New Pheromone Discussion Thread

Since @Palpatine rudely locked his own thread a few weeks back (jk buddy), we need a new spot to talk about pheromones.

I’ll start it off with a reply to -

If Garry from Liquid Alchemy Labs isn’t responding to the emails, you can try buying off AROMA FERO. I see a lot of guys on other forums purchasing from there. The products are legit, the markup isn’t terrible, but it does ship from the UK.

Also, got any reviews for Aqua Vitae?

I’m wondering about a daily wear pheromone that I can wear around friends and family I am not trying to seduce hahaha


Just ordered this one a few days ago.


Could try Glace. Its a pure social pheromone

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There are tons of AV comments I’ve sifted through on pherotruth.

I only had SOB & Xist till today, now I have NPA Touch. LAL products coming… both were scented.

On SOB, I felt quite confident. Which I hadn’t fully felt on WB alone. I didn’t know then, mones have self effects.

I too do not want to awkwardly wear anything around family.

I thought Glace was discontinued.

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Had to lock it down. People just kept talking about their fav pheromones instead of keeping on topic. Buddy :wink:


I still don’t have Nude Alpha which started this journey from Saint.

Oh was it? It’s been years honestly, and I still have mine. I only use pheromones on special occasions, not a daily thing.

There was a time years ago I bought a ton of perfumes and pheromones, and since then haven’t bought anything new.

Still have most of my perfumes half or near full

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And as for your L2K… (it’s available)

But many people don’t trust AD anymore. They changed their formulas and are not transparent.

Ha! I bought tons of fragrances years ago. Reading for alpha scents.

As for pheromones, I didn’t know they were real till you guys talked about them… so I’m intrigued & stocking up.


What intrigues me the most is the feature of some mones to really increase women’s orgasms.

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Which ones do that? This is new information

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I guess the ultimate was Androtic’s TAC… another company that fell in disrepute but it’s still available and many stories online.

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Been thinking of getting SXD from LAL for social, plus the reported benefit of inducing BJs??? hahahaha

Could stack well with WB or RoNW


Does anyone know of any pheromones similar to the l2k? Or in context ones that emit mysterious sexy vibe?

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Yeah the self effects were honestly one of the main reasons I wanted to try the mones, to stack with confidence/alpha subs, for internal and external stimulus

Which is why I think a daily wear one would be sick

I work from home and I end up just wearing some colognes while I chill at my desk, so I might as well wear a pheromone that makes me feel confident too, so I can crush work and build up my self esteem while I’m at it


Voodoo from LAL

Got a sample of it when I ordered Possess and I ended up liking it waaaaaaaaaaay more


P.S. after emailing Garry asking about which of his formulas have A1 in it, he said none of them do but he can always add it into a non-gel bottle that’s already done for us.

Thought that was interesting and hadn’t seen it mentioned elsewhere before

AKA Nude Alpha with A1, rather than having to mix ourselves, he can just do it

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I read there is a tolerance build up to pheromones no?

No idea about tolerance build up. I’ve never seen anyone mention that, but I am fairly new to it all.

It’s possible, but logically speaking, probably not. Let’s say you are letting off your own pheromones from naturally high testosterone, I don’t think your body would grow accustomed to it’s own smell, neurochemically speaking. Sure you might not ACTIVELY notice the smell, but whatever effects the smell has on your brain will probably keep working.

That’s my thinking on it at least

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Do people really use pheromones to feel confident? I’ve never heard of that before, it’s really interesting to me.

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