New Support Article: What is the New Wealth Experience?

Read it here. It’s been expanded from the other thread with more information:


Yo Saint, can you ask the Dalai Lama to follow me on instagram?

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Grab Revelation of Spirit, Revelation of Mind and build the right custom and you can meet him yourself.


On a more serious note, are there plans to update the rest of the titles with the New Wealth Experience technology/script/build after the wealth related ones have been updated?

Lmao this made me laugh so hard. Talking about confidence lol

Revelation of mind body spirit and the complete triad should be a multistage toolkit imo

Yep. At the end of the support article, we mention that every title that has wealth will be upgraded to the New Wealth Experience.


Right, but what about the non-wealth titles?

Is the technology/script/built of the New Wealth Experience eventually going to be adapted to say Ascension, or Renaissance Man etc?

Any title that has wealth scripting in it (and that includes Ascension and Renaissance Man if you read their sales pages), will get the New Wealth Experience update.

Surprisingly, even Wanted Black has wealth scripting which we got to know recently. Must be why most folks are more productive on Wanted Black when compared to Wanted.

More details will be revealed when the update happens (most probably) in November.

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I used really bad examples in Ascension and RM there lol.

My original question was asking about those titles with 0 wealth scripting. Say Paragon, or Love Bomb For Humanity.

But if that information can’t be available right now, no problem.

@SaintSovereign What about ZP v2 MAX upgrade? We already know that all titles related to wealth will be updated with NWE by the end of this year. Is it the same for the ZP v2 MAX?

Well there is the ZP v2 MAX upgrade for all titles. So that’s something to look forward to for Paragon Complete and Love Bomb for Humanity.

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I thought ZPV2 Max upgrade for all titles was around the end of the year

The ZP v2 MAX + NWE will be one upgrade. Realistically, it will begin this year and bleed into next year.


Nah, NWE won’t be added to these. They may have their own new technologies, however.



Paragon is literaly my favourite subliminal,if i had to stick with 1 subliminal forever it would be paragon, i would even pay thousands for the subliminal because of how much it has relieved my pain, i would be ecstatic if paragon had new rewritten technology like lots


LBFH with new technologies confirmed? :eyes:


I cant wait for EOG Max with NWE.


As far as I understood @Magneto it’s not NWE scripting he asked for, but rather the new approach you took in the NWE, the new style of scripting, the unfolding, so to say.
So if we will get a unfolding version of LotS or Paragon, where the same goals are achieved differently, eg transforming through new experiences etc?

Just like you used your new understanding from NWE to create the NRE.


Khan when? :open_mouth: