Present your custom and the results you've got

It would be great if at least some of us could present their customs to us and sum up the results they’ve got running them. It would be also a great opportunity for the community to ask some questions related to how cores and modules work “in action”, and not only “on paper”.


Here I would like customs’ owners to share their beauties (customs) and their experiences/results (in a nutshell) when running them.

It’s not just about modules and cores and their mechanics it’s about the beauty of building your own custom and getting desired results.



  1. Emperor Core
  2. Chosen Core
  3. Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
  4. Apollon
  5. SPS: Endocrine System
  6. Inner Gasoline
  7. Call of Honor
  8. Courage Reclaimed
  9. Natural Winner
  10. Leader of Men
  11. The Boundary
  12. Lion IV
  13. Ethereal Presence
  14. Entranced
  15. Fusion Optimized
  16. Approachability Aura
  17. Chosen of Venus
  18. Emotions Unfettered
  19. Untouchable
  20. Tyrant

Only got to run it for about 6-7 loops so far. And I only did 3 minutes so idk if I got all the scripting.

Most noticeable was Chosen of Venus, interestingly.
My wife was head over heels for me after just one loop and it stayed that way. It rekindled our relationship A LOT.
If you don’t want to add Love Bomb because of too many cores, Chosen of Venus is a great substitute imo.

Apollon made me TRULY enjoy the view in the Mirror. Not in a narcissistic way, more of “You know, I DO look pretty good.”

The combination of Emperor and Chosen was INSANE for my business. Work ethic is obvious, but people just approach you to help you build it out of nowhere. Money manifestation is also very strong.

Tyrant is always awesome. It helps you to understand your deeper self better. Imo it also guides you to what you need to run as a sub (see below). But generally I get these random insights about myself just popping into my mind. Things I like. Don’t like. But mostly, WHY I feel about certain things and how/why it stops me from achieving what I want.

SPS: Endocrine System gave me a few dimples on my skin for 2 days, and then it started working. Raging morning wood every morning. Deeper voice (could be Emperor), more muscly, especially upper body, biceps, etc. I am CONSTANTLY reminded to walk more upright, etc.
I feel like its a nice addition to Emperor.

Entranced and/or Ethereal Presence give you the Inception vibes.
Remember when everyone looked at DiCaprio in the dream because the subject noticed he was infiltrating the dream?
Yup, that.
Be prepared to be stared and ogled at everywhere. Some people look irritated, others VERY interested. Either way, you’ll have the eyes on you :smiley:

Mind you, I couldn’t really get all the benefits so far from the custom, because I realised I first need to go deeper into the foundation which is why I am on the GLM train now, mostly solo.

But after a few cycles I’ll come back to this custom, feels VERY good. Lion IV plays a role in that also.


Nice idea for a thread!


Carpe Diem
The Way of ROI
Instant Business Tactician
Debt Annihilator
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Deep Sleep
Direct Influencing Aura
True Sell
Transcendental Connection
Lifeblood Fable

This one landed me my dream job which doubled my salary. That being said I would not recommend building a custom with 3 cores. I knew and accepted the risk, but even as an advanced user I was only able to feasibly run about 1 loop per week, and running a custom with this density basically eliminates stackability as well.

That being said this beauty did its job and then some.

I can echo much of what @AlexSQ just said about Emperor and Chosen being an exceptionally powerful combo for career success, drive, discipline and wealth building. I seemed to have an endless motor and extreme endurance to work 12+ hours a day many days in a row with no issues.

Carpe Diem seemed to really accelerate this as I truly would wake up and immediately find myself being productive. Love this module.

Lifeblood Fable is super profound as well. There’s a good reason I include it in essentially all of my customs. Dozens of people at my old job expressed genuine sadness that I was leaving. There was a handful of clients who flat out refused to work with anyone besides me. I even had a few that voluntarily wrote a shining review about me to my manager. And even it shines even to this day. I was speaking to my old coworker who has been telling me that many people are asking about me, and expressing frustration that I am not there - even though I left over a month ago.

RICH combined with Yggdrasil is an immense powerhouse. I was having job opportunities falling into my lap left and right. All said and done I was interviewing for about 5 different positions, NONE OF WHICH I searched for - it was all recruiters reaching out to me. That’s exactly how I found my dream job with a company I didn’t even know existed prior to the recruiter contacting me.

Entranced was very interesting as well. Many of the things @AlexSQ said are true here as well. People are just captivated by you. What stuck out most to me about this module was the number of times people just wouldn’t want to end a conversation with me. Even if it was a stranger in an elevator making small talk, it’s like people are just drawn into your presence and lose their sense of self lol. At times I’ll admit it got a bit annoying just due to the fact that I had other things to do and had to forcibly eject myself from these conversations. This one is extremely potent and I can see endless applications for it - socially, romantically, professionally.

Debt Annihilator is plain awesome. I managed to pay off this sizable loan in about half the time than I originally planned to, while simultaneously adding to my savings.

Overdrive really rounded out the success aspects of the custom. I found myself constantly in a state of success and pushing to achieve greatness. It became almost an obsession. This one is a great enhancement module to any career or personal power related custom.

True Sell and Direct Influencing Aura go hand in hand and are essential for any sales custom. My sales skills improved immensely thanks to them.

While this custom far exceeded expectations, I will say there were some downsides. Primarily that my life became one dimensionally obsessed with work and making money at the detriment of almost everything else. During the run of this custom, I don’t think I hung out with anyone outside of a work context, I barely stayed in touch with friends, and can’t remember doing anything that I would consider ‘fun’. It was all work and no play. I’m not knocking the custom at all, that was just the season of life I was in where I had to really dial in and it paid off big time. So no complaints, just laying out the facts here.

Also, Deep Sleep did not seem to have as profound of an effect as I would have hoped. I suspect this is primarily due to the fact that I exceeded the core limitations, coupled with the abundance of success oriented and productivity elements of the custom, and the stressful nature of my job. I didn’t find my quality of sleep to improve at all.

If I were to build this again, I would include a few more “yin” related modules to counteract the “yang” nature of this custom. Things like Harmonic Singularity, Joie de Vivre, or even Machine: Rest seem like appropriate candidates. Also, I would never go beyond 2 cores again.

Then again, I have no regrets as this custom did exactly what I wanted it to do: which was to land a promotion. And it far exceeded expectations by manifesting my dream job with double the salary.


I apologize, this was actually a good idea.


@Invictus @Palpatine @elementary_vision @Dragon-Lesson @Sage_Ninjistic @friday @COWolfe @Malkuth @Brandon @Billions
If you were so kind as to share with us.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Of course, everyone who is using (or has used) any custom is welcomed.


I wonder if Sanguine in your custom is really also “core strength” not “module strength.” I thought the dual titles were all cores now regardless of appearing on dropdown box.

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It’s very possible. I ordered it the day ZP customs released and was able to order using Sanguine module. I think now it creates an error message.

But you’re right, it’s very possible I was running 4 cores without knowing, hence the density.

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But even if you’re in fact running four cores unintentionally, clearly you’re getting fantastic results mitigating the density at
1 loop per week! A brilliant workaround.

I own the module versions of many titles and didn’t want to take the risk.

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I will be returning to this one. I was planning on looking at custom results I’ve had anyways so I didn’t respond right away.

I’ve had several customs and had great experiences from each and every one of them buuuuuuut, I’ll have to go back through journals to determine what my stacks were at the time to filter out experiences that aren’t directly from that custom. Which will be difficult, since my stacks tend to be complementary…

But I shall return.

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Awesome! Ive just oredered a custom with those 2 modules. Im gonna put results here too once I start listening to it.
Chosen of Venus is in there too!!


I’m gonna be real with you all. I hit a wall hard with this custom. It didn’t turn out how I wanted it to at all. I knew going into it I was being ambitious. Word of advice which I’d tell anyone building a custom. Don’t let hype interfere with your module selection. By all means it’s ok to be excited, but don’t make decisions from an overly excited hopeful state if that state isn’t a common occurrence. I’m not trying to be a buzz kill, but it’s easy to overlook things and potential challenges when you’re feeling good. And then if your mental state dips below that you’ve got a hell of a lot to reconcile with. Not to mention I started to feel like I was failing on this custom which wasn’t a good feeling. A win or lose mentality when running these subs is the fastest way to feel awful.

This custom gave me bits and pieces of what I was looking for in small windows. But it was very stop and go, not all that efficient, and way too much I loaded on my own plate. Which again didn’t seem like it at the time.

For example, I put gloryseeker in this. When I did that I just thought to myself “no biggie, I’m just a little insecure I can push past it”. Yeah well turns out I fucking hate attention of any kind. The idea of attention seems fun, but my actual emotional response to it is really extreme. And this module didn’t even bring about any attention, it’s just that I could feel this expectation that people would notice me and I really did not like that.

Furious ascent, same deal. It’s about pushing comfort zones and taking risks. Did I like the idea of becoming a risk taker? Of course. Was it something I was ready for? No. I would have been much better suited working with a module that is less aggressive and leaned on making me feel safer vs taking risks. My whole life has been fear, the last thing I needed was more fear stacked on top of that by jumping into the unknown. In hindsight I realize the decision to choose this was based in insecurity. We live in a world where the common advice is to just push past fear, ignoring the fact that it can easily retraumatize and make things worse. Especially those with an insecure attachment style who’s childhood was met with constant unpredictable events and upsets.

Ultimately your greatest enemy building these customs are the insecurities and emotional hurt you carry with you. Instead of building something that helps you grow, you can end up just doubling down on avoiding what you really need by just mirroring the same criticisms towards yourself you’ve faced in life.

So I’d say when choosing modules you have to really ask yourself. What am I looking to fulfill with this and is this a choice that’s bringing me further away from myself or closer? Sometimes the stuff that brings us closer to ourselves can be expressed as disinterest or even disgust. It’s not always fear.

A lot of you won’t deal with this. I’m just posting this here in case anyone else has. The unfortunate truth is sometimes how your subconscious responds to something is wildly off from how you think it will. And you won’t get anywhere ramming your head into the wall trying to bust through. What you consciously perceive as the challenge might not even be in the realm of what your subconscious perceives. A 7 ft dive into water for your conscious could be the equivalent of a 200ft cliff jump for the subconscious. Unless you have a way to bridge that gap and figure out a way to get it to jump, you’re just gonna be spending a lot of time trying to convince it to do it without any actual result.


I felt that to be the case after I received my custom, though I don’t regret making it, I was very hasty in my module selection. I think that people should spend more time when making a custom and realize that it isn’t the be all end off subliminals, your life doesn’t hinge on its results or any other subliminal results for that matter.

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