New Support Article: Introduction to Zero Point

Read it here: Introduction to Zero Point - Subliminal Club Support Hub


saint what about feeling the sub? thats a not thing no more with ZP ?

i really like the feelings with the subs sometimes, but one would argue results are more important which i totally agree thats its not about feeling the sub

but more importantly, seeing the fruits and the results of it,

will ZP have less feeling of the subs effect ? like you would feel the results? or that wouldnt a be thing no more, i read somehwere in the zp thread that something that goes like this " get used to not feeling ZP" or something like that

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Well written article . :clap:

Hope to experience “Zero Point Perceptual Shift”

Can ZP main title and Custom (Qv2) with a same core be run together ?
Its mentioned in the article to not to run Qv2 and ZP versions together .

Yes. What we mean is, don’t run Wanted ZP and Wanted Qv2 together.


My hearts skipped a beat
I thought I’d get some of that secret sauce a bit sooner than expected, I even checked refresh on my downloads ahahaha

anyway really good “mise en bouche” of ZP with that new article !

Awesome news! I have a wealth custom with RICH (in QV2) that I am eager to blast off into the stratosphere with RICH ZP. I guess I have to focus on only one of customs now for the preview.

Instead, Zero Point initiates INSPIRED ACTION, as if your best, most trusted friend gave you amazing advice that you can act on.

HELL YEAH! :grinning: :sunglasses: :partying_face:


One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to. I always struggled with action before (not due to laziness, just due to indecision and other factors) and I’m beyond excited. Jesus, thank you.

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  1. Don’t run Qv2 and ZP audios on the same day.

  2. Don’t have a stack of both ZP and Qv2 of the same title. Eg, your stack shouldn’t have WANTED Qv2 and WANTED ZP.

  3. You could have a ZP title and a Qv2 Custom with the Core of the ZP title. Eg, stack of WANTED ZP and WANTED Custom Qv2 is fine. But play them on different days as mentioned in the ZP Listening Instructions.


thank you :relaxed: . Very clear

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How is running a qv2 custom with a core of a title of a title any different than the regular qv2 title.? Arent they essentially the same thing.?

Saint said , its okay to play together

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Could I start with a one title day when listening to three titles? Eg today chosen, two days later sage and limitless?

Regular Qv2 title + Same QZP title is hard recon. SaintSovereign said so in the ZP thread.

Also the QZP version is superior to Qv2 version so the Qv2 isn’t necessary.

The only reason anyone wants to run the Qv2 Custom is because of the extra modules in it.

If I can find SaintSovereign 's comment regarding this, I will post it here. Else @StateOfBeing will surely find it for us.

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Of course you can

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Woah awesome, let’s do this :grin:

[quote=“Matt, post:17, topic:11110”]

As long as you stick to the schedule. Eg,

Day 1: 1x CHOSEN
Day 2: Rest Day
Day 3: 1x Sage Immortal, 1x Limitless
Day 4: 1x CHOSEN
Day 5: Rest Day
Day 6: 1x Sage Immortal, 1x Limitless

Day 21 to 26: Rest Days

(It’s all in the Zero Point Listening Instructions of course)

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I have a PS custom with just the PS core in it and other modules in it that i wanted to run in my stack. I think he said that wasnt ok, only customs with multiple cores including the one i want to run in ZP .

Okay. Does it have 19 other modules?

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@Mystery - hopefully SaintSovereign will add a section in the Supprt Hub regarding this.

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