New Physical Shifting and Teaching Customs

I am proud to introduce my two latest customs: Adonis Qv2 and Chiron Ultima v2. I will journal both of these here. I want to thank the forum members for helping me shape these customs. Your journals and comments to my journals were very helpful. I will start with separate posts to introduce each custom so I can tag those that might be interested in each one. I also welcome everyone to comment as they see fit.

One side note: I want to thank @RVconsultant, @SaintSovereign, and Q-engineer for inserting a module last minute. I greatly appreciate the customer service.


Interested in seeing it! Please tag meee

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I’m definitely interested in Adonis Qv2. Can’t wait to see your results with this one

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What are the modules? Are they listed somewhere?

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Yoooo you finally made them :heart_eyes: looking forward to see what’s in the Adonis and how it affects u :grin:

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Attn: @RVconsultant, @Lion, @Yazooneh, @Meng123, @Invictus, @Dragon-Lesson, @StateOfBeing, @Malkuth, @Brandon and @Achilles.

My physical shifting custom is called Adonis. My mission is to create a strong, healthy, and fit body which maximizes my sexiness. My tools are my nutrition plan, exercise plan, and this custom. I will be charting my progress using nutrition, exercise, and other goals, monitoring progress along a three month time horizon. I will post my progress here.


Cores Recovery Physical Shifting Aesthetics Enhancers
Wanted Serum X SPS: Fat Burn Physicality Shifter: Sexiness DEUS
EmpFit 4 Fusion Opt. SPS: Muscular System Natural Winner
Spartan Deep Sleep SPS: Integumentary System Overdrive
SPS: Endocrine System Pragya
SPS: Skeletal System Furious Ascent
APS: Arms
APS: Torso
APS: Legs

Nutrition Plan: Keto OMAD with one optional cheat meal per week

Exercise Plan
Monday: HIIT - [8 sets/30secs/11mph + 8 sets/90 secs/3.5mph] + 20 - 40 minutes Zone 2 cardio
Tuesday: Leg/Core (inc. Squats)
Wednesday: HIIT
Thursday: Upper Body
Friday: HIIT
Saturday: Back/Bicep (inc. Deadlift)
Sunday: Chest (inc. Bench Press)

Goals (Start - One Month - Two Months - Three Months)

Weight: 175 - 170 - 165 - 160
BF%: 22.6% - 20% - 17% - 14%
Waist: 41" - 40" - 38" - 36"
Chest: 42.5" - 43" - 44" - 45"
Biceps: 13.25" - 13.75" - 14.25" - 15"

Bench Press: 170 - 185 - 205 - 225
Deadlift: 265 - 280 - 300 - 320
Squat: 170 - 185 - 205 - 225

Blood Pressure (upper): 118 - 115 - 110 - 105
Blood Pressure (lower): 76 - 74- 72 - 70
Resting Heart Rate: 69 - 65 - 60 - 55

Nutrition: 4 days
NoFap: 4 days




Remember that sleep and rest is very important

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Attn: @RVconsultant, @Lion, @Simon, @Budewr, @Avengers68, @shapeshift, @ichigo, @Varuna, @olinka2, and @pacman.

My teaching custom ultima is called Chiron Ultima. My mission is to create the perfect blend of authority, charisma, and intellect while being relatable and building relationships with my students.

Chiron Ultima


  1. Love Bomb Ultima: Love, Wisdom, Positivity, Perceived strong and respectable, Manage stress
  2. Commander Ultima: Authority, Communication, Charisma, Public speaking, Aura of Authority
  3. Beyond Limitless: Cognitive ability, Productivity, Problem solving, Explaining, Multiple Paths
  4. Chiron: Teaching skill, Positive energy, Passion, Patience, Instilling proper climate and culture
  5. Transcendental Connection: Relationship building
  6. Joie di Vivre: Joy, Passion for work
  7. Torchbearer: Encourage/Inspire students, Build trust, Patience
  8. Lion IV: Calm under stress, Inner power, Social skills

Yes, I realize this is 8 modules, which is 2 over the recommended limit. I am not recommending that anyone go over the prescribed limit, but it passed muster with Q-engineer, so I will see how it works.


Of course. Thank you.

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YOOOOO this looks sexy :heart_eyes:

here are some notes;

don’t keep this as chest only, add at least triceps with it (3 exercise, 3-4 sets each), or make it a push workout (chest, triceps, and shoulders).

seeing how similar our customs are, you’ll get this in a month.

P.S. those are almost my measurements :joy: (with some tiny differences; waist is 30", bf% is 11%, weight is 73kg/161lbs)

i like your strength goals, but if your energy levels are in check and you took a good pre-workout, you’ll achieve this in weeks, in fact I deadlifted today for the first time since December, I pulled 3 plates for 1 rep, which is pretty much just the pure strength gains from custom, which is almost similar to yours.

if you need any workout tips or what kind would fit you best, then i’m here to help :muscle:t4: :grin:

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i just realized something, the fact that both WANTED and Love Bomb are here, you could name this stack the Eros stack :wink:

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Can’t wait to see this kitten at work! :slight_smile:

BLU and Commander were a brilliant move. I’ve tested them myself for teaching. On BLU my teaching skills skyrocketed and on Commander holding the discipline was effortless and management skills were just great.


Thanks @Invictus. I was definitely inspired by your journal. To answer your comments:

  1. Since a major goal of mine is to increase my bench press, I devote Sunday towards that end. On Sunday, I do compound chest exercises which emphasize different parts of the chest: bench, incline, and decline presses. While the emphasis is on the chest, shoulders and triceps are worked as well. On Thursdays, I isolate triceps and shoulders.

  2. Getting 15" arms in a month would be a major coup!

  3. My three months goals are based on what I currently perceive to be my ideal sexy and healthy body. I say currently because that may change over time.

  4. My strength goals have been lifetime dreams, especially a 2 plate bench. A 3 plate deadlift would be nice too!

  5. Please describe what you mean by a good pre-workout. What would it contain? How many minutes do you take it before you work out? What supplements do you consider essential for my goals?

  6. Thank you for offering help. I will definitely let you know if I need it.


They are in separate customs. Wanted is in Adonis, while Love Bomb is in Chiron Ultima. I suppose they would merge if I am running both customs frequently.

Interesting fact: I ran Chiron Ultima before a date, and the date said that she thought I was a great teacher because I project authority, charisma, and intelligence.


Remember: unless you’re training for a competition, it’s good to let the gains come at an even pace. The point is to keep the gains. And to not get injured.

Sub-threshold injuries are common in the weight room. They’re unnecessary.


Thanks @Varuna. I have been experimenting for months now, running Love Bomb, Commander, and Beyond Limitless before work. They all have a wonderful impact on my teaching and my demeanor.

I put this custom together as a time save and to get a larger impact by having them hit me all at once. I agree that BLU is amazing for understanding and explaining math, and it gives me an “intelligent” aura, like a presumed expert in the field. Commander gives me a “leader” aura, like the presumed authority figure in the room.


I agree. I have been weight training (on and off) for over 40 years. I am very cognizant of my body while I train. I am alert not to overtrain. I will stop a workout if I don’t feel well. I set my goals for three months, so I will be satisfied with incremental gains over a long period of time.


This seems like an interesting approach, but then why don’t you try doing ICF 5x5, you lift 3 times a week and it’s a strength based program with a good amount of accessories after the compounds, would be worth checking it out.

Instead of listing out ingredients and all, I’ll tell you some of the best ones you can get; C4 (any variant), the curse, and gorilla mode.

The only other supplement I’d recommend is creatine, especially if you’re looking to train in a powerlifting fashion, but other than that, your diet should provide you with everything.

Multivitamins, ZMA and fish oils are good too, but not taking them won’t slow your gains.

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I know haha, I just meant like the stack together (Q and ultima) can be seen as an Eros stack, with a teaching edge.

Professor Eros :joy:

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@Sinusoid I am happy for you!

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