Nouveau R.I.C.H. -- A STKS Short Read Featuring Nuevo Vesper

The fifth chapter in the Zero Point Legends, introducing Nuevo Vesper as the herald of the New Wealth Experience. Nouveau R.I.C.H., coming 10.9.23!

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Very interesting that The Revelator (Benedict Lockwood) is the inventor of Subliminals ('that sounds technology that destroyed him)

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Satya Nadella is kind of a nouveau RICH, repositioning Microsoft with a few discret but good moves.

Hope the product works for both entrepreneur and climbing corporate ladder like in all american dream stories.


Have you read the story yet?

The New Wealth Experience as a whole can help do this and Nouveau R.I.C.H. can help, but as indicated by the narrative, this is very much a “disrupt the hell out of a market and make tons of money” kind of title.

In a startup environment, I can see it working well. In “traditional” environments? Possibly.


@HypeDaddySovereign curious what would the combination of Stark + GLM: The Commander + Nouveau RICH entail. Would it be a good stack? Or does Nouveau RICH have aspects of status and influence already in it that means we don’t need to run GLM: The Commander?

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Cool read.

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… fuckkk this is good.

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Monday. :wink:

Still gotta reserve the mystery. Need feedback on how you responded to the ideas present the story.


Sounds good I will provide my feedback as soon as I finish reading it :slight_smile:

What would the difference be between Nuevo Rich and EoG4?


There seem to be some character building such as confidence, boldness, aggressiveness in Nuevo that is different from the consensual HOM/Stark/EOG. Nuevo sounds like a fundamental sub through the way it makes you deeply understand money/value.


I love how it just focuses on a market disruption… pairs well with Stark? HAHA


Overall was a great read, but the whole rules on money, cash flow consciousness thing im a bit hesitant on because I think it would be taking away from the market disruption focus, I don’t want this to turn into RICH: Penny Pincher yenno lol


The story is that good that I will run it anyway :joy:


“But where there’s shittiness, there’s a chance for opportunity.”

You’re not wrong. I just never realized it until I read it juts now. I love it

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I also think the rules of money could be in EoG St1 rather than put it in but who knows just speculating rn

Stark + Nouveau RICH = Nuevo Vesper??

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it’s interesting how much the old money guy values vesper.
vesper is inevitable, they have to pay attention to him whether they like it or not.

Showing that even with the most powerful power of Nouveau RICH. Taking action is the basis of success for wealth.

Nouveau RICH will help users have a deep understanding of the basis of wealth. Money, power and influence while knowing how to use it and using it to innovate for the future.

Nouveau RICH will help create your own innovation that will make you as wealthy as possible. Not just do what others think will make tons of money but essentially creating your own destiny and path to wealth to succeed in this new money world. Hence where the term market disruption comes, don’t just reinvent the market, disrupt it as that’s where the biggest opportunities for wealth are.

Nouveau RICH will have a strong emphasis on making wealth threw your own signature of innovation. Be it tech, sales, marketing, retail, etc. Redefining the whole concept of that industry and innovating in your own unique way.

Nouveau RICH will have ground breaking manifestations to find the right connections to succeed in your path to wealth. These won’t be just normal people. These will be wealthy people that know you have something worthwhile that they should either invest in or pay you the big bucks for.

Nouveau RICH will have you analyzing the aspects of wealth similar to a chess game. Instead of taking one path or offer. Analyzing different pathways that would be the most profitable to you and would help you the most in achieving your wealth goals.

Nouveau RICH will focus on the principles of new money. Focusing on what are disrupting the market now instead of what did in the past. New money would have a focus on tech, the internet and everything that’s has coined the term of “new innovations”.

Nouveau RICH will give you the unfair advantage to wealth. Most people see a common pathway to wealth and try to achieve that. Nouveau RICH will take a different approach having the unfair advantage of seeing threw the lenses of what will make true riches by redefining the whole concept of what that pathway to wealth is and how to achieve it which hasn’t been done by anyone that has chosen that path.

Nouveau RICH will have new scripting relating to money management. It allow you to spend money on things you want but with way that makes it a smart decision and a decision you won’t become poor from but instead will make more money from. In this concept, why buy a new car that will lose 25% of it’s value after first use when you can get the same car by leasing and write it off as a business expenses. Essentially getting the material goal you desired while not losing and spending too much money.

Nouveau RICH will allow you to have the material possession you desire but not be tied to the name of the brand which is usually why products are so expensive but instead buy things that are similar or exactly the same but aren’t tied to a particular brand which will cost less. Essentially having money to reinvest into your empire that will increase your wealth.