New Support Article: List of Certified Subliminal Club Headsets and Earbuds for Maximum Results

Read it here: List of Certified Subliminal Club Headsets and Earbuds for Maximum Results - Subliminal Club Support Hub

Note: You do NOT need these headphones to listen and get results. This is a list of headphones that we’ve personally tested and got amazing results, as well as recommendations from the community. Do not spread misinformation regarding this list, please.

A note will be posted in this thread when it’s updated. We are currently testing the Nuraphones today and they may be added within the weekend.


Glad to have AirPods Pro :slight_smile:

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Whatever happened to the Audiotechnica ATH-M20x which have been recommended on here a lot? Still good?

What about Audiotechnica ATH M50X BT

I have to retest them to make sure they meet the standards of upcoming builds (since we don’t want to remove headsets), but I’m pretty sure they’re good.

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@Meng123 you posted asking about this.

Aye, that’s why I went ahead and put up the preliminary list. :wink:


These are the ones I am using.

Newer company. Cool. Attempting to be audiophile-oriented.

I’m happy with them.

Will add to the list under “User Recommended” heading.

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Given that only airpods pro are here, can we assume that the regulair airpods are suboptimal?

I haven’t tested the regular yet. I’ll check them out in the next round. Also, everyone: The Apple Airpods Pro works perfectly with Android phones. I tested them myself on two different Samsung Galaxy phones.


I recommend Beats Flex. I don’t have a spectral graph but at $40 it’s legit the best-quality earbuds I’ve ever owned

Status Audio Between Pro work perfectly. No difference between Sennheiser Pro and to be honest they might even be better because I have seen increased results since using the Between Pro.

Remember that? Was listening on the Between Pros and have never seen such pronounced Libertine Aura before.


Would you be able to listen to subliminals from Apple Airpods pro and have a call from them at the same time? I like to listen to subs while in meetings

The built in music app for iPhones pauses playback during calls and video. Assuming you’re using an iPhone, you need a different app

I haven’t tried this, but I’ll test it later.

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@Palpatine @SaintSovereign I’m using an android

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You’ll have to try and let me know then

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I use AirPod Pros, I’m assuming there was testing for using Noise Cancelling too? I’m sure we’ve been told to use Transparency Mode for Ultima’s right?

I use Sony WH1000XM3 headphones with noise cancelling on (but all other processing off), and they work extremely well for both Q and Ultima.