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Hey SubClub Community
I’m a 24y/o M from Memphis, TN

My self-development journey has led me here. I’m not usually an online community kinda person, but I really want to make these work. I hope these subs work for me and I get the results I’m looking for. I like how the site is laid out and how the sales copy really showcases what the subliminals are about. I took a night just to read all of the subs’ sales pages, including the customs. My only concerns right now are support being super slow to respond and the lack of reviews on the shop page. Those things had me skeptical for a bit.

I started my SubClub journey in late July with Emperor + Rebirth and did three rounds with that stack. I saw some results(still seeing some), but I’m still struggling with my inner self. Right now I’m battling to get through porn addiction, brain fog, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, etc. Yeah, all that 'good stuff. When I was shopping around to decide what to try next, Dragon Reborn stuck out to me. I really need a deep cleansing. I believe I would’ve gotten better results with Emperor + Rebirth if I didn’t have so much baggage.

So with that being said, n which would be best to complement Dragon Reborn?
Thinking Love Bomb or Elixir

Goals? How do you guys usually write your goals? How do you journal your progress? (I’m asking how YOU would do it personally, so I can get an idea)
Routine? Do you listen to them while working, right before bed, or?
I know I have some more questions somewhere in my head, but can’t think of them right now(brain fog hittin’), so I’ll save them for the q&a threads.

I’m glad to be part of a community where everyone is trying to become the best version of themselves.

Thanks for reading



Welcome to The 'Club

Assuming you submitted support tickets today, they’re off weekends. 3-5 business days to get responses.

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Welcome @Pharaoh,

Take a look around the forum and try the search function - most reviews are here on the forums. Many potential questions are also covered either on the support website or the forum.

Emperor as well as Dragon Reborn are not easy to start with. We recommend starting with something easier such as Ascension, Ascended Mogul, Rebirth, Elixir, etc.

If you want to go through with it anyway, give Dragon Reborn some time solo, without too much jumping ahead on the stages or stacking. One could use each stage on a per needed basis, but that requires experience.

Why do I say this?

Because Dragon Reborn is intense enough and for someone new to our subliminals, they definitely need a basis to handle it. If you’re diving right in, you not only need to build your basic experience but contend with the changes and reconciliation of Dragon Reborn.

Something I want to point out is this -

While true, never discount or handwave away your results. They might not seem big or grandiose at first glance, but in truth so much has been done in the background to allow those to happen. Someone who had trouble getting out of bed for months finally getting up and taking action - seems small to us, but is an absolutely astoundingly massive change on the inside, change that required mountains and mountains of inner transformation of subconscious structures.

When you discount or handwave away your results, it is akin to you telling your subconscious “on second thought never mind, I don’t want it”.

Good stuff indeed.

Do note the way you wrote it down. As if a laundry list - and yet, each one of these can have incredibly deep roots that will take time to get down to.

And let me tell you a secret.

The most confident man in the world still feels anxiety or nervousness at times. It’s part of being human - but it is important to pursue and grow ever more free of all of these qualities you do not want.

The point being, it’s going to take time and even more importantly…


It is the cornerstone of results, and it’s always worth repeating. It’s an interesting topic to discuss in connection to what is happening in these modern times, but that is a topic for another place and time.

That is quite dependent on the individual.

However, it does not have to be complicated. Simply writing out your thoughts, your day, what happened, your interactions etc. every day in a free-flowing manner can be enough. This is because often times the greatest wisdom you’ve put down in your words comes not in the moment, but months after, when you flip through the pages you’ve written. There are other benefits of course, such as helping reconciliation.

I believe you’d benefit greatly from looking at some other journals here on the forum to get a better idea. Examples: @AlexSQ, @Invictus, @Earth_Angel, @Malkuth


Can attest to this. I just re-read my Private testers journal of the ZP stuff from last year. Took a while to read it all again. Stuff in there I forgot about completely. But re-reading it I’m seeing from today’s lens how/why that stuff happened.


Yeah, I also recommend to stay away from Dragon Reborn. Whatever you do, start with LBFH. You’re lacking self-love and that is the FIRST step to anything. If you don’t have self-love then it’s the highest priority, it’s literally the glue that holds your foundation together. I seriously can’t stress this enough… if you want to skip out on this advice, it’s your choice.

I recommend LBFH + Ascension/Ascended Mogul/Emperor (Emperor can be difficult for new people).

Reason being, you have no foundation. Your situation is very textbook especially given your age.

Stack a foundational level Alpha Male title combined with a title for what you’re most lacking in (LBFH) and you’ll find that you will grow very quickly since it’s targeting your precise issues.


Good, so out the gate you’ll be taking action. That’s important because as already mentioned, action is the key to profound results. I’m looking forward to your journal lol

Welcome to Sub Club

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Hey Palpatine,

I submitted a ticket in early Sept. #10885

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There’s a support ticket status thread where you can post and tag either @RVconsultant or @DarkPhilosopher and put the ticket# in there and they can ping support staff to look into it.

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Hey Luther24,

I appreciate the welcome. I’d rather jump right in and use Dragon Reborn. But I do have to ask, why not? Is it hard meaning that I wouldn’t see results as a newbie or the fact that it’s hard to go through mentally? If it’s the latter, then that doesn’t bother me. I’d rather go through that hardship. I’ve been dealing with my laundry list of mental illnesses for too long.


Hey Fire,

I appreciate the welcome and response. If it’s not impossible, then I want to go ahead and jump in with Dragon Reborn. I’m really tired of being held back by my own internal self. My plan was to work with it for a year going thru the 4 stages 3 times. I turn 25 on the 24th of October. I was planning to start it then.

What can I expect to deal with? Can you elaborate on what it means that a subliminal is a hard subliminal?

The plan I have in my head right now is to set myself up for my thirties by going through 5 multi stages one each year: DReborn, Eog, Quantum Limitless, Emperor Supreme, and ending with Khan.

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I believe if you are lost you should do like me and at least run for one cycle (if money is not an issue) Ascension + GLM + Love Bomb for Humanity.

Emperor is on Dragon Reborn level of difficulty or vice versa, so is it really worth it to go into a multistage journey to find out at the end you shut down parts of the scripting because you were not ready for it?

Read reviews of Dragon Reborn and reviews of GLM/Ascension/LBFH it is night and day.

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I’d definitely recommend starting with a single loop per week of DR Stage 1 if DR is indeed what you want to start with.

Once per week for a bit to make sure how any recon symptoms show up for you.
I’ve yet to fully commit to DR myself because on ST1, I’m much quicker to anger or feeling slighted over things. Traffic, Road Rage, wife saying what I perceive as “dumb” things in the moment.

I get very snarky and sarcastic on DR1. So I have yet to go back to it.


Dragon Reborn is the largest healing program there is.

It’s tough for new people to run because a full scale complete healing like that is going to take a lot of time, include a lot of recon and require a lot of deep introspection. The reason why it’s not recommended to new people is because it’s very rare that the first program someone needs to jump into is a total crushing of all there deepest fears, emotions, traumas, beliefs and energies while completely overcoming all forms of fear…

This is just common sense shit, lol.

Furthermore, given your starting point:

All of that can be handled in a couple of months with an Alpha title + LBFH while taking action. You will see massive improvements.

If you do Dragon Reborn for a year, you will be in a constant state of healing - throughout. That may even initially exacerbate your negative state of depression and porn addiction because of increased emotional messiness from the insanely massive amounts of healing you’re putting yourself through.

When you say that you want to run Dragon Reborn, you’re basically saying you have no legs and are focused on the idea of FLYING. You need to focus on the idea of first - walking. LOL

Once you can walk, meaning those cookie-cutter (seriously everything you described is textbook for the average male your age) issues are handled, then you can decide if you want full scale, complete transformational healing such as Dragon Reborn. Doesn’t that make more sense?

I get the idea of thinking super long term, but in my opinion you’re getting ahead of yourself.

You’re also not considering that you currently have no foundation, are depressed, no self-esteem and a porn addict and that’s also affecting your ability to make sound decisions in your life which make sense.

You couldn’t even think of questions to ask due to brain fog.

The thought process behind your long-term plan is coming from a damaged framework.

What I have proposed to you is just basic decision making and efficiency, but in the end it’s completely up to you what you want to do.

Everything here is merely my opinion. You’re free to listen to whatever program you want and I support you. Lol


I hear you and I’ll listen. I’ll start light and work my way up.

But what about the other multi-stage subliminal(excluding Khan)? Are they on the same level of difficulty?

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I’m assuming GLM is Godlike Masculinity. How did you run these 3? Did you just follow the 3 ZP listening protocol?

Khan is also up there, not a beginners subliminal. I say try out the free subliminal A Love Bomb for Humanity first, it does wonder for your ability to love yourself.


You can still see results as a ‘newbie’ with Dragon Reborn. It’s just that you’ll probably see better results (as in, smoother, more nuanced, more focused and pinpointed, and, possibly, faster) if you work up to it. And working up to it won’t even take that long.

It’s not just about willingness to face hardship or willingness to undergo privation in your healing journey. If it’s hardship you’re after, you’ll get plenty of that with Elixir and Ascension, or Regeneration.

Hmmm…let’s try a different tack.

Other than subliminals, what actions are you already taking to work with porn addiction, brain fog, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression? And what, other than subliminals, are you interested in doing or interested in trying in the near-future?

One very good way to gauge what subliminal is best for you to apply right now is to review the Current Actions that you are already taking.


Yeah, I understand Khan, DR, and Emperor are high difficulty. What about Eog or Quantum though?

Dragon Reborn
Lovebomb for Humanity
The Elixir

That’s the stack to run the next 1-2 years.

If you realy want to be healed

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I gotcha.

My situation right now:

-Tapering off anti depressant meds. They not working for me anymore
-For porn addiction reading through this:

Suppose to kill the brainwashing that porn gives genuine pleasure

  • Reading ‘Smart Phone Dumb Phone’ for screen addiction
  • Meditating for at least 5 min everyday.
    -Going for walks
  • Not really sure what I want to do with my life, but copywriting has drawn my attention. So I’m working on developing that skill

Other than those things I really don’t do much besides go to work. I hang out with close friends on occasion, but mostly I’m at home if not at work. I don’t go to clubs or bars or anything.