My mind is blown ! 🔥

Just feeling highly impressed with how many brilliant minds dwell here at Sub Club.

I don’t often spend time reading many journals but found myself browsing this evening.

I’d love to know what led you guys here and what dramatic changes you have experienced since then?!


At the time in my life when I joined, I was a very depressed man. I was just looking for some form of guidance, cause I knew that there was something greater within me. A few random google searches later I came across a random website that actually sponsored a SubClub product (might have been Dragon Reborn) and during that time I was in school for Massage Therapy, I practiced Reiki, and energy work in general so I was pretty open minded to alternative ways of self improvement. Now here I am today.


Looks like you got started around the same time as me!

I began in March 2022, but didn’t join here until a few months later.


Oh yeah lol I remember now, I believe I started in January of that year. It seems like you have come a really long way since starting.


I like to think so :laughing: thanks for noticing.

how are things going now for you?


Don’t think it believe it lol

Well things have been better lately. A few months ago I got hit with a nasty reality check that basically shattered my inner foundation, and ngl at the time it demoralized me. Other things happening in my life after that didn’t help and in some ways had made things worse.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago I began to accept the outcome was of my own doing, all of my negative choices and overall attitude in life compounding into that said reality check. The blame was my own, from the choices I have made, to the way I responded to the situations that I couldnt control was all of my own volition.

Accepting that things have honestly been a lot better, and I am starting to appreciate the position that I am in and the subtle beauty to it…I can only rebuild from here and now that I have a more mature mindset I can build a much more positive foundation. Since then I have been getting more results in general, subs are much easier to run, and I have been experiencing less recon.


I’ve definitely become a more confident woman since sub club. My body has went through physical shifting with minimal efforts. I actually don’t need to do much to get results. I have this thing where I walk to the mirror and stay there until I love what I see. If I’m having a judgement moment I shift from it more quickly.

I engage and connect with people much less awkward.

I am putting myself out there more with my business.

I’m not stuck in fight or flight anymore.

I got over my fear of filming myself for the yoga teacher training.

I nailed a 5 hour written exam and 2 practicals for that training.

I could write a novel about all my changes since being here.

I believe that we continue to learn and grow until it’s time to leave this meatsuit.

Edit: My family law court case took a turn for the better with the support of subs bringing the power from within me and pushing it out in a less aggressive or overly emotional manner.


I’ll let past me answer this one lol

At the time of that post I was still struggling pretty badly. Feeling like a failure for not being able to change much from other subliminals.

I feel like I’ve made some pretty significant changes in my life since then.

  • Ended up a manager at the company I was working at in that post
  • Wrote more music and distributed it with a service that hits a bunch of streaming platforms (getting myself out there more vs hiding)
  • Moved out to my own place (pretty significant, I had some really bad agoraphobic tendencies)
  • Strengthened my boundaries and limiting abuse from people
  • Started letting go of this deep feeling of being broken or fundamentally flawed in some way. This past year I’ve seen huge growth in understanding why I’ve felt that way for most of my life
  • Being more open to change. My mind used to have a death grip on anything change related and the worst fear which kept me stuck

There’s probably more, I have to revisit my old journals, I’m sure there’s plenty of ruminating in them beating myself up. That was routine thing for me. Lots of self hatred.


I enjoy reading over my old journal entries from time to time.




Hi, Do you remember which sub you used for that?

Oh man. It’s been a combination of them and some deep therapy work I’m engaged in. You can’t really go wrong with any of the titles out, a lot of it is just being very mindful and practicing challenging fears that caused me to disregard setting boundaries.

But I would highly recommend Genesis. It’s been helping me a lot with this. It will help you face those fears in an incremental way and deconstruct them so you don’t subject yourself to others abuse.


What’s your current stack?

Current running WB, S&S, and a Genesis custom tailored to my sticking points I’ve dealt with over the years.


I’d love to see what’s in your custom!

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Sure! Gonna link my journal in case anyone else is interested.

If you have any questions on the modules let me know. This custom has been my most successful to date after much trial and error lol.


Thanks! :+1: I am listening to Genesis now, so I will continue with that and see where that takes me :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a good one for sure. If you have any questions about it feel free to pm me. I’ve been on it for a few months now.

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