Myers Briggs Types and Subliminal Effectiveness?


I have no idea if there is any correlation, but I am curious.

I am an INTP.


I believe there is a direct correlation between subliminal effectiveness and the MBTI – hence why testers for New Dawn had to take the test. I’ve noticed that INTPs tend to respond very strongly to subliminals. I am an INTP, @Fire is an INTP and @Alexander is an INTP. Curiously enough, another major subliminal producer also identifies as INTP.


To add on to this, I suspect that different MBTI types respond differently to the way the subliminal is written… :wink:


I did two tests and was INTJ for both. I believed subs to be a scam when I discovered them last year, but since using them now for about 9 months, I know how well they work for me.

Any experience with this personality type and subs?


ENTP here, I feel like subs are effective! I don’t think being extraverted or introverted really changes the way it affect us.


I’m more interested in the second two letters…



btw, creating subs such way that can be effective on different types is very cool concept.


ENTP here as well, I’ve taken the test over the years and it has been very consistent. As to how that relates to the subs, I have no idea except that that the method of cognitive function is relevant to the way subs are processed, I guess.


It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good



:smile: I love your metaphors, dude!


ISTJ here.


Do you know a good online test then, SaintSovereign? I must be INFP from how I behave usually, but who knows) I’d take it just to be certain.


I took six different tests online to see if they would be consistent. All had different sets of questions. One had the testee pick descriptive words.

All came up INTP for me.


I always use the Human Metrics one.


Thanks! It gave me INFP too:)


Took time to complete test: me is ENFJ. Hmm. I hope that my type and non-native English speaking will not be an ultimate blockage for subs.

For now. I have results with Subliminal Club subs beyond anything I used before altogether.


I don’t know about anybody else but I only trusted my type designation after taking several of the online tests and seeing that they were consistent in placing me as an INTP.


I’ve taken many different tests over the years and I always get INTJ. When reading about it and understanding it it resonates with me for the most part and so I’ll use the INTJ strengths to my advantage and work on the weaknesses. As far as subs having an effect I think I respond very well to them. I’ve only really dedicated using subs for almost 8 months now. I used a 6 month multi-stage sub from another vendor and I got satisfying results from it that to me it was worth the investment. But as soon as I discovered this site and the concept of stacking & customizing the subs to meet specific goals I went ahead and tried this site out. It’s been about a month since using SC subs here and already I can feel positive effects.

My only thing though is that the subs I’m using is focusing more on the more internal. If that makes sense. I started with S&S (external game) that forces you to take action but as an introvert doing that can be difficult to put yourself out there and do it plus the time constraints in my life. Unfortunately due to changes in my life I never had the chance to run it for more time and went to Ascended Mogul and then Emperor after that. Those subs for me in just a short time my productivity when through the roof and it gives me the mindset that I can achieve anything. People (men) are treating me differently and I feel I’m getting more respect and admiration from what I’ve been accomplishing. I did not have that before.

Though I hope Emperor will give me the opportunity to become more extraverted or even become an ambivert in social gatherings since I’m too much in my head at times. Plus being with people for long periods of time is draining and overwhelming and I need alone time to recover. I’m surprised that using Emperor does not make me feel overwhelmed or gives me headaches. It’s only been a week but running it feels like music to my ears. Well just the Masked portion.


I’m an INFP. Did testing in college numerous times, even retaking it once out of college and using it to keep my career search focus. Since I was very social at work being a teacher, I thought I could be an ENFP, but upon waiting it out and seeking confirmation, I was just filling the social roles to allow my helping goals to manifest. I’m still an INFP, but I’ll often approach new employees first to open the relationship and paint a helpful picture of our company. So, my reasons for being social are different, and I have desires to help new hires feel it’s safe to ask for help.

I think big picture, but with specific goals in mind.


I did this test and had ISTJ, but it also said Introvert(31%) Sensing(3%) Thinking(38%) Judging(1%)

Because you appear to have marginal or no (3%) preference of Sensing over Intuition, marginal or no (1%) preference of Judging over Perceiving, characteristics of more than one personality type may apply to you: