On reducing forum drama

Please read this.

I’m proposing a few guidelines to reduce drama on the forum.

First I would encourage everyone here to start with a journal. If for any reason, to post your questions there. If your questions aren’t answered in 3 business days, consider entering a support ticket.

Second if someone posts something you think is disturbing Campfire Policy, please flag it. No editorials. No rating how annoying it is.

Third if you think someone is being treated unfairly, please say something, even if you think that someone is you.

Fourth keep in mind staff may or may not agree with you.

Fifth please follow instructions from the moderators. We may not be able to explain something as well as you like to the point where you understand so you feel what we propose is a great idea. We propose things for people to do with the hope of keeping the forum tidy and harmonious.

Sixth when you contact support, please be civil, polite, and brief. Have one or two clear questions. Do not write support to just talk or to use them as your journal.

Seventh if you have a request, post it once. If you want a formal reply, enter one support ticket about it. You could also place it on the roadmap.

Please also read:


And forest fires. Only you can prevent forest fires also!


True, seen a lot of drama lately, I personally don’t post alot but I’m on this forum every single day just reading; observing and learning. I just hope that Fire and Saint don’t doubt their knowledge and the products they put out because of the pettiness going around on this forum. You have 30 days to try out their products and can still get your money back if not satisfied? Like Saint said previously, some of us are just not ready for their latest technology which makes it hard for the rest us who wants to gain.


@Classic1 I have found that this has helped me tremendously in the navigation of The SubClub system. I find out about 90% of the things I need to know. Questions are important and the more senior members are great in answering them.


We should impose a zero tolerance policy.

@RVconsultant what i suggest is you come down harshly on those who attempt to circumvent the rules a one months ban from the forum and they also should be shamed in public.