PRIMAL Pre-Order Out Now


PRIMAL is now available to download. The pre-order page will stay up for a few more hours.

Those who pre-order will get it at a discounted price and with the pre-order bonus of PRIMAL XXX.

Hurry up. :wink:

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@Fire @Fire @Fire you are on fire! That description of Primal just put goosebumps on my arms and chest, excited cannot begin to describe how I feel :smiling_imp:

By the way, since you have create the scripts for Primal and SSv2.1. What would be an ideal Playlist? Would it be weighed more towards Primal than SSv2.1 or equally having both?

Of course, no advice is possible without knowing the goal. Let’s say a guy wants to see external results with women fast, which will motivate him to stick to the playlist for months and months.

Which of these lists would be most recommended?

2x Primal and 1x SSv2.1

1x Primal, 1x SSv2.1

1xPrimal, 2x SSv2.1

Or 3x Primal, 1x SSv2.1 :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Btw, the description does not mention this. But does Primal have any luck module / more opportunities?


Thank you!


Primal will work extremely well with SS, as a sort of pusher and generator of experience for SS to work with.

In the beginning, I would personally go Primal x2 with SSv2.1 x1, maybe even a few days solely Primal, just to jump start the engine, and then going towards 1x 1x.

But, of course, different people will react differently to the subliminals and their mixes, so try it out and see what works for you. :slight_smile:

Yes, but it is not the focus of it. The vision of PRIMAL is creating a man that does not depend on anything but himself and his natural, primal, inborn instinct to attract women.

It has enough scripting of that kind though to make sure everything goes smoothly when needed. Keep in mind, sometimes you need things to get rough in order to grow and evolve.

Men are forged in the fires of conflict and ambition. :wink:

Primal - replacement for S&S?

I agree with this and with what you have said, and I believe in it. It is what I noticed in my life as well.

What I mean with luck and opportunity is “access” to your ideal girls. I meant with it more situations where you meet great girls rather than girls you are not very interested in.

What you wrote reminds me of this quote:


Just to make sure, @Fire

Let’s say, theoretically, someone only used Primal for 3 months. Will he notice significant success with women? Or he will notice internal changes, but real external changes need SSv2.1 to be catalyzed?

Finally, does Primal have a Limitless Module?


Oh yes. Primal is designed in such a way so as to create great inner changes, that naturally lead to changed external behavior (with a little external help, of course).

As above so below, what is inner is external.

Primal and SS are both self contained subliminals - but they will work together extremely well.



I’ve read the the description and it looks awesome. This is the type of subliminal I’ve always wanted, I even tried to make something like this myself(offcourse much more simplistic when it comes to technology).

Right now I’m running Emperor, but do you guys recommend choosing between one of those when Primal is released? Since Emperor and Primal are both very dense scripts. I believe one of you even said that that because of the power of Emperor it seems to cancel out other subs for some people.

Anyway I’m very excited:)


Amazing, guys! Pure AMAZING!


what is the release date?
is it the 15th?


I don’t think it’s good to rush the guys here with Primal and Libertine.

We all have to trust that this is time well spent creating the best product they can create. Rather than rushing something less than optimal.

In the same way, when someone goes to have brain surgery, they don’t tell the doctor “you have to finish operating on my brain within 3h, I’m impatient,” or having someone call the surgeon every hour to ask “are you done?”. Nobody will ever do that. They’ll tell the doctor to take as long as he needs to do a great job.

In the same way, with Primal and Libertine, @Fire and @SaintSovereign are operating on our inner identity and belief structure, and even our brain chemistry. So let’s give them time to do the best job they can do, because this Primal release is going to be the talk of the Subliminal community in 2019.

So waiting even 2 more weeks for a product that will benefit you for the rest of your life, that you’ll use for months, and you’ll see results for decades is not too much to ask.


i was just asking jeez
and don’t know what results you had with these subs but i havent had much to report since i started
so i just want to try primal and see what happens


Yes, release date is the 15th. Which subliminal(s) are you running and how often? Might be able to help you with getting better results. If you’re using the earlier titles, until we upgrade them to PrimalTech, you’ll need to make sure you’re putting yourself in situations where you’ll grow, then noting your performance / response.


@meyer I guess it’s easy to get excited about the new upcoming releases :blush:

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when i try to download Primal XXX chrome says Failed Forbidden and if i click it i get this XML error
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



<Message>Access Denied</Message>







@meyer try now. :slight_smile:


works thxx


I have started listening to Primal. It feels very “clean,” I do not know how to describe this, like it is smooth in my ears. But it also feels powerful. I feel shivers in my body from time to time, like some stuck energy inside me is starting to move deeply in very tiny ways. This is just the first listen, so of course this is a mix of effect and reconciliation.

However, I am impressed. You @Fire and @SaintSovereign outdid yourselves. I can feel it is as powerful as Emperor, however it feels so much “cleaner,” that the reconciliation will not be as difficult as Emperor. I can feel the discomfort of growth will be bearable, and that something about it is both causing reconciliation and smoothing into it.