I need more of this script because I need this type of healing.

I also ran 1 loop of ME about 2 hours after LB. I pretty much meditated throughout the loop and was pleased with my stability and my mind didn’t wander off too much.

Feel good so far…


Oh damn, just found out ME ZP is in my folder.

If anyone is reading this, should I wait more than my one rest day to start running the ME ZP since I just ran the ME qv2 yesterday? Or just proceed with the day on/day off schedule?

Love Bomb is no where to be found in my being today. Pissed off and short fused again.

Ran 2 loops of PS ZP this morning. No ME ZP today.

Rest day:

I dropped 2 loops of Love Bomb yesterday and it’s cold af here and haven’t been able to go anywhere, so today I jerked myself into a fine powder with a raging headache.

I don’t know if I can be trusted to be in the same room as PS ZP and LB unsupervised. I’ll need a chaperone it looks like.

Now enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and fire to lick my wounds.

Ran ME ZP for the first time. Also ran PS about an hour after.

I’ve been feeling a little covidish for about a week, much better today but still run down a bit. I never get sick, like ever so I was thinking in my non-doctoral degreed mind that I was getting a little weak indirectly due to the subs.

What I mean by this is I’ve been on subs for a few weeks and I think I’ve only a couple of clear-headed days so far. I can tell my brain is processing a lot of information and I know that uses precious resources in the body. I don’t think I have been additionally supplementing my nutrition or hydration accordingly. I need to get my ass in gear and eat like a grown fvcking man and drink water like I just crawled out of the desert.

I fell asleep for about an hour after my ME ZP loop. Noice.
Woke up and ran PS ZP. Not sure if this was a good idea or not but I feel good so far. My head doesn’t seem as full today as yesterday and no headache.

I’m stuck inside doing my work today, so I probably won’t get to have any public interaction again today. I am getting sh!t done today though. Yesterday, I couldn’t put two thoughts together so it was a waste of a workday. I improvised instead haha


Rest day.

Ran 1 loop of LB yesterday. Man this is the stuff.

Not only was I even-keeled all day (this doesn’t happen with me) I was effortlessly productive af. Like I was genuinely enjoying what I was doing. No stress. I even wanted to keep working even after my time was up.

The only female I saw yesterday was this old lady but she smiled her ass off at me when we passed by each other. She got love bombed. Made me feel good.

Today, I was not as lovie-dovie to my work but nothing got me off center and I was productive, but to a lesser degree.

The ladies I saw today weren’t trying to get into my world. I wasn’t trying to get into theirs either.

For some reason today, it seemed like I was just sitting back, admiring the ladies and licking my chops but made no movement toward approaching them. I gotta fix this. Or do I…


Out of this stack, Love Bomb QV2 seems to be the sub that does anything noticeable for me. I’ve been running PS ZP and I want my QV2 back.

Only ran 1 loop of LB ZP so far, and meh. QV2 fvcking turned me into John Lennon or some shit on day 1. I was love.

I think things have slowed down to a crawl after running ZP. When I started (all on QV2) shit happened immediately, and often.

My lack of journal entries is not because of laziness, it’s because I have no news to relay here.

Now that I got the b!tching out of the way, let’s proceed into this good night with a full sail…


Alright. After being a complete d-head to everyone around me, including the fine fellas here at the Club, I am gong to immerse myself in love healing related subs only for a while.

Love Bomb and Libertine are the ones I know about, but I think there has to be more. I will have to research into this, but in the mean time if anyone cares to provide any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

I just hope they don’t turn me into a soy boy fembot who tucks his junk and gets scared of “toxic masculinity” or some liberal pvssy who thinks the media and the “good doctor” are really looking out for us and not here to divide us all.


Ok, ya’ll wanna dance? Let’s f-ing dance.

I’m on PS ZP, Wanted ZP, and Libertine ZP. Maybe or maybe not a loop of Love Bomb ZP here and there as well, who knows. I love it, so f-ing sue me. Or whatever the powers that be do to rebels like me. Suck it if need be.

I got ladies coming outta my ears now. Ladies to the left, ladies to the right. I’m stuck in the middle with a big f-ing smile.

I’m older than all of them by a long shot, but they can’t get enough of me it seems. I’m not complaining.


Bookmarked your post for later to maybe set the same stack for the future :). Just curious if I may ask, what is your age and age of your girls?