Emperor Fitness and Spartan Custom for Body and Attractiveness

Hello all,

Pinging @Yazooneh , @Invictus , @Meng123 and @Azriel that I know are big on the subject.

Soo I am planning my fitness custom and I read the difference between Emperor Fitness and Spartan and building a custom with both seems like a good idea.

My goal is not to be a bodybuilder, I am endomorph type. So I take belly fat easily but in the same time, I get big in a month with weight (lifting weight, other stuff dont work with me). I plan to workout 3times a week and go from there.

I am shy so I pull from internet to give my current shape. My body type is like

And I want to reach Wilmer Valderrama level

I am not sure Emperor Fitness is mandatory but it has already lots of physical shifting goodies in it so my main questions is which modules to add to my cores.

So I came up with


  • Spartan core : edge and warrior mindset
  • Emperor Fitness Core : overall fitness

First address my weakness (chest, abs) with

  • APS: Torso

Then a focus on overall attractiveness

  • Facial Morphing : sharpen my face edges, jawline, etc
  • Physicality Shifter – Sexiness : Sexiness and attractiveness
  • Apollon : harmonious body naked
  • SPS: Integumentary System - For face skin, greying hair,

Now well everything related to sex, and male hormones.

  • Male Enhancement - because why not
  • SPS: Endocrine System - May be redundant with EF but testes is good right?
  • SPS: Reproductive System - Goes well to support the two above

Theses modules to kind of overall wrap up everything

  • Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  • Omnidimensional

So I am now with 12 modules & cores.

I have considered but excluded the modules below because they feel redundant with the cores. But I am open to reconsider them

Are these redundant with EF and Spartan?

  • SPS: Muscular System
  • SPS: Fat Burn
  • Deep Sleep
  • APS: Arms
  • APS: Head - Would take it but is it redundant with the Facial Morphing ?

Optional (not sure what to do with them)

  • Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
  • SPS: Skeletal System

Open to suggestions about what to add and remove. Is EF really helping in this case, or Spartan enough. I am not interested by Wanted because it doesnt seem to help adding muscles.



Hmm,just curious.Are you only going for looks or performance as well?If you just want to look like that,these 5 would be enough.You might need fat burn as well since you said you keep fat easily.Spartan is better mindset wise than emperor fitness but the physical shifting in emperor fitness is better.Not sure if spartan with the aps/sps modules would be equivalent/better though.Have you tried emperor fitness or spartan before or this is your first time trying them?

If going for performance,would throw in fusion optimized,serum x,inexhaustible and maybe equilibrium.Skeletal might be good for joints also.Pretty sure height inducer is in emperor fitness so you probably wont need it unless you want to emphasize it.


Looks and health.
I don’t not know what is performance. Do you mean lifting more and be like a bodybuilder? Not really, I am more from a martial art background. I love to sweat and have a good workout and push myself, look good and be healthy in order to age well. But I dont have lifting performance objectives.

this would be the first time yes.

Cool, @Fire official recommendation! :slight_smile:

What was your target using EF? “Real” bodybuilding?

Performance as in if you compete in sports/martial arts etc that depend on how well your body can perform than how it looks.If your in martial arts or competitive sports,then spartan is a must.If your in fighting,i would include stuff like blink,thunder,masters coordination,berserker etc that dont have anything to do with looks.Endurance and flexibility like inexhaustible and equilibrium.Health,ascelpius could be good.Recovery and nutrition/absorption would be serum x and fusion optimized.

Hmm,my goal with EF is become as strong and fit as possible.Not really for the looks and bodybuilding part so i would build mine quite differently than say if i was just building it for aesthetic purposes so thought should get what your aiming for before suggesting.Though aesthetic wise,you only really need emperor fitness,aps arms/legs/torso and muscular system.Anything else is a bonus like yazooneh said

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None of those are redundant

Head is good and it’s also aesthetics so your shape will change

Mate act like every module you add is a bonus

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Guess that’s the right mindset to have for these.

Thought about it but as you guys said, this is a bonus :slight_smile:
As we need anyway 10 modules as a minimum, I will keep instead SPS: Endocrine System, because if hormones are rightly stimulated they should help with fat loss, muscle build and motivation.

Yeah,endocrine system should be a good one.Emperor fitness has hormone optimization in stage 3 but no harm having better hormones since muscle building has a lot to do with optimal test and cortisol.


For the exercise part, I’ve known a couple of guys who had great results with the Body By Science approach:

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Thanks! They said 12minutes a week! I’ll have a read :slight_smile:
Right now I am still motivated to working out 45-50minutes 3 times a week. I have my covid-home equipment with a power tower and a dumbbell set.

I built something like this recently.

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I love the idea of a wanted custom and a job oriented Ultima. It’s smart , I need to think about it.
How do you feel wanted Is helping you towards your goal? What is your target (looks or performance)? Or maybe you want to have wanted taking care of sexiness/attractiveness :thinking: how does it work for you?

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It looks great,

I would keep to 3 ASP/SPS modules though

Nothing is redundant if you want extra focus on it


Yep, but it’s 12 minutes of all-out exertion. Much harder than it sounds. :nerd_face:


Thanks @Psiklou. My primary goal is to have a great body. It may be splitting hairs to determine it’s for landing more attractive women, achieving strength and endurance goals, or personal satisfaction, all are greatly helped and all are desired by me.

As for Wanted, it ties into all of my objectives. It boosts personal sexiness, transforms my body, and makes me more attractive and “wanted” with women.


Remember APS or SPS is 3 maximum as a recommendation.

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Yes I am at 4 right now. APS Torso I can maybe drop.

The hell happened to Fez :open_mouth:

Thanks for the tips :wink:. This helped me make my mind: Wanted has lots of goodies, but the goal of this custom is quite clear. I won’t add extra stuff in it.

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