Open Bounty: Sun Exposure and Recon

The next time you’re experiencing recon of any kind – lethargy, sadness, headache, whatever, try getting exposure to the sun for about 30 minutes (unless you have some kind of medical condition that prevents this).

This doesn’t mean just going outside. Make sure you’re actually in the sunlight. Perhaps going for a drive with the windows down and your arms exposed to the sunlight, or going for a walk.

I’ve tested this multiple times now (along with a few others) and have observed interesting results. The recon seemed to resolve to a large degree and faded away slowly over the rest of the day.


Thank you for this information

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Ma man tell him about your laying in the sun activities recently :eyes:
And how your results changed :eyes:



I recently bought a sunbathing chair. I listen to ME + Chosen (+ AsC - Once a week). Honestly, it’s the most relaxing and blissful feeling. I haven’t had any recon while or after doing it. The only time I had recon (was short-tempered on one day, the day I wasn’t able to listen while in the sun.).

I would lie down and relax my hands on both sides of my body. Listen to the stack, and do a breathing technique. It’s pure bliss & peace.

Honestly, It made me switch the time when I listen too.


Man crazy you mention this. I’ve been laying out in the sun and tanning quite a bit recently. I’ve noticed no recon since doing this.


Well. This could be related with increasing the vitamin D levels thanks to exposition to sunlight. Maybe most of us are deficient in our Vit D levels.


It’s actually proven that there are other reaction from the skin to the contact of sunlight :slight_smile: more than vitamin D.

I might try this next time I feel overloaded, I looooove the sun :smiley: :smiley:


Now that I think about it, maybe me living in Qatar is a reason for the lack of recon :eyes:


Planning to buy a house in Costa Rica eventually my man :smiley: I’ll probably find a way to spend my winter there!


Just yesterday I was reading up on how basically every living thing get it energy for it cell from the sun in one form or the next lol


30 Mins Sunlight a day
keeps the Recon away.


I will give this a try and go outside more as the weather in my area is getting warmer.

i always do this. this 100% works

the sun is amazing gives me nice feeling connecting to nature i love the sun, its amazing how it feels


Thanks, I do try to walk for at least 20 minutes in to an hour each day. I really noticed today I was in recon but in a few minutes it eased up, while I was walking. This is a great tip to know.

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Doing this now

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Third minute under the sun: I feel the intensity of rcon is getting higher, like it’s resolving faster
I am talking about that gut feeling getting more intense
Or maybe it’s the establishment of dominance on the environment from GLM

15 miinutes under the sun: the whole or a major part of recon is lifted up, cuz I am in the state of present which colors are more vibrant and I pay attention to details and I am more immersed in the moment

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I don’t know if it’s the sunlight affecting our primitive brain in order to produce more dopamine/endorphins… or the sublights influence on the subconscious

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Don’t you have houses there?:thinking:
I mean I am in AFGHANISTAN!

and significantly boosts testosterone and overall positive emotions.

i miss going on my walks in the sunlight when i was living at the university.

feels like a million years ago.

these 2+ years of covid have felt like 20+ years when i think about it…weird feeling.


Nope, no houses. Qatar has the highest GDP per capita in the world, so the lack of housing is truly tragic.