Niles; Coldly Conscious

Ending my Stark Black cycle a few days earlier and taking time to wash out and clear my head. This past week has been full of heavy recon, brain fog, heavy emotions. Managed a decent enough week of selling despite it, but feel like I have a lot to process right now.

For the time being, I don’t see myself going back to Stark Black. I had outstanding results from it, in the short time span I ran it, crushed it in sales, but as of right now it doesn’t really fit my life situation and goals. I just landed my current role, and while it’s pretty comfortable and I plan to stay here for quite awhile while I build up my career, moving up to a closer role here looks like it will be quite a ways out in the future. I’ve worked at some pretty high level sales company in the past, but my manager basically told me when he brought me on that they basically recruit only world class closers, and it’s harder to move up from a setting position because your not getting as much closing experience, not impossible, but improbable.

Honestly for now I’m totally okay with that, I can pretty comfortably make 6-12K/month in my position, without giving up my whole life to sell at a high level like I did in the past. When I see a window of opportunity to move up, I may go all in again, but for now I just want to take some time, breath, and enjoy life. In my current position, I don’t feel SB is necessary, as it’s more about just being productive and consistent with my time, especially because I could basically do this on autopilot at this point.

This opens up a lot of space in my stack to focus on on other area’s, while maintaining and even stacking cash. I’ve learned I actually have a pretty low risk tolerance, so the entrepreneur route something I was crazy passionate about before, doesn’t seem as appealing as something like investing and slowly building wealth, while I enjoy my life along the way.

First off, I’ve decided to bring back RoM. The awareness, productivity, results enhancement, mental clarity, spirituality/inner focus, this is my go-to sub, covers most of what I need, and will allow me to maintain the level of production I need at my position.

Next, Genesis Mogul. I’ve had it in my stack in some form since release, and it seems to keep up the wealth manifestations which is important in my job, somewhat of a focus on money, but I’ve found it to be in a more explorative way. At this point in my life, I’m really undecided what I want to do, but I’m really starting to learn that I don’t want to sell forever, so I’m excited to see what other interests GM helps me uncover. In the past I didn’t really have any time to focus on anything other then sales, right now I have to work at most 6 hour days if I’m managing my time properly, so that opens up doors to check out other interests.

Now the one I’m excited for, it’s finally time to run KHAN. I’ve ran it in the past, but always went straight to stage 4. I’ve finally got some space in my life to run this properly, and honestly I’m most hyped about the healing aspects.

" a battle of exterminating all the weakness, fear, jealousy, envy, laziness, wickedness, victimhood and anything else that is holding you back". - This is basically what led me to going with Khan. I’ve been running wealth titles for almost 2 years, and while I’ve defiantly made some progress, I feel I’m not at the level I should be. I have drastically increased my income, but I basically have 0 leverage. Every month is starting over for me. There’s defiantly some type of barrier or limited beliefs holding me back from the success I’m capable of, but I don’t think it’s directly tied to wealth anymore, maybe I’m wrong on that, but I feel like I need to address it from a different angle.


In quite the pickle right now, a good pickle, but a pickle nonetheless. I ended up doing some sub hopping my last few days of my stark black cycle, as I was preparing for my new cycle of RoM, Khan1, GM. Well yesterday was by far my best selling day ever, and today is looking like I could top that and it’s like 8 AM… The mental clarity is absurd, wealth manifestations pouring in with ideal client avatars showing up in abundance, like 10 appointments per day and actually showing up, and I’m actually enjoying the hell out of selling. I can fully focus on what the prospect is saying, I’m asking the perfect questions, great cadence, pauses, I feel like I broke threw to a new level today.

If I had to put my finger on it, it was introducing RoM back in my stack. I’ve said it in the past, but this is my go to sub, and the sub I’ve ran longer then anything else. Not always at once, but I always come back to it and have at least 12 cycles with RoM. That may be part of the reason I get god tier results with it, but it also seems to enhance the f*** out of everything else I’m running. There’s a part in the copy where it mentions strengthening the link between the conscious and unconscious, and how this manifests for me, is that it seems to take a lot of the internal mindset results I’m getting from other subs, and manifest them into my physical reality. I also am much more consciously aware of what each sub in my stack is doing. I take a much greater interest to meditate, which I think indirectly increases other subs results by putting you into a higher “state”, and at the same time gets me out of my head so that I am not always over analyzing things, how subs are effecting me, and I can just be present to the moment where results, and life are truly “unfolding”. Man I can’t wait to see the updated version of RoM…

On the Genesis Mogul side, it’s a straight up avatar client magnet for me. My manager a couple days ago (basically after re-introducing GM, told me how they switched the inbound leads off of the closers calendars so they only go to setters to increase our ROAS, which led me to getting 10+ highly qualified inbound leads per day which I get paid if they show up. On top of that, our outbound leads are fire, and I’m setting them at a 2-3% dial to set rate, meaning that I make 200 dials, which only takes me a few hours, and I have 4 sets. On top of that, we are introducing an “intuitive” dialer, which basically allows us to double the dials we can make in a day in the same amount of time.

Unsure if this is SB “bloom” but the results I’ve gotten over the last couple days definitely make RoM and GM a lock in for my next few cycles, a week in and I’m in a solid set up to have my best sales month ever, stronger then when I was closing.

Going to run one more loop of GM and RoM on Wednesday to end the week strong, then starting a washout. TBD on whether I will roll with SB, HOM, or Khan 1 as my main archetype sub.


So I’ve had two people with the last name Khan book on to my calendar today… Taking this as a sign :joy:

Not sure what it is, but since this weekend I just flipped a switch. Potentially just the opportunity vehicle I’m on my right now, and having a clear cut path to making the type of money I want to make, but in the past I would always procrastinate making my calls, following through with details, and putting in the extra work.

I think the biggest shift is saying f*** it to other opportunities, and focusing all of my attention on sales. I’m no longer looking at other businesses, wasting time on Youtube, etc. The times when I would have been doing those things have been spent making extra dials, reviewing sales calls but only while at the gym or walking, maybe a brief 15-20 minute break to meditate or make some food. Can’t remember the last time I was this productive with the same level of intensity and energy, perhaps while running Emperor awhile back…

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I always think I am getting good results, then I put RoM back in my stack… and it’s like strapping jet fuel to the rest of my stack. I posted recently about GM being much more subtle then then the og version. After re-introducing RoM, it’s feeling very much like the original. Non-stop action on money making activities, working 10-12 hour days, and almost being incapable of doing anything unproductive. Man I missed that feeling :sweat_smile:

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Ran my second loop of Khan St 1 last evening. So far, it’s had a couple benefits that I really wasn’t expecting, especially after my experiences in the previous versions of Khan. The first is in my productivity. Khan 1’s recon seems to kick into overdrive anytime I’m wasting my time. It makes it extremely uncomfortable and painful to not be effective with my time, which for me is making calls right now. This has seemed to work better to kick into gear then being clear on my goals, motivation, etc. People are more motivated towards pain, then pleasure, and I don’t think any other title I’ve ran has had this long lasting of motivation. It’s like you have this constant negative feedback in the form of negative emotions anytime you are slacking off.

The other benefit, is that I feel like it’s helping me to enjoy sales again. I’ve been so burnt out of socializing and selling in general that I had honestly thought about quitting. Khan has seemed to increase my social battery, and actually enjoy talking and learning about my prospects again. Having a genuine curiosity has allowed me to go much deeper into the conversations, naturally building larger gaps on the call, as opposed to when I’m just asking the questions for persuasion purposes and they can pick up on that so the conversation stays surface level.

I’ve also been much more direct with my communication, eliminating a lot of the filler words, and that’s had a really cool effect on my selling. As my old sales coach used to tell me “Go straight for the jugular”. I dive right into asking the really hard questions about finances, impact, cost of inaction, etc, and because there’s no hesitation when I’m asking, I’m getting really cool answers.

I had suspected that running K1 would make it a lot harder to socialize, but it’s actually having the opposite effect. Excited to see how things progress here, especially if this is all only from the healing stage of Khan.


I know the exact feeling ur describing I experience this when I run AM.When I’m not productive I feel so uncomfortable even if I’m taking a 20 min break to bs around I have this nagging feeling in my body I need to get back to being productive. Lots of times even when I’m being productive I still feel uncomfortable because my body and brain makes me feel like that’s not productive enough lol.

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Running RoM and seeing how much of a difference RoM makes in my communication, mental clarity, and ability to learn really makes me want to give QL a shot. So much of our ability to be effective and success in life really ties into intelligence and cognitive function. There are definitely other factors like EQ, power, environment, but if you have ever observed somebody with a really IQ in something like a corporate environment, sales, etc, especially compared to others with a more average intelligence, they are simply going through life easier, less stressed, more effective, etc. It’s really fascinating.

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Update: changing QL for RoM has certainly made this stack feel more “dense”. Not so much recon, just the feeling like I am processing a lot and I’m not as cognitively sharp/productive compared to running RoM. I still feel committed to stick to QL though, as I know the long term trade off is worth it once I get more used to this. May have to do a longer washout, or cut back on QL for the week however.

Khan definitely is the most noticeable in the stack in terms of results. The shedding of traumas, and healing of TB has led me down a deep rabbit hole of questioning my own masculinity and what it means to me. It’s also caused a lot of turmoil in my relationship, but I feel content with that, as I know I’m moving more towards the person I need to be, and that change is going to cause some challenges.

One thing I’ve really noticed is how different I feel from when we first met. When we started dating I was completely uncontrollable, wild, full of energy. I feel like a lot of that has died, or at least hidden in me. Part of that was me isolating myself for a year from my social circle etc, because I really was getting out of control, and I needed to take time and focus on my career, but by doing that I also felt like I loss a lot of my personal power. It’s a weird sensation, almost deep in my gut, that feels repressed from saying and doing the things that I used to. It’s kind of a double edged sword because that wild side is what makes me feel alive, passionate, full of life, but at the same time is also what leads me to making bad decisions, setting me back in career, messing up my relationship etc… Come to think of it, this is what I would describe as your “inner khan”, and it’s a really fine balance of using that power, but not letting it get out of control.

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This is awesome, I need more of this again.

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HOM is still the god tier for this. Can’t wait for the update, but even at this point I’m considering subbing out GM for HOM.

do it

do it for the people

I added HOM/EOG custom into my stack. Running alongside True Sell Black and Stark Black

Instantly feel the rapport so much more on calls. I’m still edgy as fxx but better. Did close a fat sale - they said they felt pressured by me, so shifted gears and ended up closing through fully giving them space.

Glad they told me the truth. On Stark Black my confidence and decisiveness is so high, I want people to move at my speed and its annoying when they don’t.

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Wild stack lol, is the recon pretty manageable? I switched QL for RoM and right now it feels like a little much, but might be worth it long term, undecided between that, LE, and RoM as far as what fits best in my stack. I think it’s about time to make a custom lol, 3 title stacks are just impossible.

Pretty consistent with my listening this cycle with Khan 1, GM, and QL1 (couple loops of RoM and the beginning, but similar goals). Didn’t do a full wash out before starting this, and definitely can tell I’m in need of one. Been feeling much lower energy and cognitively drained this week, but also laying a strong foundation for what’s to come. While this stack is dense, and the results haven’t been as mind boggling this cycle, I believe playing the long game with these titles is definitely worth it. Digging into QL there are so many other benefits that will play out in nearly any realm of endeavor, especially in a work/sales envio

For sure going to keep going with Khan/QL, but I feel like it’s time to replace GM with something a bit more sales specific. We brought on like 10 new sales people this week, and while I was really enjoying how laid back this roll is, the competitive fire has definitely been lit.

Potential Custom Idea: For context, this is pretty much only going to be used to drive performance at work. Just appointment setting right now, so don’t really need as many sales modules, productivity is going to be more important in my role. Goal is to make 10-12K/month for the new few months, and then from there re-evaluate if I want to move up to a closing position, or start looking into building other income streams. Will be stacking with Khan, and QL.

  1. Limitless Executive
  2. True Sell or RICH
  3. NWE (optional)
  4. Furious Ascent
  5. Machine: Action
  6. Productivity Unleashed
  7. Raikov
  8. Still Mind
  9. Empath
  10. Power Talk
  11. Iron Frame
  12. Natural Winner
  13. Transcendental Connection
  14. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation
  15. Subconscious Flow
  16. Void of Creation

Very open to suggestions here! @Azriel @ouroboros @Vesper

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IMO it needs way more results enhancers. my NR/LE custom didn’t have enough and it killed sales results. There was a post recently about Cores in the Q-store being different than main store titles

Add Pragya & Omnidimensional at the minimum.

go rich, not ts

Full loop of QL1 this morning, so far not the best idea before work lol. Totally useless since then, managed ok on my calls this morning, but can hardly think this afternoon, stumbling on what to say on my calls, about to just call it a sick day :joy:

Ya really gotta manage the exposure on the zp2 max I suppose :man_shrugging:


To the point of your support ticket, i noticed something similar.

QL made me better at things like memorizing phone numbers, not necessarily working more/better/smarter. Not in the short term anyways. Didn’t commit to it long term. ASBR + LE is a lot right now.

It’s funny that you’re bringing up a sales custom. I’m planning on turning ASBR into a 1-core sales custom as well.

I was planning on making it something like this, although this is a super rough draft.

Stark Black - Closer Edition
  1. ASBR Core
  2. True Sell Module
  3. Value Proposition
  4. Pragya
  5. Omnidimensional
  6. FSRS
  7. Safety Net
  8. Dominion
  9. Yggdrasil
  10. King’s Radiance
  11. Submodel Alpha
  12. Alpha Body Language
  13. Earthshaker: Authority
  14. Enchanting Smile
  15. Eagle Eye
  16. Entranced
  17. Subconscious Flow
  18. (i submitted a support ticket about Torchbearer and Virtue: Hope as they apply to sales calls)
  19. Sacred Words
  20. Whispered Power
  21. Direct Influencing Aura

Before you make a custom with LE in it, are you microlooping 30-45s on your work days? How’s that going?

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Not really, I’ve used it pretty extensively in the past though in the manner and every time I do I crush it, but for some reason I’ve never kept it as a staple, shiny object syndrome I suppose…

My stack just already feels so dense with Khan, QL, and GM, that I didn’t want to add another thing to it. Switching out QL and LE may be all I need to do, possibly GM for HOM as well.

I’m honestly still doing pretty well, and leading the boards on my offer as far as total appointments right now, but definitely more sluggish this week, and now getting all competitive because we just brought on 6 more people lol.