Intro and question, I haven't had too much luck with subliminals


Hey all, I stumbled upon subliminal club a few months back but stuck with another producers subliminals. But I’m here now because I haven’t been having much luck with the other ones. Whether it’s me or the scripting, I can’t tell. But I felt it was time to make a change and try something else before I waste away anymore years of life.

So about me. I’m 28, been using subs for about 8 years now. You’d think I’d have a lot to show for it but I really don’t. I’m on the extreme end when it comes to mental health and such. At one point I had a therapist diagnose me with avoidant personality disorder and man was that a kick to the nuts. Through a ton of hard work I became functional, but functional isn’t any way to live. Basically I’m not thriving and I don’t want to wake up one day incredibly old with my life past me regretting everything. I believe in the power of the subconscious and subliminals, but my experience has been my subconscious fighting tooth and nail and me having to drag myself kicking and screaming to improve my life. Needless to say it is and was exhausting on so many levels.

So the not so depressing stuff about me. I’m really into music production and my dream is to one day have that generate enough income for me to live comfortably vs stuck in office jobs that make me want to gauge my eyes out. I tend to keep that goal/dream to myself, people tend to shoot down anyone’s aspirations when it comes to the arts/music. I currently work in IT, very low level stuff though. I’m not an expert with computers or anything, I just know how to fix stuff when it isn’t working.

Anyway I could write a memoir about my life here, but I’ll save that for a journal. I figure I’d kill two birds with one stone here and ask about sub recommendations for myself. I was looking at Ascension, just doing a straight no nonsense reprogramming of my mind to get my life together. But Ascended Mogul caught my eye because I felt it might be in line with my music goals too. At this point in my life I feel like I really hit rock bottom and lost a lot of hope for ever being happy. Especially with how much time and money I sunk into other products that didn’t always deliver on promises. So I’m leaning more towards Ascension because I think having a single point of focus will let me change at a faster rate and get me out of this mess. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I would suggest Ultimate Artist + one of the business focused subs (Mogul Ascended Mogul, Emperor) since that combo would be directly focused on your aspiration of doing music production full time.

On a side note, what kind of music do you produce? I’m rookie producer myself, dabbling mostly in psytrance :slight_smile:


Woah, I must have missed ultimate artist. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the heads up. I’m tempted to run Ascended Mogul as well, but I’m worried that would be a bit too much. Exciting though, I’ve been looking for a program like ultimate artist for a while now. It seems like a lot out there only focuses on writer’s block or enhancing creativity, but completely leaves out the networking/business aspect.

Cool seeing a fellow producer. I’ve never tried to make psytrance but I’ve heard of it. Im all over the place with what I make lol. I like exploring all different genres. But I’ve made a lot of drum and bass since I first started. Lately I’ve been getting more into the sort of hip hop/heavy bass stuff like Bassnectar and Tipper. Lots of banging my head against the wall and getting stuck on 8 bar loops.


You’ll love Ultimate Artist. I’m a painter of seven years and last week painted my first masterpiece.

Ultimate Artist will adapt to your conscious goals whilst your subconscious will automatically find the best way to create. Mix it with Ascended Mogul for added business know how.


Welcome @elementary_vision, reading your intro, and based on my experience with SubClub products, I recommend:
Regeneration + Ascended Mogul + Ultimate Artist.

The first 2 really do help a person move from avoidant to socially useful life style (in Adlerian psychology terms).


Actually, SaintSovereign, one of the SubClub founders, dabbles a bit in music production as well. :slight_smile:

I like Simon’s recommendation. I will add that those times when people fail to see a lot of results they are either not aware of the changes, but their environment is, or they want too much too fast which tends to have the opposite reaction. Given your description I think neither describes you, but it deserves mentioning for those that find this thread in their searches.


Hi @elementary_vision
welcome to the show.

Reading your story, I recommend you 2 things:
First, I think you should start with meditation and visualisation (manifesting) if you haven’t started already. Also include the relaxation part. I know very well how you feel like and how stressfull it is, but we are only adding more stress when we start treating our life as a to do-list.
Second, which ever Subliminal you may choose, I highly recommend sticking with 1 at a time.
You will probably see faster results and your mind will not get confused (“What, you want to be a millionaire, artist, social badass and relaxed dude all by tomorrow??”)

So, have much fun joining us and playing around with our minds and life.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ve got a lot to think about. It’s tempting to tackle both these things at once, but I’m feeling like getting my own internal stuff sorted might be the way to go first. I’m new to the whole stacking thing, so it’s a bit of an adjustment.

@ExploringAstronaut I’ve actually been steadily increasing my meditative and visualization practices. I’m new here, but I’m very familiar with manifesting and all that. But I do self sabotage a lot and consciously manifesting doesn’t always work out for me because my subconscious sort of acts like the brakes. It’s been one big tug of war most of my life.


The only reason I make psytrance is because I’ve been a psytrance DJ for 10+ years now lol it just feels natural because I know the sounds so well and have a TON of reference material.

What DAW are you using :slight_smile:


Oh lol, nice. I’ve actually been looking into learning to dj. Seems fun but also terrifies me being up in front of people like that.

I’m using Reaper. I was pretty broke when I got into producing and liked their model of try before you buy so I wanted to support them. Been at it for about 5 years now? So I’m pretty familiar with it. Still learning things about it, it’s a bottomless pit of capabilities which is both good and bad. Too many options can be a bad thing lol. What do you use?


Oh nice, I’ve got a friend who uses Reaper but I’ve never tinkered around in it. I started in FL Studio, now I use Cubase (currently running version 10 pro). The bottomless pit thing doesn’t stop haha. I am currently going through the Armin Van Buuren masterclass and one of the first things he mentions is that even after 15+ years of using his DAW (Logic Pro) he still learns something new about it every day.


I feel like a lot of producers start in FL studio haha. I messed with the trial for a bit and then moved to reaper. What made you choose cubase? Also that masterclass looked interesting, how is it so far? Ive been laying off the videos lately myself, I found myself spending way too much time hoarding info but not applying it.


I chose Cubase for a few reasons. A lot of my psytrance producer friends use it which made it a good choice. I also really enjoy the workflow. The easiest way to describe it is that it’s like FL Studio without being locked into pattern chains lol

The masterclass is good. I’ll watch a section of videos (ie the pads & melody section) then immediately take that into the studio to apply it because I totally used to have the same problem as you haha


That’s cool. Always nice having people around that can show you a thing or two. Workflow is so important, nothing worse than working in DAW that fights you tooth and nail. How long you been producing for?


4 or 5 years, though not consistently at all. I’m starting to work on making it part of my daily routine to put in at least an hour of time in a day but building a habit is never easy. Especially with all my actual business that I’m getting off the ground right now


Another music-maker here saying hello. I work in NanoStudio. Love it.

How’s your experience with the subliminals going so far?

Edit: oh, my bad. See your journal. Will go check over there.


To the OP, before using any sub ,regardless from any company, there is one thing you should consider, which many subliminal producers fail to address. There is a lot of shit from your childhood and unless you deal with it, process it ,let it go, you will be always bothered by it. Try this, see if you express yourself, your emotions. You need to become emotional. You need to express your emotions. You will find many people who are dead inside, they use subs ,nothing happens, then they blame the subliminal producer for making a subliminal that doesn’t work. There comes a time in life when people shutdown emotionally ,because the emotion was either too overwhelming or they were told that the emotion was bad.

Work on activating your emotions. Start feeling . Allow your emotions to express themselves , be it fear , shame or whatever. Keep doing this and you will find progress in life.


Did you listen to subs for 8 years constantly?


I can count one other sub producer that explicitly does this. SubClub has three subs dedicated to doing this in three different ways.

It’s extremely important to address and question childhood beliefs because current problems can all be traced back somewhere, even seemingly unrelated stuff. You don’t realise until you do that you’ve been living inside an invisible cage and it’s time to get out - by getting through.


Pretty much. A few breaks here and there for maybe a few weeks. But I’ve always been using them and trying to overcome my obstacles.