Primal Ascension

Hard to believe I’m starting another Journal but something is guiding me to do so. Been on both Primal and Ascension QV2 for around a month now (doesn’t feel like it). On average doing around 2-4 loops a week per program. Threw in some loops of Emperor Qv2 here and there but I’ve finally accepted that despite how much I like Emperor, it’s no good for me ultimately.

Don’t take that as me blaming subclub, it’s just that via deeper introspection, I realized that Emperor gives me that hardcore edge I need to succeed, but that feeling only lasts a few days before I become very angry, irritable and at times even misanthropic and depressed to the point where I don’t want to do a damn thing, eating, sleeping and socializing especially.

Feeling the difference with Ascension by itself, where it gives me the same reality checks and confidence as Emperor; but without as much of a harsh feeling for having made a mistake, past or present. Then I throw in Primal a couple days later and it gives me the ability to tap into my primal masculinity at will. Primal is helping me make an ally out of my own “dark side”. Where as emperor granted me the perspective on being able to use it as a weapon, but with Primal it’s now being accepted and integrated without shame or fear. Feels like I have a new Brother. I’ve come to realize just how powerful and useful my primal half can truly be and it’s unleashing much higher levels of confidence and swagger within me rapidly.

For those wondering about women, well they notice it, my interactions with women are the best they’ve been in a while. Complements, attention, one married woman trying to shower me with more attention than her own husband and trying to keep me around as a “friend”, and also another married woman currently trying to hook me up with one of her friends. It’s like the aura(s) generated by Ascension catches their attention and my behavior from Primal helps to keep it. I got primal though to unleash my Primal masculine potential though, in order to help develop myself personally. I see primal as a necessary tool for my personal overall growth.

Like this combo so much, I decided to order a custom with those 2 programs as the core, and modules that would help me further develop both sides of my masculinity, the brain, and the beast. The civil alpha male, and the one also in touch his primal instinct. A man capable of tapping into one; or if necessary, both sides simultaneously in order to accomplish any mission he pleases. The rapid and hard-hitting confidence boost in this combo is to die for. It’s like setting fire to an IDGAF demeanor, but this can be used in a fun and positive way if you please as well…

**Note: planned to add godlike masculinity as a module but it’s now only available as an Ultima Core, replaced with the Panther Module. I feel other modules in this custom will help supplement for the lack of the GLM module.

Contents for my cutom (Primal Ascension):

Primal Q Core

Ascension Q Core

Emotions Unfettered:

Feeling like being able to more deeply tap into, and of course control my emotions will help me mature faster and deeper as a man and a human being, no matter how I choose to express my masculinity.


How can a primal man not strike fear into opposers? this was a no-brainier.


Being able to develop and take reign over the most ruthless and cold-blooded aspects of your nature, and use these qualities to even be able to further your goals? HELL YES. Also like that it can guide you on when it’s best to show mercy so there is balance there.

Inner Gasoline:

More potent, concentrated and abundant sexual energy, but also ever-incresing control over it. If a man can control his sexual energy he can do amazing things and ca get quite the primal boost doing so.


I like flirting from time to time and it’s animal related (name-wise) so I figured this can help strengthen my primal sexual side a bit.


The Merger of Worlds


Alpha of Alpha




Furious Ascent:

Love the sound of having a tool that doesn’t let you settle into a “comfort zone”. Risks are necessary for evolution and sometimes even survival.

Invincible Presence:

I actually already seem to have quite the presence since I’ve been attracting stares most places I go for years now. Added this for reinforcement of said presence.

Iron Frame

Leader of Men

Lion IV

Power Unleashed


Hey, in case you weren’t aware, it has been confirmed that Ultima cores can be used in Q customs and vice versa.

Your custom looks badass. The word “Edge” comes to mind.


Damn it, I did forget that regular mods could become Ultimas, didn’t know it was vice versa too. Thanks for the tip. Think I’ll just leave the custom as it is though as it’s already been ordered.

I remember @SaintSovereign making a post here recently stating that the subconscious seeks balance or equilibrium constantly (maybe when he spoke on recon). I feel like being guided by my subconscious is a way of it doing that as I’ve been (relatively) smooth for a long time. I’ve always had a bit of an edge but it has never fully been brought out on a consistent basis. Time to have some fun and change that. You saying that “Edge” comes to mind when you see the contents of my custom just gave me this realization.

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Finally got my Primal Ascension Custom. As usual I feel effects within just the first few minutes of listening to a subclub program. I usually can create (or rather order) some pretty powerful and synergistic custom subliminals. But this time; especially with QV2 format, I may have truly created a monster…stay tuned.


Primal + Ascension + GLM

You’re going in, huh?

I always do. No GLM in this one though. I’ve listened to every version of GLM since late 2019. At this point I’m confident running a sub without it, I even have a couple customs with GLM in it. My suspicion was right though, I won’t need to worry about having left out GLM out of this custom. There are several modules in here that could help supplement it in their own way.

GLM may be within one or both cores of my custom anyway, as a supporting module.

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First loop is done. I already feel a number of modules coming online, including the cores themselves.

Ascension, primal, emotions unfettered, fearsome, fenrir, inner gasoline, rogue, merger of worlds, tyrant, alpha of alpha, ares, deus, furious ascent, invincible presence, iron frame, leader of men, lion iv and power unleashed can all be felt and just that quickly have been expressed due to a situation I had to handle in the middle of typing this update. truth be told i think panther is the only part of the custom i didn’t mention but i’m not around anyone i’m attracted to be able to tell just yet.

The situation I just had to handle, helped me realize how much time and energy others can waste when they are left to lead. In almost an instant I recognized this, took charge of the situation, then executed and led with purpose and precision. A slightly emotional event to see a loved one in pain, but emotions unfettered helped me keep flawless command of my emotions enough to remain unfliched and get the job done.

In all honesty, right now it feels like every level of my being is surgng with the energy and power of a primordial god.


Hot diggity, that’s an amazing combo!

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A couple hours after my initial loop I already begun to experience what may be reconciliation. Basically I had everything I feel is imperfect about myself or rather, below my personal standard rise to the surface.

Kind of like this custom took inventory on what I need to tighten up on and put it all on the table. It was made very clear that this is going to be an ongoing process; and until I actually take action to correct these things (which isn’t much but it’ll be a process to get things to where I want them to be), these issues will be a thorn in my side. Basically, the feeling of inadequacy and disgust will keep rising because I know I’m not taking consistent action to better myself, and not displaying my power and exerting my will upon my personal reality at a satisfactory level. Hence, why I’m up at midnight right now taking vitamins and minerals, and hydrating to get myself ready to hit the gym and make a more consistent effort on taking care of my body exercise wise.

I was also pushed before I took a nap earlier, (right after my 2nd loop for the day) to groom myself fully. When I started the main store version of ascension a month ago (along with a few loops of emperor here and there), I noticed the my confidence started evolving.

What I mean is when I was younger I loved being sharp on all levels but over time there was rarely anyone around who I felt matched me in various areas of life, and so I grew bored of the lack of challenge. I developed a bit of a superiority complex in my early 20’s and basically said screw it. I was done making so much effort because it seemed like it was going to waste and I grew tired of having no inspiring competition in any area.

Eventually this became massive indifference, where if I wanted to, I could still “shine” but even if I just blended into the background my confidence was still rock-solid, despite anyone’s opinions, positive or negative. This trend has continued until now where a burning desire to be the best version of myself FOR MYSELF has now been established within the core of my being. Right now I’m motivated to make myself my own competition. I’ve come to believe that no one but me deserves the best that I have to offer consistently (for various reasons). That’s now my motivation, to make myself more proud of me than I’ve ever been.

In other news, I’m rapidly developing an extreme irritation towards the weak behavioral patterns of others (nothing new to me, but this sub has already made it intolerable). I literally had to get up and walk out of a room a few minutes ago due to becoming rapidly and increasingly annoyed by the over emotional behavior of the person I was around.

I’m also easily seeing through “facades of power” from others, spotting fake alphas (male or female) from a mile away. Now more than ever I can tell the difference between a fear-based front and someone actually displaying authentic personal power.

All this from a mere 2 loops. This custom is dense as hell and takes plenty mental energy to process. I thought it was light initially because pretty much all modules seemed to activate by the end of the first loop but perhaps modules like DEUS is pushing the power further rapidly (as it should).

Another thing I’ve noticed is that primal and ascension are both pushing me to examine, accept, integrate, and even love my shadow side. I’m truly being pushed to become a being that is whole, without worrying about if I’ll ever end up being “perfect” by social standards. Just as long as I’m my own idea of perfection in the long run that’s all that matters.

This is the subliminal I didn’t know I needed. Feels like I’m becoming sober and more clear minded as a man already, more so than I’ve been in a while.


It’s really inspiring to see your results on a Primal Ascension custom. Had made one of my own with Qv1 but had to abandon it for more urgent goals. Will definitely have to return to it one day (and remake it in Q+ when that tech happens).

Will follow your journal closely. Here’s to your success!

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Thank you, best of luck on your journey as well.

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  • Went to the gym and killed it for a good 90 minutes. No matter what inner resistance I faced, I pushed past my limits during every single part of the workout. I was relentless in pushing myself further (thanks furious ascent and Fenrir). I even caught myself growling a couple times while lifting.

  • My sexual urges have dropped to near zero, the inner gasoline module is designed to not only increase one’s sexual energy and make it more potent and concentrated, but also help them transmute it. Looks like this is happening on autopilot for me. As extreme as my sex drive can become this is honestly pretty shocking. I was expecting to have to struggle and not be able to concentrate fully for at least the first week or two while adjusting to the increased sex energy load, but no urges to speak of whatsoever. I can tell the energy is still there though because of how hard I’m able to push and get things done, speaking of which…

  • Emotions unfettered, It’s having an unexpected effect on me in two ways. It’s supposed to make one’s emotion more intense, but I find for me, it’s making them flow smoother and faster, and so I’m able to focus more on the things I’m doing and not waste a bunch of emotional energy by being bogged down by things like irritation, etc. This is leading to increased productivity and quality of work for me. I am enjoying my emotions more though, I can definitely say that. The 2nd effect is that my emotional control has at least doubled in less than 24 hours. I can literally shift my mood in under 10 seconds effortlessly. Any emotion I feel that doesn’t serve me in the moment is quickly processed and transmuted into a more helpful one. It’s been a dream of mine to attain emotional mastery for years and I’m finally gaining what feels like the last bit of power over my own mental and emotional states that kept eluding me. I’m not very emotional to begin with and have decent control but now it’s a breeze.


I know exactly how you feel.

Lovely journal, please keep it up!!

I will eventually run Primal aswell and I am already looking very much forward to it!

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It truly doesn’t disappoint, and thank you.

Know I’m updating a lot but a lot is happening. I basically just confirmed the Panther module works and I executed it so smoothly that I didn’t realize what happened until about a minute after the event was over.

Don’t know what it is but a lot of foreign women have been manifesting for me. 3rd one in the past 5 weeks eve since I started ascension and primal. Maybe cause right now that’s the beat source for me to find sweet and feminine women. Anyway, I stepped out of the house to do some business. Within an hour I ran into a woman from Germany who is gorgeous, sweet, feminine, and has a positive vibe.

We spoke for a bit and I’m the type that feels out a person’s energy while interacting before I decide to open up socially. I started getting a hunch that she liked me because of how she kept gazing at me while we spoke. To test her, I would stop talking for a few seconds while looking elsewhere. I could see her staring at me from the corner of my eye, waiting for me to say something to keep our interaction going. The times where I sat in silence comfortably, it would take her less than 10 seconds to grab my attention and start talking to me again.

She mentioned how she just got to the United States and was looking for friends. We talked a bit more and before I ended the conversation I got a huge burst of energy in my chest. I then heard my subconscious tell me to get her number. For a moment I was just gonna say no but before I could finish my thought, the panther module kicked in and I exchanged numbers with her on auto pilot, saying I’d show her around and joking a bit to make sure the interaction ended on a high note.

She got excited, gave her my number and she immediately called me to make sure it was right and that I had her number. We’re currently texting now.

Not long after we parted ways, I switched locations. As I walked into a store, I had a woman who was having a conversation with another man completely turn away from him and spin around to follow me with her eyes as I walked past them. Literally turned her whole body around. I pretended not to notice, don’t know who dude was but damn that was disrespectful lol.

When I left the store, a married couple was coming in. The husband went a separate direction to go grab a cart. The wife kept walking straight towards me while we held intense eye contact, like we were going to fuck on the spot. I had to get outta there before I got myself into trouble.

While I walked around the store, i had one guy randomly apologize for getting in my way, even though he was hardly near me. I also had a strange stare down with another man. He didn’t look angry and I think we kinda just stared at each other trying to see what the other wanted or if we’d say anything to one another, weird.


Amazing journal man, just like the other ones! I know you have run emperor or customs based upon it for a long time, but did you feel that the personal power part has stayed with you?

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Thanks man. Yes I’ve run every version of emperor since v3. I’d definitely say the personal power aspect has remained with me through it all. It does seem to cool down a bit if I go more than 4 days without running a sub, but it’s still there when I need it.


Taking a quick break from the grind, figured I’d update.

Went to get an oil change this morning and all the males in the place treated me with the utmost respect and even seemed eager to socialize with me. Compliments everywhere and they were fully attentive towards what I had to say. Right before leaving I was chatting it up with a couple guys and when I had to go, they looked like they were being abandoned on the playground lol. They may have wanted to exchange numbers, idk.

Got stares from women as usual but one in particular eyed me hard the whole time I was there. I wasn’t attracted to her though so no approach this time.

Today my social skills are flawless. Despite my usual misanthropic mindset I’m actually enjoying socializing and being more towards the extroverted side of the spectrum today.

Not gonna lie, I also had a surprise occurrence where one dude blatantly told me that he was bisexual out of nowhere. He then stared at me to gauge my response. All I could do was stare a bit awkwardly, then proceeded to say “….ok…”. Not sure what he expected there.


Don’t know how but I forgot to mention that my general swagger and confidence levels seem to be increasing by the hour today and I’m automatically transmuting negative emotions into positive ones. For example, fear and insecurity into courage and grand self-esteem.

I also just got 50% off my meal from the cashier for no apparent reason. We just had a quick and light hearted conversation. He must be in a great mood lol.


The team at subclub might have built this thing a bit too well lol. My subconscious is sending me signals that it’s already getting a little bored because it’s easily processing, storing, integrating and executing the script (which it’s proving several times a day for the past 3-4 days.

I am aware that this is potential reconciliation, which I have to say; this subliminal for me, is easily the most powerful, congruent, fast acting and results producing sub program I’ve ever run. No other subliminal has even come close to matching this thing’s performance level and consistency. Consider the fact that I’ve used at least 4-5 programs a year for the past 4 years. That’s saying something.

Reason I have a hard time telling if this is recon is because I do get bored easily when I feel like I’m mastering something too quickly. I rather keep going though. If I could get such powerful and profound changes within just 3-4 days then there’s no sense in sabotaging such a good thing.

I’m also thinking that because the DEUS module is in here, it would serve me well to keep going and get even faster, stronger and more profound results, until the instructions and guidance in this sub become 2nd nature.

2 loops a day with at least 3 hours between loops had worked wonders. The changes are integrating so fast that they’re starting to feel natural. I’m gonna try adding a loop per day next week so that’ll be three. I’ll be taking the weekend off to let things “settle in” of it hasn’t fully already.


Note to self, don’t do more than one loop in a row (unless you plan to stay awake afterwards). Played 2 loops in a row and felt literally everything doubled. Personal power, primal energy, confidence and swagger, etc. However, going back to sleep screwed me up. Woke up damn near dead. At least now I know how to better utilize the program. Do no more than 1 loop overnight unless I’m staying up afterwards.