PLEASE READ: SubClub Elites is Changing (For the Better)

Starting tomorrow, we’re going to begin migrating everyone into the upgraded SubClub Elites system. Most of the upgrades won’t affect you and were necessary to implement in order to facilitate the full automation project (which is nearing completion – just saw the latest version today). The biggest change, however, is that you’ll no longer need to enter a coupon to get your SubClub Elites discount. Instead, if you’re logged into your account, the store will automatically apply your discount at checkout.

The process for applying for a new rank is the same – send in a support ticket, but make sure you include your STORE EMAIL ADDRESS and forum name. To assist us with the migration process, we’re asking that everyone that currently has a coupon code send in a support ticket with your coupon code, store email address and forum name. Once we’ve migrated you to the new system, we’ll respond to that ticket and let you know. Please note that once you’ve been migrated, your old coupon code will no longer work (but you won’t need it anyway).

All coupons will be deactivated at the end of September, so please make sure to submit a support ticket with the information needed to migrate you to the new system by then. If you miss the deadline – no worries – you’ll still be eligible for SubClub Elites, but you may have to wait a few days for us to add you to the new system.

Questions, comments, concerns? Put 'em here.


How can i become one of the elite and how much % does one get?



How awesome is that :star_struck:

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Note: PLEASE follow the instructions when applying for migration to the new SubClub Elites system. You must include your STORE EMAIL ADDRESS, forum name and current coupon code. If this isn’t included, we can’t process your request and your migration will be delayed.


This is looking great!! Thanks!!

Ticket already sent.

Ticket sent and was answered in under an hour. Thanks guys! :muscle:

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NOTE: We’ve run into a bit of an issue with migration on the Q store. Currently, there’s a bug where the discount refuses to apply to any build options add-ons. For example, if you add Solace [A] or Next Day Delivery, the discount isn’t applying properly. If you’re doing a basic build (Qv2, Legacy Mask, no express), those who have migrated should be fine. We are working on the issue as fast as possible.

If you haven’t been migrated, your coupons will still work perfectly. There are no (known) issues with migration on the SubClub store.


We believe the issue has been resolved and those of you who have been migrated to the new system can enjoy your coupon-less discounts on both the SubClub and Q stores. If there’s any issues, please enter a ticket.

We’re going to continue migrating accounts ASAP. Thanks!


I sent a ticket right after the announcement was made and still have to use the coupon. I’ll send another ticket and let you know.

I sent it on 30.08 and it still says “in progress”.

#2190 In Progress August 30, 2021 2:26 am

I’ve just sent one more ticket.

Yes, we’re still migrating accounts. When yours is migrated, I’ll respond to your tickets.


Oh… that’s why the custom sub filename is now using “Legacy”, previously it was “Standard” for non-solace mask. Yeah… i still raised a ticket #2638 :sweat_smile:

Did you get your question answered?

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Yes, all good, thank you @RVconsultant

i’ve kept using my old coupon for ages because mine never got updated to couponless. Only just noticed today after rereading the ranks I must have hit Junior Alchemist months ago and never realized it.

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We can fix that ASAP. Put in a support ticket and we’ll get it taken care of.


Me too. I never read this post originally. While wondering how “new” it was I noticed it was made in 2021. Oops.

I’ve put my discount code in manually every time I purchase. I’ll send a ticket now.


Thanks! Sent @ May 7, 2023 3:52 am

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I just submitted a ticket for ranking update and store discount. The ticket number is #15255.

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Ticket submitted: #15260

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