New Explorer Got Some Questions


Hey kids,
Astronaut here, Im a 20yo guy and uh well I thought Id try it out.
So I got some questions to begin with:
I want to start with DREAMS(Which will hopefully lead to lucid dreams) and a subliminal targeting stress and reliefing it. (Ill notice very easily if it works or not)
0. Any recommendations for the stress-subliminal? I need it in order to cure some chronic stress symptoms.
Now to the fun part:

  1. I see there are many subliminals targeting the same topics. How do I one which one is best and for which situations?
  2. I also see that many are included in major programs. So would it be enough to purchase the major progam which got the subliminal in it or would you have to use it separate?
  3. After Ive healed the remaining stress and activated my ability to lucid dream, I want to step up my social game. Heres what I want:
    .1: Be way more socially free to the point I could walk around naked (Ofc I wouldnt do that, would I?)
    .2: Make people want to get to know me, respect me
    .3: Great positive charming and optimistic aura
    .4: Make women notice me, show interest and even approach me (I know this works from NoFap)
    .5: Become a master seducer (Hehe)
    .6: End laziness, procrastination, get disciplined and masculine
    .7: financial success, work on my way to financial freedom

So…I think that would be it (for the moment) Can you recommend me any Sub(s) that can help me with that?
I read Emperor turns you into the opposite of what I want socially (having more friends, hanging out)which I found rather odd cuz an Emperor always needs his loyal brothers to build his Empire.
So, what do you think? Any suggestions?
I really hope Ill get the paypal soon so that I can check those babys out
Thank you

Astronaut out


Wow, that is quite the list there, by the time you’re done you won’t be able to recognize yourself anymore. Nor will your own parents. :slight_smile:

So, let’s see…

  1. To cure stress using a subclub subliminal, I’m leaning towards Regeneration. It’s been described as a more gentle healing than Khan’s Stage 1, plus you can possible stack it with Sanguine and Elixir. You’ll need to get clear about the goal here. Define your stress and commit to the intention of clearing it. Reinforce the subs through action. I’m thinking some form of meditation, either moving (like gentler forms of yoga or Tai Chi/QiGong) or the traditional sitting meditation. If it’s difficult for you to get into such a relaxing state, you could gamify it, using things like Muse (which I really want to get myself when I’ve got some leftover money) or Unyte (not as good as the old Wild Divine but still quite nice. If you want to de-stress, you will need to calm down and get into mindfulness.

  2. You don’t. Not really. Read the descriptions, find one that goes in your direction and combine it with defining your goals for that sub and reviewing those goals once a day to remind yourself. And, of course, ask on the forum. You won’t always get a straight answer though, the authors believe that too much clarity about the products also boxes them in. They believe some amount of vagueness will allow you (the listener) to set the destination, allowing the subliminal to act as the navigation system getting you there.

  3. Depends on what you want and how focused you want to go at it. There’s really three things at work here:

    1. Many (not all) modules can be stacked to work together. This means they will complement one another. But, that synergy is not always perfect, there could be a small loss of effectiveness if part of those scripts send you in different directions.
    2. Enter the combined programs. Take Ascension (to become an alpha male) and Mogul (to generate wealth). Each program is fine on their own and they can probably stack, but the authors created Ascended Mogul instead. In that product they combined the scripts to make them work even better together by rewriting the conflicting parts. Now comes Emperor, which also includes both those products in yet another way, but is also known to make you more independent and less social. Is that intentional or a side-effect of combining all those scripts in that particular way? I don’t know.
    3. Finally, the more programming you get, the more time it takes. If you repeat one instruction for an hour, you’ll get somewhere faster than if you repeat 10 instructions for an hour. So the more modules you stack or combine, the longer it may take to see change.

In the end, it’s about experimentation, finding what works for you, and sticking with it long enough. Keep asking questions if you need, just don’t expect everybody to give the same answers, we’re all still experimenting ourselves. Plus, everybody is wired differently.

You know, I’m going to take a bit of a break here, give my typing fingers a rest.

  1. Okay, here goes. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    1. I’m translating this into a strong self-image, the ability to accept yourself and your body and feel completely comfortable with it. Although if you feel so awesome that you may just go skinny dipping in a public pool or streaking across campus, power to you!
    2. Your phrasing gives off a bit a strong vibe. So let’s say you want a large circle of friends that respect what you have to say.
    3. This comes from being in the moment and feeling confident about yourself. Finding your path, your life-goals, and being on pursuit of those while allowing others to tag along for the ride if they want.
    4. Much like item 3, this happens when you build a life for yourself, then go out and live it. Enjoy things, try new things, rediscover your childlike curiosity.
    5. Learn what makes one, then practice, practice, practice. Subs can get you part of the way, the rest is up to you. Also figure out what your style is, the hard-hitting master seducer that gets what he wants again and again or the suave man that is in love with women and in love with love and all the experiences (the good and the bad) that come with it.
    6. Ah, don’t we all?
    7. See item 6. :slight_smile:

Okay, suppose we can’t do all of those things at the same time. Figure out where you want to start. First, do the healing, the de-stressing, the lucid dreaming (props to you if you get there). It’s your foundation and less stress allows better programming.

Now you’re all healed up and de-stressed.

By now, you should have defined your long-term goals. Write them down, create a vision board or just put all those pictures in a box to remind yourself what you’re working towards. It may seem silly, but if you don’t know where you’re going, how can you expect your internal navigation system to keep you on the path. It’s okay to dream here. If you set a goal to have a huge castle, and you end up having a beachfront-mansion with 7 cars instead, are you really unhappy? I go by the mantra “If you shoot for the stars and land on the moon, at least you know you’re going in the right direction.”
As such, one of my goals is to live forever or die trying. Hey, they say the first person that will live forever has already been born. Why not me, right?

Feel free to share the mantra, Mr. Astronaut.

Next, your passions. When you talk about things you’re passionate about, you light up. People are drawn to that like moths. I knew a little chubby nerd who was totally socially inept. This one time he came on a camping trip and when he started talking about his preferred RPG, everybody tuned in. Half of us had no idea what he was talking about, but he engaged the whole group because he was completely in it. You see the same in some people that are very religious but in a good way. Like the taxi driver that tried to tell me all about his god. He was never going to convert me, but the energy and passion that he radiated kept me in that cab for almost an hour while parked in front of my house. We both felt better afterwards.
So, know what you’re passionate about. And accept that those things may change as you grow as a person.

These are things you can define right now, while you’re on your healing path. They may even help, since they can make you realize what you need to let go of and where you need to go. And they will guide your dreams.

So this is your ground-work. After that, where do you want to start? Productivity? Financial independence? Social skills? Sex & seduction? You may not wish to do all at the same time. Or maybe do something that makes you financially successful while also becoming more social, leaving out the dating part for the moment. Becoming social and confident around people is going to help you with the dating later anyway, and the money won’t hurt there either.

If you want products right now for those things, we could help you. But consider it will take you time to de-stress first, and who knows which products will be out there then? Do step one, then come back and we can help you get the products for step two.

For now, I’d say this:

  • Start with Regeneration.
  • You want Dreams, go ahead. Do a few loops before going to bed. I have asked if it also help you to remember dreams, but so far I haven’t gotten and answer to that. Do keep in mind that lucid dreams are awesome, but you also should learn to remain an observer. After all, how can you expect to get meaningful messages in your dreams if you keep taking charge of them?
  • Optionally, you could stack with Sanguine
  • Optionally, you could start the day off with The Elixir. Getting into the habit of meditating for a few minutes every day will do wonders for your resilience.
  • At this point, I can understand if you really want to get started already instead of taking months to de-stress first. So you could choose to stack Regeneration with Limitless. I think they’ll work just fine together and Limitless will help you with procrastination and puts down the foundation for future work. You could stack them, or maybe run Regeneration while you sleep and Limitless while you’re awake. Experiment.

As always, this is just my two hours(!) worth. Others may think differently. Like Stack Exchange, invite people’s answers and pick one that you feel best about.

I’ll leave you with this: start some journals, one for your dreams, one for the subs you use. Feel free to share in the Journals section and share your experiences with others. Not only will it help you by putting things down “on paper” and out of your head for reference, but it also helps the authors to develop better products if they know the effect on you.

That’s it, I’m done.


Hey man,
thank you very much for your time and answer!

  1. Well, I think (haha) my obsessive subconscious thoughts, restlessness etc made/makes me sick. Its very likely also a fair amount of not letting go of the past and what happened. I already cured a fair amount through meditation and other stuff and its getting better gradually, but there is still somewhat left. Just saying Im not only talking about “Oh Im feeling so stressed out today”, rather about actual symptoms manifesting, such as skin irritation, eye migraines, sore neck etc…
    So from what I understand its not just the subliminal itself, but rather my intention which determines the outcome. I love that.
    About this Khan-Thing. Yeah, that really got me curious. Let’s just say Im very experienced with breakdowns, as Ive experienced them for the past 2 years, and after what Ive learned Im very glad I had them. I hated them ofc when they were there, but afterwars I always got a little bit stronger. Im very pumped to try this Khan-Stage out some day to see if it works in a similar way.

Yeah, the only actual problem left is my lack of patience sometimes haha. But I made a schedule, so Ill focus on Lucid Dreams and Stress first before I proceed. (Is there actually someone who tried DREAMS and wrote about it?)

Again, thank you very much for reading my walls of text


Wow, Im stunned.
Thank you so much for your effort!

Funny thing is, I figured most of the stuff out youre talking about. I thought about my dreams for the last 2 years, I have a visionboard in front of me, I induldge in my visions during my meditations, I have a gratitude journal, etc etc.
Yep, I noticed the passion-stuff too. You dont even have to think about what you want to say, it just comes naturally.

Alright, lets concentrate on the groundwork first.
Dreams and Regeneration (About the Lucid Dreams Stuff, well you can actually choose just to observe the dream consciously and ask questions (Although we all know my first intentions for lucid dream arent the finest :wink: ))
I have tried a relaxation-subliminal from another shop (I dont know if its ok to post the name) which worked quite fine. Within a week, some major symptoms vanished. So Im confident that the healing wont take longer than a month, if I fully concentrate on it with meditation etc. (The reason I stopped is that I didnt allow me to do other things when I choose to use the subliminal and I couldnt listen to other subliminals, so that kinda sucked)

So again, thank you very much for your suggestions, I think thats a good place to start.
What about Rebirth ? Again, I just have a little hard time understanding the usage and differences between Rebirth, Regeneration and Elixier… Because I think actually all three subliminals have elements in it needed for healing, right?

Thanks man, youre awesome!


Thank you for reading my walls, I’m known for them. :slight_smile:

If you do have actual physical symptoms, you may wish to opt for something like yoga. Not the power yoga varieties (like Ashtanga), but the slower ones, like plain Hatha or Iyengar, with some yin in between, where you hold positions for longer times while focusing on breath. This heals the body as well as the mind. It also stretches and releases the muscles that cause a lot of aches. It still takes some patience and the ability to be still. Check out some of Kassandra’s videos. Just don’t let her seduce you into all her paid stuff unless that’s what you’re prepared to do. The YT stuff is pretty good. These are also pretty nice 15 minute sessions. Probably won’t do much with only 15 minutes, but they are nice 15 minutes. Plus, you can stack 'm.

I often also recommend fasting, but that’s kind of intense, in your case you may wish not to. If you do, look up intermittent fasting. Lots of athletes do that. Even saves time.

As for the difference in the healing, from what I know, Regeneration will take what you are and change how you look at it. Khan Stage 1 will pretty much ignore all that and just tell you how it is like a dominatrix with a whip. That could stress you even more. Which is why I picked what I did.

But if that’s what you want, go ahead. Just resist the temptation to move on to the further stages too soon.

Let me give you a quote by Saint from another thread:

Total Breakdown is much more comprehensive than both Regeneration and Rebirth. But, it’s a different type of tool. Instead of healing, it’s breaking down and rebuilding. If we had a dilapidated building, Regeneration would be someone restoring the building, but keeping the same framework and layout. Rebirth would be using the building a for a new, more positive purpose than before. Total Breakdown would be bulldozing the building down and building a skyscraper there instead.

And Elixir is a meditation, it can be used with all of them I think.

Best not to name the competition. I believe it’s condoned, but why risk it? Although if you would send me a PM with the link, I’m always curious. I’m committing to SubClub for now though.

PS Funny how you say that one does not think about one’s passion. The best thing you can do with women is figure out what their passion is and let them talk your ears off. She’ll call you an amazing listener and feel guilty about not letting you talk, making her want to see you again to make up for it. Plus, she’ll feel real good about you. Maybe you’ll even have learned something new. The confident man will let her know that he’s interested in more than friendship though. As long as she knows at the start of a relationship, she’ll have no illusions and she’ll be prepared for you to escalate. I knew a guy that asked a girl during the first date what kind of girls she thought were attractive. It was his indication he had every intention of getting a threesome. And often, it worked, since they knew from the start that he was going there at some point.

PPS Remember, other people have been here longer, they may have insights I don’t. Don’t follow everything I say just because I say so much.

Now stop making me write so much! :wink:


Haha sorry man :grinning:
So, Ill write a conclusion :wink:
Strategecially it’d be the best to first use the framework I now have and heal all the physical stuff.
So we’ll start with DREAMS and Regeneration, if the second one works well, we can add Elixier.
After we’ve build a foundation, we can stack with Limitless and check those other social/financial subs out.
I think Ill save the Khan-Stage 1 for later, when I dont have to work for about a month, so I can fully concentrate on it and redraw from everything and be for myself.

Thank you very much for your help so far, really appreciate it!


Hey guys, something I did not see recommended was Daredevil. As an introvert, it stresses me not being so outgoing around extroverted others, but I’m running Kahn Stage 1 currently. Saint said it has almost every piece of Daredevil in there, and I’ve really grabbed onto it.

For example, our main boss is a fearful dominating man, not usually happy. I’ve been joking very kiddishly with another employee, and the boss did not understand it. I heard he remarked “why are they so happy?” I also smile a lot when around others. I love this, as it makes life move so much easier.

I’d recommend Daredevil or Kahn, if your goals match Kahn’s aim. Kahn is social and sexual dominance subliminal.


You put in 2 hours typing all that. Wow. That takes commitment. It’ll usually take me an hour to compose a whole post, and I’ve thought it too much sometimes. Nah. When my heart’s in it I love keeping on. Thanks for putting your heart in here :slight_smile:


Hey guy,
so you also think that Emperor is rather the opposite of what I want (and you obviously too)?


Well, they were two posts I made. If one post takes an hour… :wink:

The reason I didn’t recommend anything beyond the healing stack was explained. If I started recommending all the products he could use after being de-stressed, he might either get too impatient and start using them right off the bat, or by the time he was ready there would be better products out there (maybe Gold will turn out to be just what he needs, and it’s not out yet). So I didn’t talk about Daredevil (or Emperor).

Did Saint actually mention Daredevil was in Stage 1? Or did he mention it was in Khan (meaning it could be in the later stages)?

@ExploringAstronaut Emperor is said to make you less social. Most often explained in business terms, where it makes you found your own business, alone or with a partner, rather than create a large professional network of people that help you rise to the top. If you want the latter, Ascended Mogul combined with Daredevil might be a good combination. But once again, why get stuck on it now when your plan was to do the dreaming and de-stressing first? Even the strongest of buildings will collapse if built on weak foundations.

But, it’s your choice. If you want recommendations for afterwards, ask and ye shall receive. In short, I’d probably recommend a major of Ascended Mogul with a minor of Daredevl and maybe a splash of Primal Seduction thrown in. If the Primal Seduction Iron Throne version becomes available, you could run that in equal measure to Mogul.
You could go for Khan, but I’d keep that for later, once Ascended Mogul has done its job and you’ve found a flow in your life, one that you like with room for improvement.


Yep, thats my plan for now:
Focus on destressing and healing and the dreams and stay excited for the rest.
I really appreciate it that they allow you to be free in your stacking and create an actual playlist you can use.
If its even just half as effective as I imagine, oh boy…
You see why Im pretty pumped for this. Plus, I noticed my confidence is increasing, just imagining that Ill listen to those subs too. When you get better at meditation and do it for a longer period of time, you get easy access to your subconscious and it will become much more receptive for placebo.
Thanks for the input you two, and thanks for the additional info, Dark

PS: Is there actually a way to pm somebody?


To answer your question:


Yeah. You wishing to be very social might clash with Emperor (run by itself). It produces such a strong focus on a goal that people will be secondary to your goal. However, pairing it with Daredevil might bring on a whole new outcome. I’m not sure if anyone’s doing this since I’ve not been looking.

For myself, I like Kahn since it gives the push towards one’s goals, but it includes people. I don’t think Emperor is a poor choice of sub. What I’ve experienced is that Emperor’s push might make you lonely if you’re not used to such a drive. And for me, being alone does not equal happiness and success in my book.


@subliminalguy like I remembered, Saint said it was in Khan. I doubt Daredevil is in Stage 1, it’s probably in 2 or 3 and obviously 4. Thanks for confirming.

@ExploringAstronaut just click on the username in his/her post. You’ll see a button with an :email: icon called Message. That’s the PM. It’s obvious once you found it. :slight_smile:

So if you wanted to PM me, just click on my username at the top of this post, right between the hooded picture and the Private Testing Group.

PS It’s not all placebo, you know. They’re definitely doing something.


From experience using different SC subs these last 6 months, plus my own introverted track history, I’ll disagree. It manifests not as me seeking out large crowds, but as me speaking up very willingly in the smaller crowds I do well in normally. I’ve found it really enjoyable. :slight_smile:


Yes, Placebo wasnt actually what I meant, sorry, my mistake.
I meant that all it does is to tell the brain/subconscious which genes to activate/deactivate, and thats really important to me. A lot of people get the misconception, that they owe the results the subliminal,which is not in case. The subliminal just pushed the right buttons in yourself, your potential, it helped to unlock it faster.
So I definitely see that the guys here put a lot of effort into their subliminals (Hopefully Ill be able to listen to one soon :D) Thx for the pm-tip. Will check it out

PS: Tried it, I dont have that button :thinking:

PSS: Does the support actually need long to send the paypal-bill so I can order? Do many users here pay via paypal? Just wonderin’ (See, told you Im impatient)


I don’t use Paypal to buy their subs. I use my debit. And I just clicked on your name and a message image popped up. I’ll PM you now so you know what you’ll see


Hm thats rather odd… The only thing I see when I click on your name is your achievements, when you joined etc. I dont even see those when I click on Philosophers name. And when I click on your name I get to your profile and see it in greater detail, but thats all


You don’t have your Basic badge yet, which enables the PM functionality. Go figure…