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This is the official question and answer thread for ALL emperorQ public tests. Please post all your questions and comments here. Post results and reports to your official journal thread. You may run emperorQ by itself or in a stack.

We prefer the former, but we’re allowing both. If you’re running emperorQ alone, please tag your thread with [SOLO] in the title. If you’re going to stack it, please tag your journal with [STACKED]. Stacking it will not hurt your status as a tester – we just need clean data either way.

To get access, simply send me a PM with your store account information and I’ll add it as a download.

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[STACKED] EQ /StarkQ / Alchemist 3 @rajeshwer
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Test #1 Notes:

You may receive results of varying degrees. Since we’ve pushed the boundaries of our technology, you may not receive any results at all. This is not an issue with the Q platform – we’re trying to determine how much information can be put into a single stage file before users start experiencing diminishing results. In the event that this title doesn’t perform well, we will release a second version with less information.

We’re aware that the masked file sounds “different.” Again, this is not a limitation or issue with Q – it’s the fact that we’ve put so much information into this file. We still want your feedback, just making everyone aware.


Guessing you meant “former” here?


I noticed masked is 192kbps rather than the usual 320. Any reason it was reduced? Is that expected to have any impact?


We set Q to 192 by default while stress testing it. Shouldn’t have an impact, however. Our private testers were still getting good results on generated titles. When Q goes live, we’ll probably set it to 320. The ultrasonic is 320 because I semi-built that by hand, given the fact that Q still has a few issues creating the ultrasonic track.


Does Q Emperor contain “Rich, Deep Sleep”


Okay. Since I have been in a funk recently, I have decided to start all over again. This time with EmperorQ + Emperor Fitness. Will send you a PM


@SaintSovereign - when you say Account Details, do you mean email address or username or both or something else?


Just your email address. I’ll start going through the next batch of test requests soon.


Cool. Already done.


So what is the difference in the scripts of Emp v4 and EmpQ v5?

@SaintSovereign and @Fire


So far EmperorQ feels more like Khan ST3, or even STARK. Very different compared to Emperor v4.

Something like STARK Iron Throne = EmperorQ.

You’ll see more details in the updates to the journals.


I didn’t know STARK was out yet


It’s called EmperorQ :wink:


So you mean EmperorQ feels like EmperorQ? :smile:


No :slight_smile:

EmperorQ feels like Khan ST3, not at all like Emperor v3 or v4.


EmperorQ is 30% larger in its duration than Emperor v4. It gives the energy boost of Khan ST3. It makes my brain tingle like Limitless. And it circulates the energy in my body like many reported The Alchemist does.

I am pretty sure this is StarkQ, not just Emperor v5 :wink:


I am tempted to try it aswell, but I guess it would hurt the balance of my stack


Yes, it’s best to stick to your stack, and wait for the brave testers to give it time.

It’s experimental. It may feel good but we also need to verify this baby gets results in the real world.

That’s our job: To test it, To be the guinea pigs that either pioneer the road ahead, or crash and burn :joy: